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and did those feet, in ancient times….

By Mike Cunningham On October 15th, 2012

Lots of sound, fury and bullshit splattered all over the story about the Scots Referendum, and how either ‘Our Dave’, or ‘Fat Pang #2 (Alec Salmond) won the pissing contest over the question, and the rest of the package.

Not too many people have looked at the possibilities which arise from a decision by the Scots to ease away from all that cash (Barnett etc.) which would mean that, all of a sudden, we, ourselves, would have been transformed into a different Country. If we are then a different Country, it naturally follows that we should be then examining whether, because of the ‘difference’ from being four Nations in one Kingdom; we are now Three Nations in one Kingdom, and hence are we still members of the European Union?


Discuss amongst yourselves, and speak to me after the break!

2 Responses to “and did those feet, in ancient times….”

  1. Will we never be rid of the Hibernian Benefit sponges?

  2. BBC reporting 65% of Scots would vote for independence if they were £500 better off. Pretty cheaply held unionism.