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By Pete Moore On January 30th, 2013

I’m off to watch the Gunners stuff the Mickey Mousers, or if it all goes wrong up The Arse I’ll find out how Reacher sorts out Colorado instead. Have yourselves an open thread then, decorated with the kind of thing which I like. Well, the kind I like which I can publish here at any rate. Play nicely.


10 Responses to “ATW OPEN THREAD”

  1. Well so much for defending YOUR philosophy!
    Off to watch a football match, driving down roads built and looked after by the State, walking along clean pavements patrolled by community support officers or police officers..
    I hope you park illegally and meet a bloody traffic warden..
    Try telling him you’re an Anarchist.

  2. Eleven days to pitchers and catchers.

  3. Suarez

  4. Reacher

  5. Very little snow there. Proof of global warming.

  6. Phantom

    Interesting article here on the interaction between temperatue and snowfall in the US. It’s not as simple as colder = more snow, as I’m sure you knew:

    “It’s freaking freezing from the Great Plains to the east coast. There are far too many cities with wind chills below 0F to count. On Wednesday, the high temperature in New York City failed to climb above 20F for the first time in three years, after weeks of above-normal temperatures. Interestingly, there is little snow accompanying the cold. So what the heck is going on?”

  7. Hi Peter

    Should they make a play about Mayor Mike?

  8. Polish is England’s second language.

  9. Back from business dinner at MarkJoseph Steak House. In vino veritas.

    Walking the dark backstreets on the way to Bowling Green I saw the huge remaining damage from the flood. One block in from Water Street, its still a world of big generators and closed businesses.it will be a long road back.

  10. I was there last night too and while there’s been progress, the amount of work to be done and the funds that will be needed to bring businesses back is enormous. I want my office back!

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