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By Pete Moore On October 25th, 2012

Wow, this is frank. Maybe it wasn’t for public consumption.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, was recently interviewed at the Council on Foreign Relations by its president Richard Haass. (That’s the “mothership” where H. Clinton takes her orders.)

Haass: “How worried are you that the bond markets will move against the United States?”

Dimon: “It’s virtually assured.”

He goes on to explain he doesn’t know when, that it could be two years or five years, but it will happen. He thinks the US can still sort out its debts, but if it chooses not to then fiscal discipline will be imposed on it. Even the Wall Street big shots recognise the cliff ahead. When what he says comes to pass (has he been reading ATW?!) there’s no way that the federal government can pay its debts. That’s when the gig’s up. In the meantime, make sure your pension/IRA has no US federal or state treasuries in it.

Watch the video here.


  1. Dimon has been exceptionally frank for a really long time. That’s one of the reasons that they fired him from a previous position at a major bank.

    He is cut from a different cloth than many of them.

  2. Dimon is a criminal and I linked to a Max Keiser report where he (Keiser) explained exactly why Dimon should be behind bars, and explained equally clearly why Dimon won’t be jailed.

  3. You are most proficient in the black arts of libel and slander, bad sir.

  4. Anyone who thinks Dimon’s straight is out of his mind.

  5. He is a world class banker.

    And I don’t automatically think that this makes him the devil.

    We need more guys like him, and so do you.

  6. According the Allan it makes him “lice”!

  7. Phantom –

    However much the government pays you to troll, it’s too much.

    You’re rubbish.

  8. What a feeble comment

  9. Pete’s staggering against the ropes.

    Nice guy, empty arguments.

  10. Stone the crows, I’m accused of feeble comments by a bloke armed with nothing but a tit joke? Bloody cheek.

    Phantom –

    You’ve been shown evidence in the past that Dimon is corrupt. You can hardly look at a financial blog (though I doubt you ever have done) without seeing the evidence. Respond to that please or comment on the topic of the post.

    Since you have disagreed with me about the chronic state of the American economy, but now your favourite banker has echoed my view that disaster is assured, I’d have thought you might have something of substance to add, no?

  11. I look at financial papers / blogs all the time.

    Dimon’s the best of them.

    You guys think that everyone who ever lived is ” corrupt “. The term has essentially lost its meaning in some quarters.

    Among other things, Dimon got JP Morgan very largely out of the toxic mortgage instruments shortly after taking the reins. Those are the instruments that nearly brought us down, the ones that you still think should not be regulated.

    You could learn a lot by paying attention to what Dimon says, rather than what Alex Jones or some Gold Bug guy says.

  12. Pete

    Even the corniest tit joke has more substance than saying “You’re rubbish” 😉

  13. ” tit joke “?

    What joke?

    When you’re rubber legged, that’s no joke

  14. Here is Jamie Dimon in action:


    – Jamie Dimon just admitted to the world that JPM is mis-marking assets to the tune of $150 billion.

    It gets better. Go to page 10. The chart shows that they only have $184 billion in equity, minus the $50 billion loss, minus ‘the $150 billion fdic reality adjustment’, which leaves them in a negative equity position of (-$16 billion). –

    What a banker!

  15. The only tit joke I see is Pete sucking on the conspiracy gland.

    Lets look at this post shall we… First off once again it’s about the subject that Pete has proven time and time again that he knows nothing about, that of course being the United States.

    What is the future for T Bills in Britain Pete? Any clue or doesn’t Alex Jones talk about the toothless kitten?

    We also have a tie to the CFR that evil puppet master group right up there with the Bildaburgers and the Tri Lateral Commission tie them in with their government pet like the Hildabeast and we see the real manipulations of power ewww the conspiracy thickens.

    and the evil hidden strings that the puppet masters will pull invoking a collapse on the evil America in two maybe five years… Gee bonds might collapse in 2 to 5 years REALLY? That’s a big story?

    Guess what stocks and bonds rise and fall, commodities go up, and go bust. It’s known as trends and a prediction of 2 to 5 years is a very wide ballpark.

    Bonds might collapse, Gold might hit 10,000 an ounce. Next year some kid in a lab might come across the procedure for cold fusion, or containable anti matter and change the entire dynamics of world economics.

    In two weeks we will have a better Idea of whether or not the US government will continue it’s march into communism or start the slow march back towards a more capitalist model.

    The entire world is based on two commodities OIL and Coal. The US has plenty of both. What happens to us economically is determined by what we do with these resources.

