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By David Vance On January 24th, 2013

I read with some amusement that the Conservative party still struggles to appeal to voters from ethnic minorities because of the damage done to its image by Enoch Powell, or so a leading Tory minister has alleged.

Treasury minister Sajid Javid said that four decades after Powell railed against immigration – most famously in his Rivers of Blood speech – the Tories have been unable to connect with migrants who share the party’s traditional values of hard work. The 43-year-old son of a bus driver called on David Cameron to give a major speech on the Tory approach to race relations and multiculturalism.

Just a few points. I WISH the modern Conservative Party WAS seen in the way Javid alleges. They are not. They are seen as a faint echo of that great man, Powell, and THAT is why they cannot win a majority of the votes they require.  In case Javid missed the memo, MILLIONS of British people are appalled at the unfettered immigration that has defaced our Nation.

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  1. Before you tweet you should learn the difference between debt and deficit. #justsayin

  2. Can you tell me why you believe, to use your expression, “unfettered immigration has defaced our nation” The “great man” Powell was a racist and was sidelined by the Tories who have no great record for modern multi-cultural politics. The truth is, and it’s a hard truth to face, is that racists and xenophobes continue to dominate the immigration debate and until we have a rational discussion about what sort of Britain we want freed of the nonsense of the BNP in blazers et al, the immigration issue will fester.

    86% of the population of England and Wales are white, as a whole the UK white population is even higher, in Northern Ireland it’s 99% Becoming a Racist party is electoral doom, so I loved the Tories to follow Powell. I believe the TUV here followed a similar racial policy and it did wonders for them.

  3. Nadine Horrors – what an apt name!

    It doesn’t matter whether the immigrants are white, brown, or khaki, we are already one of the most crowded nations on the planet. Why you make such a fuss re their colour leads me to think you are probably far more of a racist than you would admit to!

    That most are here because the quality of life and our standard of living is better then where they come from, is irrefutable, although for how much longer that will be so, isn’t. Our generous welfare system is a just a bonus.


    Take a look at the link and you will see that we have more people per sq km at 228 than Pakistan with 198 per sq.km. even Nigeria has less per sq.km. at 148.

    What is for sure is any increase in population will only cause deterioration in our standard of living, and that is certainly not something that I have ever voted for.

    It is no coincidence that Germany also has a similar population per sq.km. at 230, and is also worried by immigration problems, but they are not so stupidly generous when it comes to welfare.

    We have for centuries welcomed reasonable immigration levels, but this past fifteen years it has become insane, our physical infrastructure is crumbling, as are our cultural, moral and above all, our service structures, we can no longer finance nor provide services in the quality or the quantity required to be considered a ‘first world’ country

    I would remind you that ‘racism’ is not ‘party specific’ – the BNP being a rump of the Labour party. You may well come to regret ignoring Powell, because his predictions might well happen.

  4. Ernest,
    in the past most immigration was from people fleeing religious persecution or intolerance. The Jews of course were looking for anywhere they could live reasonably safely and get on with making a comfortable living, my boy.
    (Somehow Allan McTatters always managed to find them… :))
    Apart (I think from the Irish) we didn’t feel the need to import skilled or unskilled workers into England Britain, because we had enough people to meet the needs.

    Only after WW2 did we start bringing people in, and now for all sorts of reasons, we are addicted to this process.

  5. The “great man” Powell was a racist ..

    Enoch Powell was no racist, of course. In fact he was probably the least racist man in post-war Britain. To be racist is the natural condition of man. It protects the tribe and its possessions.

  6. Agit8ed,

    If we listened to some who have turned up on our doorstep, it would seem that they were all fleeing persecution of one sort or another. I suppose that poverty and a Third world lifetyle might well be called a persecution of sorts.

    However, that our politicians feel they can emulate the miracle of the ‘five loaves and two fishes’ by accomodating so many who have contributed so little, must surely be a severe case of delusion.

    We have always had some obligation in respect of those who have given service to the Commonwealth, and residency was the reward, but to be obliged to treat criminals and other similar deadbeats, from any corner of the world irrespective of any allegiance to GB, and on the say-so of EU bureacrats demeans both them and us.

    You suggest that we didn’t previously have any need to import workers, – agreed, we had what amounted to full employment, which in turn gave immense power to the unions, and which they took full advantage of, much to the detriment of our national industries.

    It was this imbalance that prompted the initial decision to ‘open the doors’, by the Tories, – well maybe, not to fling them open as Blair did, but they certainly left the door ajar! As usual with so many political decisions, they failed to even begin to imagine the large numbers that would eventually take advantage of a chance to ‘tread streets paved with gold’.

    Even had they foreseen the outcome, I doubt they would be, or are really overly bothered, as we are, by the influx, after all, ‘more workers mean more taxes’, – or so they might have thought! That it hasn’t quite worked out that way, and the reverse is true where ‘more out-of-work workers mean more welfarism’, shows how little forethought they give to such things and they then have to dash about finding ever more deperate solutions to the problems they have created.

    I am always reminded of a guy holding a large brown paper bag full of water in one hand, and trying cover the inevitable holes that appear with the other!

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