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Hold The Seabiscuit

By Mahons On January 24th, 2013

Wow, not since Oisin fell off his horse has there been more disturbing horse-related news out of Ireland.  Burger King of Ireland (the last monarch still active in that land) has announced it is switching suppliers due to the Horse DNA crisis involving horsemeat in burgers.  Check please.

As a carnivore I prefer not to know how some of my favorite items are made.  But I suppose I do want to know that Seattle Slew, Trigger and Mr. Ed are not between the buns.  I can hear the vegans laughing now.  Well eat your grain and stems, I am still going to order burgers.  Meat as PETA might say is murder (tasty tasty murder as I might say).  But despite that I will not give up on burgers.  But if I taste a saddle there will be hell to pay!

16 Responses to “Hold The Seabiscuit”

  1. get real mahons.

  2. meat is meat, and cooked well with garlic, salt and pepper tastes just fine

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rv5dW_lZyzc
    This in light of the horse meat in Tescos Value range beefburger upset..

  4. //Wow, not since Oisin fell off his horse has there been more disturbing horse-related news out of Ireland.//

    *Splutter*, *choke .. I love it!

    Just made one up:

    Q: Why isn’t BurgerKing offering free burgers as a promotional drive?

    A: Because you don’t put a gift horse in your mouth.

    (well, it is a dull grey morning here)

  5. theres a thrity million euro loss to ireland as mc donalds pulls out of trade with the irish firm, thats not to be laughed at… this is a more meaningful story than the post suggests…

    noel grey here too..

  6. Kateyo — I believe some customers got the trots after eating the burgers.

  7. What do you put on your burgers ?

    A fiver each way !

    I looked in the fridge for some burgers..


  8. put a fiver each way on one of them burgers for me petr…

  9. snap!

  10. //I believe some customers got the trots after //

    Petr, I thought you were the Trot here?

  11. Nice one, Noel. 🙂 For the record, I’m not a Trot.

  12. This has more than a hint of sarcasm about it.


  13. The Anglais and Yanks should give up their superstition against eathing horsemeat. The French are right on this one.

    It’s as silly as the Mohammadan and Hebrew prejudice against eating pork.

    Eat all animals or eat none or go stifle.

  14. I once ate a dog burger in Korea!

  15. The issue for me is not that there were bits of dead horse but that there were bits that should not have been in them. It raises questions about what else can find its way into our food. It does not contain just what it says on the tin.

  16. Good point.

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