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Grand Theft Auto

By ATWadmin On December 6th, 2006

Gordon ‘I like to publicise my son’s illness in order to show my caring credentials’ Brown will present what is likely to be his final pre-Budget report today before his coronation as the next socialist leader of the country his party has done more to destroy than any other in modern times.  It will assume the traditional characteristics of Leftist ideology: throw money at the public services, because it gives the impression the panacea lies in such a strategy.  Gordy will claim a first-class education service will enable this country to meet challenges from countries such as India and China.  It mustn’t have occurred to him that to have a ballooning public sector and rising unemployment triggered by his party’s obscene weakness on mass immigration is really cutting our competitive edge against our European neighbours.

Carefully interwoven into the ‘spend, spend, spend’ speech will be a series of ‘green taxes’ to make us all that bit poorer.  This Chancellor, not unaccustomed to using flowery language to disguise the fundamental nonsense of his monetary strategies, has come out with his ‘endogenous growth theory’ – a term which translates as………’piffle’.  Who knows what Gordon will come out with to illustrate the doom-laden destination he had in mind for this country as PM.  Will we see terms such as ‘Cashbook nonappraisal had ostensive obesity spotlessly auric overleather staid and grasshop: augh. Electrofuse: recash before cartaceous: azoblack.’?

Alas, for Gordon, people are much more in-tune with the true meaning of ‘green taxes’ than they were with the ‘endogenous’ bullshit.  The former’s crude translation is ‘let’s rip the public off yet again because, as an unapologetic socialist, the 80+ stealth taxes I have already imposed don’t make the middle-classes sufficiently potless enough to satiate the petty class warfare envies I have been nurtured on since the breast.’

We pay some of the highest fuel duties and road fund levies anywhere in the developed world.  Only 1/7 of our road tax is ploughed directly back into public transport and the roads system.  The rest goes straight to the Treasury so that Gordy can waste it on pointless public spending endeavours.  In the end we have to pay for his profligacy by shelling out even more of our money.  You know what?  I feel sorry for Gordon Brown’s son for two reasons.  Not only does he suffer with an appallingly debilitating illness, he also has a father who enjoys making millions of people more miserable through his unadulterated larceny.

16 Responses to “Grand Theft Auto”

  1. The Irish budget is today. Should we cut the top rate of tax or reduce stamp duty on houses. Or both. These are the hard questions. Obviously pensions and children’s allowances will be increased.

  2. The only person publicising the illness of a child for their own benefit is you Andrew. You are doing it as a "catchy" opening line and to have a go at the parent.

  3. Garfield

    I have just finished reading ‘Goodbye, Dearest Holly’ by Kevin Wells. As arrangements were being made for Holly’s funeral at Ely Cathedral, Mr Wells received a phonecall from the then Home Secretary, David Blunkett, who wanted to give an oration at the service.

    Mr Wells said no. Blunkett’s office then contacted him a further three times to try to get him to change his mind. So don’t bullshit me that politicians don’t use tragedy to further their own ends, pal!

  4. we’re all green with envy at the bonanza budget in the south, that’s what happens when you abandon Irish republican principles for traditional Anglo American economic models, but it nice someone still regards the advances of the red white and blue with the reverence it deserves :>

    I remember when Gordon’s leadership campaign got underway I walked past an evening standard salesman whose billboard read " browns agony at child’s death" assuming the bereavement was contemporary I actually (though not a church goer) prayed to God for the comfort of the family, upon reading one of the papers in the office I learned that the bereavement occurred nearly 5 years previously and that Gordon (for reasons I will not be forward enough to speculate upon) had decided, at the cusp of a campaign to elicit public sympathy and empathy, to share his bereavement with the media and public in a personal non-political series of high profile (front page) interviews. His reasons for deciding to share the experience of such an emotional and tragic period with the public long after the event when he had a clear need to boost his public profile, are, as I say unknown to me.

  5. Andrew,
    David Blunkett isn’t Gordon Brown.

    You wrote:
    "’I like to publicise my son’s illness in order to show my caring credentials’ Brown"

    Can you back this slur up?

    Are you saying that Gordon Brown put David Blunkett up to this in an effort to make political capital out of the funeral of his child?

    Are you saying that David Blunkett tried to make politcal capital out of the funeral of Gordon Brown’s child?

    It seems like it has to be one of the two.

    That is an extremely serious charge to make so you should be in a position to back it up.

  6. Henry,

    "Should we cut the top rate of tax or reduce stamp duty on houses. Or both. These are the hard questions. "

    Do you mean the top rate of tax that has been higher than that of the UK for at least ten years? Is that the top rate of tax you mean?

    Are they going to widen the tax bands to match also?

  7. Garfield

    Politicians use tragedy for their own image – PERIOD!

  8. So you can’t back up what you wrote about Gordon Brown looking to profit politically from the death of his son?

    Just so we are clear here. You have absolutely no grounds for making this slur other than it’s what you believe.

    Have you any evidence that Gordon Brown has done what you say he has done?

  9. Re: ROI Budget – Brian just handed me back EUR1,496 for 2007.


  10. Totally agree …re ‘green’ bullshit tax increase on petrol and air tax…nothing to do with helping the environment just another tax hike!

  11. One impact of the ROI budget that will effect business in NI is the removal of excise on Kerosene and some other fuel that has zero rating in NI.

    So, there has been tax harmonisation, just not the way NI politicians wanted! 🙂

  12. Blunket is a disgusting creature and I would not put this past him. You can’t judge all politicians by this man. I don’t think Brown, is from the same stable and I doubt id he would use his own son in this way.

  13. Garfield

    I tend to agree with your sentiment here but I would Just like to point out Gordon’s Brown’s son isn’t dead.

  14. Yes, it’s my opinion. And I, not you, write on this site. Want to make something of it?

  15. Amdrew.
    I take it by your bluster you still can’t back up your slur about Gordon Brown. You made this, not me so, accordingly I can’t "make" anything out of it. I just think you should be ashamed of yourself for making cheap capital out of the illness of a child.

    Brown’s daughter Jennifer died. I figured Andrew was slurring her memory too with his Blunkett reference about funerals.

    I could be wrong, maybe he was just slurring his disabled child.

  16. I don’t do bluster. I do putting down of idiots – and especially those who are too thick or naive to see the political wood for the trees.