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A Six Nations Once Again

By Mahons On February 3rd, 2013

The wailing cries coming across the Atlantic Ocean this morning are from Wales, who lost to Ireland 22-30.  Most Yanks here won’t get that score.    The Welsh fell behind and could not find guidance by any great redeemer today.  Not a bad start to Superbowl Sunday.

Welsh joke of the day:

A Welshman walks into the doctor’s office, and says “I can’t stop singing The Green, Green Grass of Home.”

“That sounds like Tom Jones’ Syndrome,” said the docotor.

“Is it common?” asked the Welshman.

“It’s not unusual.”said the doctor.

22 Responses to “A Six Nations Once Again”

  1. lol Mahons

  2. Heard it 🙂

    Italy beat France today, so next Sunday’s match between Ireland and England could settle the championship.

  3. During the early days of the Cold War, a Russian spy was sent to Wales to contact one of their agents.
    Arriving in the little village he went into a shop and asked where he could find a Mr Jones.
    The shopkeeper laughed.
    “Mr Jones? There are many Joneses around here boyo.
    I am Jones the Butcher,
    then there is Jones the Baker, Jones the Grocer,Jones the Post Office..”

    “Well, said the Russian, “My friend sells and repairs radios.”

    Aaah, says the shopkeeper.
    “That’ll be Jones the Spy..”

    We watched all three matches. Yes we were pleased that England won and Italy today, but it is Wales that always stirs our souls.
    Don’t know why. The great Brian O’Driscoll proved his skills once again by getting a try just after half time. He says this might be his last Six Nations, and I just hope he goes out on a high. He has been a great leader and ambassador for Irish rugby.

  4. Indeed. Brian O’Driscoll is one of the all time great Irish players. What a match it was. The Welsh just left themselves with too much to do but it was an amazing effort. Then Italy beating France! Looks like a good year.

  5. Rugby Union is the only contact sport the wife and I enjoy.
    To see these big lads obeying the referee’s rulings without throwing a tantrum, swearing or spitting shows that it remains a true sport, and not a seedy business like football has become.
    To see the Italians rejoicing over their win today gladdens the heart, and even Scotland has made definite strides forward in their game. Laidlaw and Hogg are both exceptional players.
    We love it!

  6. Yes we were pleased that England won and Italy today, but it is Wales that always stirs our souls.

    A8, have you Welsh connections?

  7. “Rugby Union is the only contact sport the wife and I enjoy”

    Really Agit8ed, the ONLY one ? 😉

  8. None whatsoever Peter,
    But we both enjoy the Welsh style of rugby. They have lost their way of late. Losing Warren Gatland is a big blow. But as we saw yesterday, they shook off the apathy and got stuck in and they fought ’til the last minute.
    It was “Zulu” all over again!

  9. “.. the ONLY one ? ;),
    AS far as I know Colm.
    I suppose I could ask the wife….

  10. England’s nailed on for the Grand Slam. That’s if we don’t get gubbed in Dublin next week, which is possible. But we’re nailed, unless it goes wrong.

    Dublin was always going to settle it this year. England and France are the best two teams and both have to travel to Ireland this year. England have to go to Cardiff and France come to Twickenham, but I said that the Dublin results will settle it.

    And then Italy gloriosuly stuffed the French this afternoon. Not only that, but Castrogiovanni crashed over from three feet. Magnificent stuff. He’s one of the game’s gents and thoroughly deserves it.

    Ireland looked great for 40 minutes then played like nervous ninnies for the next 40, this against a Welsh team without any confidence. England had a couple of gears to spare against the Jocks and are looking good.

    I cannot wait for Dublin. The week cannot go quick enough.

  11. Are you travelling to Dublin for the match, Pete?

  12. Petr Tarasov –

    I have an invite with a ticket and will fly over on Friday if I can make it. It’s just a matter of whether or not I can get away.

  13. Pete

    Whoever wins in Dublin next Sunday will definitely win the championship and probably do the slam.

    I make England favourites, but not by much. The jocks are for the spoon.

  14. It’ll be a good weekend in Dublin. Not a rugby fan myself but England v Ireland is always a good occasion.

  15. I’m glad Scotland looked good even if they lost. When I started watching rugby in the 1990s, Scotland were a really good side, the best of the celts at least, and it has been sad how they’ve regressed since professionalism.

    But it looks like Dublin next week will decide who wins they title.

  16. Pete

    Off topic, the Premier League final positions:

    1. Newton Heath
    2. The Sheiks
    3. The Sperz
    4. The Arse
    5. Chelski

    FA Cup: Newton Heath

    Fergie will retire at the top, to be succeeded by Moyes.

    Benitez will be succeeded by the second coming of the special one.

    You read it here first.

  17. Peter –

    You see Chelsea in 5th? I can’t see any lower than 4th, probably 3rd with us and Sperz battling again for 4th. Its there for our taking if we can stop our comically bad defending, but Wenger would need to break the habit of a lifetime and practice a bit of defending for that to happen.

    You’d safely put your mortgage Benitez going, but I reckon Mourinho will go to Man Citeh. He had a falling out with Roman and would love to be in the same town as Fergie with a big pot of cash to spend. Mancini will be off if Citeh don’t retain the title, and they won’t retain the title.

  18. I will be AT the England vs Ireland game! All welcome to say hi if there

  19. Pete

    Chelski will finish 5th at best, unless the fans stop the Benitez booing. It’s obviously affecting results both home and away. And the Sperz will be challenging for the title next season, ubless Bale and Villas-Boas are poached by Real Madrid.

    The special one has never lost contact with the Russian, and still owns hs mansion in London.

  20. Must confess i’ve hated rugby ever since i was forced to play it at school.
    I hate the annual 5 nations and the Island of Ireland competition even more.

    But then i love Professional Cycling so what do i know 🙂
    Good luck to all that enjoy it.

  21. Just when you think the Irish golden generation is on the way out, they pull that off. Happy days! As everyone else has said, the England match next week will be key.

    On a vaguely rugby-related note: does anyone know why Munster fans sing “the fields of Athenry”? Athenry isn’t in Munster. I’ve always found that extremely odd.

  22. Rugby is a big international sport that unfortunately is not terribly well known in the US outside of colleges and even there is small beer compared to gridiron football.

    Six nations is great stuff. I’ll remain neutral, but Go Ireland!

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