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By Phantom On January 19th, 2013

Another head hangs lowly
Child is slowly taken
And the violence cause of silence
Who are we mistaken?

But you see, its not me, its not my family,
In your head, in your head they are fighting
With their tanks and their bombs
And their bombs and their guns
In your head, in your head, they are crying

In your head, in your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie
Hey, hey, hey
What’s in your head, in your head

This song came out in 1994, but in some ways it’s more relevant now than it was eighteen years ago.

No, I’m not speaking here of those with a barely concealed longing for the Troubles to come back.

I speak of Zombies in general. They walk the earth you know.

They look like people, but they don’t act like them.

What to do when zombies infest otherwise decent places of discussion? It’s hard to ignore them when they always seek to dominate the blog in ways that the proprietor never does, with endless same ‘oul / same ‘oul posts and horrific and anti Christian insults, which shock the conscience of the decent majority.

Well, here’s what I think.

First, I don’t think that they should be killed. There’s a great deal of literature on how to kill a zombie but we don’t need to go down this road. First, violence isn’t the answer. Second, the souls of zombies are already dead, so what is the point of killing a dead person?

Second, if Zombies have no souls, they don’t deserve to have names. I will never call them by name again. Only those who have souls, or who once had them, deserve to have names.

Third, there is no point in any more endless blood-fighting with Zombies, who are not to be confused with unionists, nationalists, republicans, democrats, capitalists, communists, gun owners, gun prohibitionists, Zionists, Castro romantics, limousine liberals, Rastafarians, or those with strong opinion from any side on any issue.

My personal solution?

I won’t read posts by Zombies or comment on them, at any time.

I won’t engage with them at any time, on posts by me or by another.

They are free to comment on any post by me – which are few – but there will be a three strikes you’re out rule. Call someone a ” fucking asshole “, that’s strike one. Call someone an ” inbred ” , that’s strike two. Make a comment hoping that children get blown up, that’s strike three.

Some may tolerate Zombie behavior. I won’t. They never change – they only get worse.

Cheers to all.

42 Responses to “Zombie”

  1. Love this track, I haven’t heard it in ages. Cheers Phantom.

  2. Heavy stuff Phantom.
    What brought that on?

  3. Indeed what brought it on?

    That is an excellent question.

  4. Well said Phantom. Agit is a fanboy of the worse zombie of them all. Hence his confusion.

  5. Phantom

    Do you have a quote for the hoping children get blown up as the commenter has said he didn’t say that and what he did say was if anyone supports the IRA it should be ok with them if …… , which if true is not expressing the desire for it to happen.

  6. He is a liar if he said that. I saw it and others did too

    Let him deny it here.

  7. Quotes have a way of disappearing and I. Choose not to play hide and seek now

  8. Grizzly Mama / Troll, on April 13th, 2010 at 3:24 PM Said:
    and everyone that votes for SF votes in support of blowing up civilians in bars and planting car bombs at police stations
    May their chidren be standing next to the next one.

  9. Here is another drone zombie from the comments section of the Daily Mail …

    The Headline is “War on speeding motorists: Drivers face more 20mph limits and extra cameras”

    Here it is.

    Go slower to create more pollution more killed by pollution than by accidents at 30 MPH, our servants are turning in to dictators,stop paying them. – robbo, Chichester, 19/1/2013 10:43 ———————————————————————————————————————————————————I look forward to the day when your child is killed by a speeding motorist. I will then laugh at you.
    – Phil, London, United Kingdom, 19/1/2013 10:27
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    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2264829/War-speeding-motorists-Drivers-face-20mph-limits-extra-cameras.html#ixzz2IS7nLQ5Y
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    Sick don’t even come close, what is the matter with these people.

  10. Good man Seamus

    You just don’t forget a comment like that. Or the many others like it, including yesterday’s unspeakable comment to Daphne, yet again a barely disguised hope , and prayer for deadly violence against children.

    Many here lacked the moral courage to condemn it at the time, in 2010 and again yesterday.

  11. S

    Can you share the link to the entire thread?

    Lets see who stood silent

  12. Phantom:


  13. Those who stood tall then are the ones who stand all now

    Note that Petr immediately busted him after that comment for repeated statements lusting for blood of children.

    They plod forward, but they have no power if we never engage with them.


  14. I note Seamus’ disgraceful attempts at justifying the murder of Jean McConville on that thread too.

  15. Phantom

    That is banged to rights.

    I do think that it is possible that Troll actually beleives that what he said was as I outlined.

