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By David Vance On February 2nd, 2013

I see Obama would prefer that US troops did not face each day with a hot meal inside them;

As originally reported on the congressional website of Republican Rep. Bruce Braley of Iowa (IA-01), the U.S. Army has stopped serving breakfast to American troops serving on 17 bases in Afghanistan.  The measure, which will be extended further beginning this weekend, is one of the earliest stages in the U.S. military pull-out from Afghanistan. On his website, Braley explained he learned about the military’s cutbacks from Iowa constituents whose family members are serving in Afghanistan.

Hat tip to eagle eyed ATW reader Gonk.


  1. Give them a hit of heroin as it will take away hunger pags. It’s there, there’s plenty of it being produced, and the CIA is exporting it so a little won’t go amiss.

  2. //”I am troubled that the Army would deny any deployed troops three meals per day, regardless of force size,” //

    Reminds me of what a Jihadist was once quoted as saying:

    “The Mujahadeen will be victorious, because the mujahed can be starved and will still crawl over the desert all day just to attack, whereas the American can’t fight without his hot meals every day and e-mails with his family at night”

  3. Breakfast?

    They expect breakfast? Bunch of nancy boys. No wonder they can’t win a war now.

  4. Apparently you’ll fall for anything (The Jewish press quoting the Washington Times – Hysterical).

    There has been some change in the meal cycle when remote bases are transitioning out. So of 4 meals (yes four) the breakfast meals are MRE. It is perfectly sensible as they trend down.

    Time to get them all out of that senseless place. Lets let them eat at home.

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