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Hell Drivers

By ATWadmin On December 5th, 2006

This title refers to the magnificent 1950s movie starring the late Stanley Baker, along with  young and virtually unrecognisable figures such as Sean Connery, Herbert Lom and Pat McGoohan.  Truck drivers, working for a haulage company in a fictional English village, have to transport as many runs of load as is possible within a day shift.  This entails them tearing through country lanes are break-neck speeds, irrespective of what might lie in their path. 

However, for the purposes of this article, the titular reference leads us to the news that Bradford is now the most dangerous part of the country in terms of a risk of vehicular collision.  A report carried out for Endsleigh Insurance found motorists there have a 36% above average chance of damage whilst driving.  What the report doesn’t tell us is ‘why?’ that should be the case.  For anyone who knows Bradford the answer is straightforward: it’s the ‘Muzzas’, stupid!!

Jasper Carrott once said that the problem with taxi drivers is ‘they are all Islamic fundamentalists who were thrown out because they were too psychotic.  They can make a Hillman Minx do 100mph……….in reverse!!’.  When you consider the fact that virtually every taxi firm in the city is operated by Allah’s little helpers, AND taking account of the reality that Bradford’s Pakistani community are a law unto themselves when they get behind the wheel of a car, is it hardly surprising?

Read the court section of the city’s newspaper – the Telegraph and Argus – and the picture becomes crystal clear.  Whilst car vandalism and theft are undoubtedly the preserve of the predominantly white ‘sink estate trolls’ who are also numerous across the district, it cannot be denied that car crime in terms of driving whilst banned, or driving without insurance, is proportionately a Muzza preserve.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of Nazwat Husseins and Ali Akhbars who have been fined £100 here and £300 there for driving offences similar to those described above.  Has anyone ever been driven by a Muslim taxi driver?  It’s like taking a ride on the Pepsi Max Big One rollercoaster with infuriatingly wailing music, curry spices and jasmine oil thrown in.

Looking further at the report we also see that poor old Bradford is near the top of the table for car crime.  This is where the white ‘sink estate trolls’ do their bidding.  So, after returning to one of the city’s car parks after a spending spree in the infinite number of crap £1 shops in what only the blind and the stupid would call a decent city centre , you can experience the delights of having your car damaged by a neck-tattooed thug with the intellect of a bottle of toilet duck.  Then you can emerge on to one of the thoroughfares such as Sunbridge Road or Piccadilly and face the prospect of your car being narrowly shaved by a Muzza taxi driver or a shaven-headed Muzza adolescent with a massive chip on his shoulder and a hatred of all persons white. 

Pro-Bradford cretins will tell tales of a city full of industrial heritage and a rich cultural fabric.  It is, in truth, a filthy, bedraggled urban vomit-puddle of a place ridden by ethno-demographic division, and littered with horrible buildings and cheap outlets.  It is a city for ‘bargain-basement’ Pakistanis and ‘Jim Royle-esque sink estate plebs’.  And when you realise that these two car statistics are a factual result of the activities of one or other of these demographic profiles, you can see why my dislike of the place is so deep.

3 Responses to “Hell Drivers”

  1. Andrew

    Why do you stick it? I’ve heard Leeds isn’t bad and it’s not far away.

    I think taxi drivers in general tend to be the most ignorant drivers on the road, whatever their racial origin. And they seem to love blasting their car horns after midnight in residential areas, as they’re far too lazy to walk a few yards and ring the doorbell.

  2. Peter

    Leeds is a big city with a small town mentality. The best city around here by far is Manchester.

  3. Yeah, I was there for a day last year. It has a buzz about it.

    I’m sure you love the curry mile 😉