    I get the impression that he has a random outrage generator that he unleashes but the words don’t go through any checks or filters.

    He did say something similar re the ME but he did eventually retract it when Colm pulled him up on it and didn’t let go. I think he took so long to retract because it took some time for him to realise what he had actually said.

  16. I miss Kloot 🙁

  17. A really great song.

  18. Kloot was a good contributor. So was Jaz. I think the constant homophobia here became too much for the latter.

  19. I don’t know why, the homophobia is broken up with racial intolerance, religious discrimination, diatribes against women, immigrants, the disabled and the poor. Where else can you find such diversity?

  20. My favorite Zombie Song is “Zombie Jamboree”.

    Of course the debate rages as to whether the best songs are about Zombies or by Zombies. My favorite by the Zombies is “She’s Not There”, though “Time of the Season” ain’t too shabby.

  21. the homophobia is broken up with racial intolerance, religious discrimination, diatribes against women, immigrants, the disabled and the poor. Where else can you find such diversity?

    Yes, but also a substantial number of dissenting voices, as this thread demonstrates.

  22. Truly, the American male is a pussified eunuch. Troll, Mahons, Phantom: stop washing your knickers in public.

    It’s unseemly.

  23. “Quotes have a way of disappearing and I. Choose not to play hide and seek now”

    You’re quite right there.
    This morning I did a great long response to Colm re Whited Sepulchres, and it disappeared. I didn’t copy it because there were no Error messages flashing up, so I thought it had posted okay.

  24. Pete – As I recall you obtained an Irish passport so you can deny your professed nationality in case a hypothetical terrorist takes over an airplane when you are on holiday. Clearly you have a far higher meow factor in real life.

  25. ” I think the constant homophobia here became too much for the latter.”

    I liked Jaz too. In fact I think I was one of his supporters.
    What’s all this homophobia on ATW rubbish? There are very few outright homophobic posters on ATW.
    Or do you mean that anybody who questions the wisdom of changing the meaning of marriage (as of course I do) is homophobic?
    In fact, anyone who questions anything is entitled to do so I would have thought.
    In a
    liberal society I mean.

    Take for example this right to bear arms dispute.
    I posted here..

    Agit8ed, on January 17th, 2013 at 10:00 PM Said:

    1) I think the US needs to tighten up on gun law. It seems far too easy for an unstable person to get hold of an unnecessarily lethal weapon.

    2) I am not convinced that the founding fathers meant what it has been assumed they meant by the right to bear arms. and were they here today they would want to review the whole thing.
    3) In my opinion that would be the most logical thing to do.

    Look at the statistics on the link below..


    I gave sound if naive and basic reasons why I feel this way.

    I know that I am at odds with the Troll and Patty on it, but what the heck! I should go into meltdown because we disagree and the Troll earns a living selling gun!?

    I should fall out with people because we disagree?

    The Troll and I don’t shout and swear at each other because we disagree on something he feels very passionate about.
    Any case, it’s his country, not mine, so he could tell me to get lost, it’s none of my business.

  26. Spot on Mahons, though there’s nothing “professed” about my Saxon heritage. It simply is.

    I look forward to your Chuck Norris impression when Abdul Kaboom comes calling in upstate New York.

    And do stop washing your undies in public, ffs. You’ll be telling us about your therapy next. Here’s an idea for for American men boys who want to let it all hang out on the front page: harden the fuck up.

  27. Pete – Unlike you haven’t run sacred to the Irish Embassy to grab a different passport because the thought some imaginary terrorist might put in an appearance on a plane I am on and I want to disavow my nationality in the unlikely event that happens. Heck you’ve caved on the THOUGHT it could happen.

    Man up, listen to some Gilbert and Sullivan, be a true Englishman and never ever be a slave to fear.

  28. Good advice Mahons.

    Clearly we see that when Abdul Kaboom takes over the plane or hotel, government heroes will come through the window two seconds later, The evidence on that is clear.

    And dropping my strides in an airport for a bureaucrat isn’t caving in to fear, oh no.

  29. Pete: “It’s unseemly” Agree.

  30. Pete – You’d be talk with a Cavan accent faster than you can say 1066 while true Britons wouldn’t think of denying their ancestors on the chance some terrorist might one day be on their flight. They would proclaim themselves British.

  31. Pete

    I will do what I like.

