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“When the wind wouldn’t blow….”

By ATWadmin On December 7th, 2006

As I posted on my own site, I firmly believe that Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States, was a disaster on wheels for America, especially in the field of Foreign Affairs; over which he had total control. His one redeeming belief and accomplishment remain; that in the field of ‘Human Rights’ worldwide;  not the wishy-washy union- and liberal-friendly crap which is so loved by the European Union, but the real package, the freedom to worship, even if it’s a mish-mash of ideas like Falun Gong; the freedom to congregate, even in a place like Tianmen Square and talk about honest reform of government; the freedom to say “get stuffed” to a uniformed bully; the freedoms laid down by the United Nations in 1948, but have long since been either forgotten or misplaced.

But our friend the ‘Peanut President’ seems to have misplaced his memories, or else has had them surgically removed while engaged in the writing of his book entitled  "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,", where he takes Israel to task on just about everything which that state has achieved since 1947. A former Fellow of the Carter Center is quoted as saying:- “ Being a former President does not give one a unique privilege to invent information or to unpack it with cuts, deftly slanted to provide a particular outlook. Having little access to Arabic and Hebrew sources, I believe, clearly handicapped his understanding and analyses of how history has unfolded over the last decade. Falsehoods, if repeated often enough become meta-truths, and they then can become the erroneous baseline for shaping and reinforcing attitudes and for policy-making.”, which seems to give some idea of the vitriol behind some of the other comments emanating from informed commentators and political writers.

This naive old man is giving, not lending, his support to a crowd of thugs and killers who sponsor the artillery rocket attacks into Israel, who send their crazed supporters into a ‘jihad’ march towards Israeli civilians while wearing their ‘waistcoats by Semtex’ and prayers upon their lips! This foolish winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace has abrogated what little sympathy which remained for his ideals, thoughts and principles, and by the tying of the term “Apartheid” to the State of Israel, itself under attack by it’s Arab enemies from the day that it was acknowledged as a State, seeks to tar that Democratic country with a system which failed in another part of the world altogether!

7 Responses to ““When the wind wouldn’t blow….””

  1. ‘The freedom to say "get stuffed" to a uniformed bully.’ – Not a recommended course of action in the "Land of the Free."

  2. Great post Mike

  3. My boss, who regularly dismisses the general rule that it is rude to talk about politics in settings such as a professional office, constantly bashes Israel. He came in the other day talking about an interview he watched with Carter (I did not see it myself) where the former President apparently claimed that nobody ever criticizes the state of Israel. Nobody. Not the sub-industry of the media built around covering conflict in the Middle East. Not people like Robert Fisk who have entire careers centered around condemning Israel. Nope. Nobody.

    What an idiot.

  4. Robert Fisk. argh! Emily did you see his last attempt on ‘white phosphorus’. Indeed what an idiot (and your boss!

  5. Alison,
    I did. Fisk is so awful at logic and reason it’s almost sad. As for my boss, I’m definitely not the sort to immediately accuse anyone who criticizes Israel of being anti-Semitic, but given some of the other types of statements the man has made before, I’m pretty suspicious of the reasons for his dislike for the the place. That, and he flies into an absolute rage if you even slightly defend anything Israel does in response to being attacked. An uncontrolled, irrational rage that’s almost frightening. Nowadays, I’ve learned to just politely nod my head when he goes off on one of his tirades and keep my mouth shut. People like that aren’t interested in reality, just the silly, absurd fictions of their indignant imaginations.

  6. >>>“ Being a former President does not give one a unique privilege to invent information or to unpack it with cuts, deftly slanted to provide a particular outlook."<<<

    only sitting presidents are allowed such priviledges.

  7. Jimmy Carter: still naive after all these years of life. He’s learnt absolutely nothing and he’ll die as ignorant as he was when he was born.