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By Pete Moore On September 12th, 2012

The 96 might be resting in peace at long last.

I can’t let this Hillsborough business rest (downstairs). Maybe it’s because I travelled the country home and away with the Arsenal through the 1980s and early 90s, standing on terraces hundreds of times.  Since Hillsborough, like many other fans, I’ve thought that  “there but for the Grace of God go I”, such was the state of terracing, stewarding and policing. Many thousands of us had experiences which we now can’t believe were allowed to happen. We found out today just how inept, corrupt and venal the South Yorkshire Police were both on 15th April 1989 and after. We learned that the police catastrophically failed to do its job on the day, leading to the crushing to death of 96 Liverpool fans at Hillsborough. Many of the dead could have been saved had the police not prevented almost all of the ambulance crews access, the police carried out criminal records checks simply to impugn fans, and we had confirmation that 116 police reports were altered after the event to hide all of these facts.

Four days after Hillsborough, The Sun famously published this front page. We found out today also that these allegations against fans, that they urinated on the police and robbed the dead, were a pack of lies, made up by the police and fed to the newspaper. For 23 years the police has wanted 96 bereaved families and everyone else to think that fans were killed that day because they were hooligans, drunk and violent. Every bit of it was a lie and their own files, finally released after years of pressure, prove that every bit of it was a lie. There’s no option but for a public enquiry and charges where appropriate.

One lesson has been clear since this morning: never, ever simply take the word of authority.


10 Responses to “THICK BLUE LIES”

  1. Well said, Pete.

  2. Thanks Pete. Well said.

  3. The infamous alliance between the police and the Murdoch press was forged during the miners’ strike in 1984 and the Hillsborough lies were eagerly lapped up by Murdoch’s hacks.

    Lets’ be clear: the South Yorkshire police were an absolute disgrace. Through their gross incompetence they were probably responsible for at least 20 of the deaths, and then they lied and lied and altered witness statements and covered up and covered up. But they could not have done this without the cheer-leading Murdoch press and the connivance of the political estabishment.

  4. 100% Pete, well said.

    Also let’s not forget the comments of that lovable, cuddly, bumbelling buffoon, the Mayor of London:


  5. Pete – on this site here are several who believe almost every word that the ‘authorities’ tell them and then they attempt to brand any who disagree as ‘kooks’. I would say that such people are the reason why the ‘authorities’ tell lie after lie after lie, because they know that they can get away with murder – literally. A recent example is the murder of the family in the French Alps.

  6. The damning report detailed attempts to shift the blame for Hillsborough on to Liverpool supporters, including how police witness statements submitted to Lord Taylor’s earlier inquiry were doctored.

    It also for the first time identifies a Tory MP, Irvine Patnick, and high ranking South Yorkshire police officers as the sources for the allegations that led to the Sun’s notorious front page.

    The April 1989 splash claimed in three subheadlines that “Some fans picked pockets of victims; Some fans urinated on the brave cops; Some fans beat up PC giving kiss of life”. Other papers carried the story but qualified it by saying there were reports that fans had been abusive.

    Documents released to the Hillsborough independent panel showed that Sheffield Hallam MP Patnick, alongside the South Yorkshire police federation, were responsible for feeding the false allegetions to Whites Press Agency in Sheffield that led to the Sun story

    There’s no good reason why Sir Irving Patnick shouldn’t be stripped of his knighthood in the morning and immediately investigated, along with whoever he co-operated with in the police, for perverting the course of justice. That’s just to begin with.

  7. A recent example is the murder of the family in the French Alps.

    Haven’t heard this. Care to elaborate?

  8. Quite simple, Paul. An engineer, his wife, a friend, and a French cyclist who happened along each received two bullets in the head. We were told that it was because of a family feud (the engineer is Iraqi), that the French cyclist was unlucky and that by chance (in a country of 60 million – what are the odds?) the scene of the crime was first reported to police by a cool, calm ex-UK military officer.

    Engineers are generally a boring bunch so when one gets two bullets in the head, it’s reasonable to assume that he was working on something ‘interesting’ (same for electricians).

    – Murdered Briton Saad Al-Hilli, who was employed by Surrey Satellites Technology Limited (SSTL) near Guildford, was working on a secret contract for one of Europe’s biggest defence companies. –

    When the French cyclist who was ‘unlucky’ happens to be working on something interesting too, coincidence is stretched:

    – Mr. Mollier worked for CEZUS, a subsidiary of AREVA, the global leader in the market for zirconium, the metal used, among other things, for nuclear fuel cladding. –

    But the ex-RAF officer who seems to have disappeared, I wonder who employs former military officers?

    Here’s a report with the dots left unjoined, espeially with the “RAF veteran who stumbled upon the bloodbath”:


  9. Sorry to interrupt this orgy of Murdoch bashing. But Mr Inconvenient Truths strikes again.

    Your Labour loving Daily Mirror is equally bad.

    Remember the Fake Iraq torture photo’s scandal?


    In the following inevitable Muzzie riots (piss be upon them) people were killed. Killed due to Daily Mirror lies.

    Then there’s the Daily Mirror share insider dealing scandal.
    Don’t forget Mirror editor Piers Morgan was also involved up to his nipples in phone hacking. According to his own autobiography (written with his own crayon) that is. Despite having a touch of total amnesia later on.

    And no I don’t get a Daily Mirror pension..not many do given that the owner ran off with the funds.

    Understand that clean hands are a rarity in Tabloid land so let’s not get all sanctimonius about the Sun. They are no better and not that much worse then the rest.

    But lets face the truth here. Boris is right Liverpudlians do like to wallow in a pool of maudlin sentimentality. “I don’t know the victim I’ve never met anyone connected with the event but I feel your pain”..give me strength! My stiff upper lip almost trembled…almost.

  10. The NY Times has good coverage of this story today

    I’d be somewhat understanding of error, but this goes beyond that. The police falsification of witness statements is unforgivable. Those who lied should be prosecuted. There apparently was an inquiry that was a Widgery type affair, all new lies and restatement of old lies.

    This was an open wound to the city of Liverpool, which has had its share of hard times. There was apparently the greateest relief there that the truth won out at last. Church bells rang in the city when this report came out.

    Twenty three years is not even close to being a long time for injustice to be overturned.

    A big, respectful tip of the hat to those in Liverpool and elsewhere who never, ever, stopped fighting for the truth.