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By ATWadmin On December 5th, 2006

Girls20Aloud20web.jpgYou have to laugh. Western Resistance points out that Iran’s Thug-in-chief Ahmadinejad has been accused of being a dangerous liberal reformist!!! The Man who longs for the return of the 12th Imam, who wants to wipe Israel off the map, and who does not believe the first Holocaust happened, has been condemned for attending the lavish opening ceremony of the Asian games in Qatar, a sporting competition involving 13,000 athletes from 39 countries. The ceremony featured Indian and Egyptian dancers and female vocalists. Many were not wearing veils.

Women are forbidden to sing and dance before a male audience under Iran’s Islamic legal code.

So, that means that infidel babes Girls Aloud can forget all about that lucrative Iranian tour even if they were thinking about wearing veils!


  1. Admit it David. This is just an excuse to post a picture of attractive young women! You’ve got previous on this.

  2. Peter,

    Bang to rights! But society is to blame..and I demand compensation. Now then how do the lyrics to "Something kinda ooh!" go?

    Some days it’s good to lighten up the tone!!!

  3. Finally a new front on the war on terror that we can all support.

  4. David

    Was I complaining? Good choice (of photo).

  5. Peter,

    I’m just hoping Ahmadinejad pops by here for an afternoon chat about Girls Aloud – their pop progress to date. I bet he’s got all their stuff and he must get bored with the psycho schtick routine all the time!

  6. If he looked at this photo , he might insist they weir veils…. and nothing else!

    PS – I read on the BBC website that Channel 4 is going to have a veiled muslim woman doing it’s alternative Christmas speech this year.

    "We wish you a Dhimmi Christmas…

  7. …and a Jihad New Year!

  8. Colm

    Channel 4’s got nothing on Birmingham, which has been celebtrating "Winterval" for several years now.

  9. >>weir veils..<<

    Admit it, Colm, lady-first-from-left has made your spelling go sloppy ..

    I also fancy the vamp 2nd from the left is the reason Mahons has now gone all quiet.

  10. ok so heres an infidel babe for the girls (you out there?), fairs fair. He is advertising whiskey so umm…thats the islam bit covered (ha ha)


  11. Alison I’m shocked. Gratuitous exploitation of a young man and his instrument for commercial gain!

  12. >>exploitation of a young man and his instrument <<

    I suppose also this means the first Iranian nuke will be redirected from Tel Aviv to Dublin.

  13. Cunningham,

    Heaven fordbid!

  14. Well, Girls Aloud have certainly Mullah’d a few songs in their time…

  15. I’m telling Mrs David 😉

  16. Actually when I first saw that picture above I thought it was an ATW group picture with Aileen , Alison, Monica , Emily……… and David 🙂

  17. Ban him David! Your legs are better than that!

  18. Colm,

    The one on the right is – Jo!

  19. "Finally a new front on the war on terror that we can all support. "

    I’m sure that they are all very nice young ladies, but I’d have to sat that they don’t float my boat ;o)

  20. Alison

    That’s more like it but you can’t see his eyes and that is one (or two) of the best bits!

    Colm lol!

  21. BTW Colm

    which of us is that rather sacred looking one second from the left and what is she scared of?

  22. "Girls aloud" wouldn’t be tolerated? Well sign me up! Allahu Akbar!!

  23. Uncovered meat…haram!!

  24. Cunningham: Left, Center or Right wouldn’t matter. I am prepared to put partisanship aside for the sake of world peace.

  25. mahons

    you tart!

  26. Aileen: Not very PC of you. The correct term is chastity-challenged.

  27. In light of the season, I’ll just say:

    "HO, HO, HO!"

  28. Aileen…well blimey if it wasnt his eyes that…er did the talking. Though i think you can see them better in the TV version *sigh*

    also (Aileen) – second from the left – thats me actually – after seven rounds with Rottweiler Puppy 😉

  29. I have to say up until I saw this post I was very tempted to convert to Islam — wailing in a particular direction five times a day, measuring my beard every morning and beating the tripe out of the missus for flashing an ankle at the postman all seemed like a lot of fun — but thanks to Mr David Vance and his sizeable stash of Girls Aloud pictures I’ve seen the light. Thank you David — you truly are a good man.

  30. Let’s see Japan build’em better than that!

  31. aileen – i found a pic with his eyes…lol


  32. All I see in that picture is a glowing representation of how far British culture has fallen. Take your hand off your penis for a moment and you might understand what I’m saying.

    The one on the far right. I wonder what her feelings on the British were before they crossed her palms with nigh on limitless silver?

    I don’t blame these women. If someone was foolish enough to wave millions at me for me to strut about like a whore I’d bite their hand off. It doesn’t make it right though. The two women in ABBA had (have?) more looks, intelligence and class than these school drop out, Opportunity Knocks nobodies ever will. I weep for this country.

  33. Keep this eye candy comin’

    THAT’s what we’re talkin’ about!!

  34. SBK: I think ABBA was a Swedish group.

  35. None of them come close to Jodie Foster …..

  36. >>these school drop out, Opportunity Knocks nobodies<<

    SBK, surely you mean Opportunity Knockers !

  37. Alison

    not bad at all

    Althouhg medalian man is not a look that I would go for.

    All in all not a patch on Georgeous George and I don’t mean Gallowway!

  38. SBK

    Lighten up please!


    I presume you are referring to George Roper 😉

  39. Yeah SBK wouldn’t this country be so much better if all women were encased in a sack, forbidden to drive a car or walk unaccompanied on the street and received a healthy beating every day?
    If you’ve got it flaunt it.

  40. Madradin Ruad has a thing for Jodi Foster. I always suspected he liked fava beans and a nice chianti as well.

  41. SBK – at least they have some clothes on and look pretty decent even if they are talentless.

    aileen – that medallion is a bit iffy granted. i think it might be a bit tongue in cheek. i could be really rude here about that but better not.

  42. p.s glad to oblige Phantom yes he is cute isnt he?! 😉

  43. Alison – Phantom will not forgive you for that which makes it even funnier. Well played.

  44. Girls Aloud belong in the "should be seen and not heard" file. Any religion that stops this mechanical thin musical gruel may not be all bad.

    Then again we’d loose Wendy O’Williams and Joan Jett.

    On balance I’ll stick to full and free expression…yes, even the veiled nutjob on Channel 4.

  45. Colm


    I go weak in the presence of beauty!

    I avoid mirrors for that very reason ;o)