    That decision of course will be influenced by the rich and powerful, but influenced not controlled.

    As usual you live and post in a fantasy world.

  16. Troll –

    What conspiracy do I allude to?

    Jamie Dimon, and you don’t get any more inside than that, is telling you in his own words (watch the video) that it’s certain the bond market will turn against the US.

    You seem to think he’s suggesting T-bills will go down as part of market fluctuations. No, this is wrong.

    He’s saying that the markets will – will – one day decide that the federal government can no longer pay its bills and so will drop US treasuries. This is when interest rates take off, explicit default happens and all dollar denominated assets plummet in value along with the currency.

    This is very useful information for you, do not mock it.

  17. Gas, even in the 2008 figures shown here is nearly as important as a global energy source.

    And since then, we’ve had the enormous expansion of natural gas finds in the US etc.

    It’s a better fuel than coal or oil too – do not ignore it.

    The Axis of Fruitcake says that Dimon is the Devil one day, then they say his word is Gospel the next day. Truth be told, he’s maybe the best banker on the planet, someone with a reputation for straight talking, someone you’d want to listen to more than you’d listen to say any failed presidential candidate who doesn’t know anything about mnoney or banks.

    Allan, you think that Dimon should be jailed. For what crime, and under what law? Don’t quote the guy from Putin TV, speak straight to me. What US law do you think that he broke?

  18. Pete you post nothing but conspiracy and anti-american bile.

    I could care less what Dimon says, no one in the financial markets know what is going to happen over the next six months. Everyone is holding their breath to see who wins the presidency and sets the tone.

    Even if Romney wins we need to see what he is actually going to do before things start to shift or not.

    your dancing angels on the head of pins

  19. These guys have been predicting the end of the finance system since the Year One.

    And when there’s a dangerous patch such as 2008 they see all their bullshit as being validated.

  20. Don’t say you weren’t warned, suckers.

  21. “He goes on to explain he doesn’t know when, that it could be two years or five years, but it will happen. He thinks the US can still sort out its debts, but if it chooses not to then fiscal discipline will be imposed on it. Even the Wall Street big shots recognise the cliff ahead.”
    Better have a word with that clique you say rules America; and maybe drop Obama a “post it” so he knows what’s going on… 🙂

  22. Where’s the hyperinflation?

    Peter Schiff promised it and I want it now.

  23. Please stop taking threads off topic, Phantom. We’ll stick to the subject.

  24. You are getting cranky yet again.

    Remove my comment and go get lost.

  25. Allan, you think that Dimon should be jailed. For what crime, and under what law?

    Not being a criminal lawyer in the US makes it rather difficult for me to answer that so I’ll be as precise as I can now that you are not disputing Dimon’s incompetence as the link in my previous post shows. The money system in the US is controlled by the Fed, which is owned by a cartel of banking interests and these interests include JP Morgan Chase. Not only do the likes of JP Morgan Chase own the body which issues US currency, but they (including JPMC) also own Capitol Hill as they pay out 50 – 60million dollars per year for ‘lobbying’. So the gamekeeper is the property of the poacher, and that leaves the game unprotected.


    – If Chase began to collapse because of risky betting, the government would be forced to step in again.

    Jamie Dimon knows that. It’s a lot easier to gamble when you know somebody else will be forced to bail you out if you lose too much.

    Chase, like the other mega-banks, has systematically engaged in criminal activity This is hyper-linked. Please open and read)for years. At the same time, it has used its vast wealth to corrupt our political and regulatory systems. And it has been aided and abetted by willing collaborators in the media, every step of the way. It gave up nearly three quarters of a billion dollars in settlements and surrendered fees to settle one case alone — that of bribery and corruption in Jefferson County, Alabama.

    Chase has paid out billions to settle charges that include perjury and forgery (in its systemic foreclosure fraud and abuse), investor fraud, and sale of unregistered securities. And these charges were for actions that took place while Jamie Dimon was the CEO. –

  26. “He’s saying that the markets will – will – one day decide that the federal government can no longer pay its bills and so will drop US treasuries. ”

    No, it was conditional. There was an if.

    And of course he must be right because history tells us that ‘Wall Street big shots’ are geniuses that have never been wrong about anything.

  27. Yes Frank. Final paragraph of the post, second sentence, there I mention his condition.

    For the record, with a pair of spendaholic candidates and parties in the race, I doubt that the condition will be met.

  28. Where’s Phantom?