    Its wrong and useless to let multiple hateful, personal and otherwise, comments go unanswered. In the absence of order from anywhere else , I’m giving order aa respects myself alone. A Peace Line and Boycott all in one. He can trash me 24 / 7 in the posts that he types with his feet, and I will never respond. I will never respond to any direct comment by the individual nor will I mention his name.

    People can join the boycott in a blog if they like, or they can engage freely with either, separately. I don’t care. Everyone wins in the free market of ideas or anti-ideas.

    No more sweeping anything under the rug. It was wrong to ever do it. Leave lies or hateful comment unchallenged, and to me you are just as bad as the liar or hate merchant himself. ( See comments about murdering children )

    This is a not meant to start any fight, it is meant to end a long history of hateful shouting. There will be no more posts from me on the matter of this person.

    Hi from Pennsylvania. What a nice place it is!
    PA beer summit starts now!!

  32. Who’s publicly washing knickers? What an odd suggestion.

    Troll is being called out and not before time. He’s been getting away with this stuff for years while quite a few others have been permanently banned for a lot less.

  33. Patty

    Is it unseemly not to challenge calls for the death of children?

    Oe just spineless?

  34. Phantom –

    A man sorts his stuff out. He doesn’t whine about it. Drive down to PA and kick Troll’s arse if you feel that strongly. Just stop with your American bitchin on the front page man.

    Tarasov –

    You’re a commie. You’re at one with the most evil creed in humanity’s history. German National Socialists were amateurs compared to your lot.

    Troll is infinitely more moral than you.

  35. Pete — What happened to “You will address me politely you oink”? You used to say that to Troll a lot.

    I’m not a Stalinist, my ideology has killed nobody. Not only am I not at one with it, I demonstrated outside the Soviet embassy in Dublin numerous times during the 1980s and campaigned for political prisoners and dissidents to be released. You were probably scratching your hole at the time.

  36. Pete – A man doesn’t change his passport because he is afraid one day some terrorist might act up on his plane. Grow a pair.

    Phantom – Indeed.

  37. Pete

    An individual defamed himself and by association all here with hundreds of comments and posts. This one post aims to establish order. A line is drawn today.

    There is no desire for fisticuffs. I wish him well. But he’s to be quarantined for Life from now on. He may be obsesssed with me – watch what follows – but there will no vise versa. He can do as he lkes in the larger field.

  38. The internet is a magnificent invention allowing us to to access at the mere touch of a finger most of mankind’s accumulated wisdom..

    Our primary use for the internet is sending and receiving insults with anonymous strangers.

  39. So, let’s change course.

    The past does not have to be the future.

    On other blogs, people discuss and at times disagree and can go for a year without an insult.

  40. Phantom

    I fully agree with your policy. After s short time I decided it was a waste of time to engage with the PA buffoon.

  41. Alright, already. Change course if you like. No one is stopping you.

  42. Phantom
    “leave lies or hateful comments Unchallanged and to me you are as bad as the liar or hate merchant himself”

    That is bonkers and if true would render the initial sin less of one.

    I don’t engage with or react to the comments of the self confessed SF/IRA supporters on here or indeed our resident racist and others whose mindset disgusts me, including the individual who happily backed up Cretinous Maximus who was taunting me about a psyiological response to trauma and considers a threat to the lives of those if us attempting to peacefully protest in Dublin as us being “rightly sent packing”( I have acted against terrorism in the world beyond ATW and reserve the right to pick my battles AND my battlefield.) There are others who seem perennially Incapable of understanding what is written and twist what is said and make unfounded accusations without clarification or choose to tell me what I think or beleive or people who are just plain thick and unpleasant (i can take one or the other but not both) or who are deliberately annoying. I tend to avoid reading their comments, especially on threads that I have made a comment on.

    I am still disgusted by the comments about the Hillsborough comment but even more so the reaction to Dave Alton after he shared with us that he had lost a friend and I declared that I would no longer interact with the individual concerned. I actually broke that when I mistakenly allowed myself to get into an exchange about him saying that you had threatened him when you hadn’t. I would not have been a lesser person if I had not challanged on hat occasion.

    One of the biggest differences between the me of now and the me of 20 years ago is that I care much less about the good opinion of other people in general (not saying I am indifferent to the good opinion of my friends etc). If people approve of what I do, that’s nice, if they don’t, it does not matter. It is very freeing to realise that ther people’s opinion of you is really none of your business 🙂 I would much much much rather be hated when peole know the truth than loved based on untrue Information. So I intend to carry on and avoid the people that I choose to, to limit the more unpleasant aspects of the ATW experience and other people can judge that as they choose.

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