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Second Verse, Same as the First

By Mahons On January 20th, 2013

President Obama took the oath of office today, a quiet ceremony before the pomp of tomorrow’s more public celebrations.

Adversaries may say second term Presidents, like second marriages, represent the triumph of hope over experience.  The future remains to be seen.

William Henry Harrison, our 9th President, took the oath of office at the age of 68 on a cold and wet day with no hat or overcoat.  Harrison gave the longest inaugural address in American history, and had the shortest tenure in office, dying after 3o odd days of pneumonia.  Harrisoncare was less effective than Obamacare if one considers that his doctors treatment consisted of opium,castor oil, leeches and Virginia snakeweed.   They say the death was unrelated to the old man’s standing in the wet and cold for so long, but we Yanks prefer to remind the Commanders-in-Chief to keep it short.  Harrison’s speech at over 2 hours was the longest address by an American President until Bill Clinton ordered lunch at McDonald’s.

Anyway, lets hope for some good news over the next four years.  We could use some.

10 Responses to “Second Verse, Same as the First”

  1. Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow.

    “Bill Clinton ordered lunch at McDonald’s”


    I knew he liked to eat out, but McDonalds?

  2. By the way, how did Silent Cal make his speech – sign language?

  3. The GOP has lost the popular vote for POTUS five out of the last six times. But the stupid party reacts by more attacks on women’s reproductive rights and unqualified support for the NRA. Way to go.

  4. The GOP does indeed appear to be stuck on stupid.

  5. Not sure about the sign language but Roosevelt tapped out his in morse code using his big stick.

  6. Noel

    mahons jests here, but Bill Clinton really does like McDonalds, and he used to eat there all the time,presumably not on Inaugauration Day.

    He only stopped on ( heart ) doctors orders.

  7. It would appear that whitey isn’t just ‘stuck on stupid’: the idiots are disappearing entirely. Way to go – and it really is the way to go.


    – As early as July Hispanics are expected to be equal in size to non-Hispanic whites before outpacing them, according to the report, with both demographics in that month reaching 39 per cent of the population.
    It’s a swap that comes earlier than experts had expected. –


  8. //As early as July Hispanics are expected to be equal in size to non-Hispanic whites //

    But they’ll hardly be as big as Phantom, will they?

  9. I thought it was a long-established fact that stoves produce Carbon Monoxide, irrespective of the fuel used. When they aren’t airtight (in the draught direction), they can be dangerous. That’s what killed Emile Zola.

    Best get a pro in to have a look at it when installed. A good upward draught is essential.

    Agit8ed, I don’t know what separates your garden from the field behind the house, but if it’s just a wire fence, you can stack a wall of logs against it. I’ve made a log wall against the fence of my Israeli neighbours (can’t resist building fences, these Israelis 🙂 ).

    With a bit of imagination, your garden will benefit visually from a log wall. It does not have to be East-West. The main thing is that it is not closed and gets a lot of air.

  10. Shit. Someone bin the above comment. It was meant for the thread below.

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