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thank you

By ATWadmin On December 8th, 2006

Never too sure what to make of these polls given how hard it must be to conduct them properly and fairly – but they are used to cite ‘irrefutable’ opinion so often! This would seem encouraging then. Happy Christmas to the troops out there risking all.  I really hope they get to see this. You are appreciated.

Despite fears of rising violence, three quarters of Afghans believe their quality of life has improved since the fall of the Taliban, according to a new poll.

Violence continues to play a prominent role in the daily lives of Afghans, with four in 10 reporting experiencing insurgent attacks, including bombings, arson, and killings, in their areas.

The poll, which comes on the fifth anniversary of the invasion of the country by coalition forces, found that confidence in the current security situation was deteriorating, with the number of Afghans saying security was better now than under the Taliban dropping to 58 per cent from 75 per cent last year.

However, overall there still seems to be broad backing for the coalitions action to depose the former regime.

Across the country 70 per cent say they are "grateful" rather than "unhappy" with the presence of Nato troops in the country

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3 Responses to “thank you”

  1. "three quarters of Afghans believe their quality of life has improved"

    That;s a good sign. At the same time they were probably starting from a low base, so there is a long long way to go. I hope they get there.

  2. While the Afghans are happy, the heroin floods into Europe because of the deals the troops’ commanders have made sleazy deals with the local drug warlords.

    Thanks boys, the poor and desperate of the United Kingdom thank you for putting your lives on the line helping create a drugs epidemic.

    P.S. They know it’s not your fault.

  3. ‘Poor’ and the ‘desperate’? What – the ex middle class toss pot that stands in the street near me and asks for ‘any spare change’? Gimme a break. Days of pushers are long gone. Thats his choice. Legalize drugs – and then stop knocking the troops for something that isnt their fault.