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Storm Nemo – Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Snow

By Mahons On February 8th, 2013

I heard a woman once say that snowstorms are like men.  You don’t know how long they’ll last or how many inches you will get.

Here in the Northeast of America we are experiencing a large snowstorm named Nemo.  I don’t roll with weathermen enough to know if it will be a mere snowstorm, a blizzard or a nor’easter.  Perhaps all three!  I have sufficient quantities of cut wood, candles, food, beer, wine and whiskey to survive a snowed in weekend.  Sadly, I forgot valium.

In Ancient Rome there was a punishment called projectio in profluentem in which a prisoner is said to have been sewn up in a sack with a serpent, ape, dog and cat and tossed into the river.    A confining horror that might only be matched by being snowed into the confinement of one’s small home with a wife visited by the monthly demon and three small children.  Pray for me.

Anyhow, I like storms so long as nothing bad happens.  I’ve managed to shovel the driveway twice without a known cardiac event.  But we may get a foot or more snow during the night so we’ll see what winter wonderland reveals itself in the morning.  Until then, may the electricity stay on.  May you stay out of the cold, wherever you may be.

11 Responses to “Storm Nemo – Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Snow”

  1. So far so good in the city.

    Soft snow, no big deal to shovel it.

  2. what no cigars???

  3. Nice post Mahons. I hope your lights stay on and you avoid stir-crazy syndrome.

    Remember The Shining 🙂

  4. Cigars – damn, back out to the store.

    Peter – Redrum.

    Phantom – heavy up here in the Hudson Valley.

  5. here ya go Mahons just for you


  6. I see that panic buying is stripping the shelves. In the meantime, those crazy ol’ preppers chuckle away at home.

    So what’s this one called anyway? I notice that the US doesn’t have snow or storms or winds anymore. It’s “the storm of the century”, or “snowmageddon” now, though snowmageddon might be so last year.

    Is it “snowpocalypse” now?

  7. the chickafication of American culture seems to be complete…it snows in winter and all hell breaks out

  8. Ah

    Shoveled my walk again, and the neighbors’ and cleared off the snow from the car.

    No panic buying at my Key Food supermarket. Zero line.

    Its a slow news week, the media is hyping the way that hey do.

    Its February. Its supposed to snow. Its ok.

  9. Yes

    NYC is just missing the heavy snow. Sorry mahons


  10. Phantom – Looking forward to sledding tomorrow.

  11. I am always envious of American snowfall. From Chevy Chase’s Funny Farm to Holiday Inn there is something romantic about a good fall of the white stuff, hiding all the ugly bits and deadening the noise and bustle of humanity. A time to rejoice in snuggledom and a chance to reflect and share a little neighbourliness with those around you.

    I have just cut up my third tree and in the process of building my persona as “the Panting Woodsman”.
    Women happening upon me in quiet country lanes hurry on past or turn back when their ears pick up the heavy breathing of the hunched figure with his arm slowly moving back and forth… 🙂

    I have to admit it tires me out. The sawing I mean..
    I fall asleep on the settee just as my wife is in the middle of recounting some exciting domestic incident. Increasingly I have difficulty getting my right arm into its sleeve, despite Mrs Agit8ed having let the material out twice now.

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