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State of the Union

By Patty On February 10th, 2013

This coming Tuesday, on February 12th, President Obama will regale our once proud nation with another State of the Union speech. Will Obama publicly mock the Supreme Court of America as he did in 2010? Probably not. After all, thanks to Justice Roberts, ObamaCare is now law of the land. Will Obama honestly address our $16+ trillion deficit, his numerous drone killings or his lies about Benghazi?

….I think the youtube filmmaker still sits in jail, btw.

Or, will it be just another speech about Obama’s favorite subject: himself. ….with a little bit of global warming climate change thrown in?
Your guesses are as good as mine.

Visual from People’s Cube.

peoplecube poster

27 Responses to “State of the Union”

  1. Guns are supposed to be a ” value ” now?

    How far we’ve fallen!

  2. Phantom: try to keep up!

    …..self-reliance and the right to self-defense against even, gasp, a “well-meaning” government used to be taken for granted in our once great nation – no longer.

  3. Mitt Romney to give state of clean towels speech in rebuttal (he is now a director of Marriot International).

  4. Good riddance Romney. Maybe he’ll paint a portrait of his toes in a bathtub like W.

  5. Who told you that there was any threat to the right to self defense?

    You really believe the crackpots?

    Do you own a gun?

  6. //the right to self-defense against even, gasp, a “well-meaning” government //

    Patty, the right to defend yourself against the US govt is as good as a right to
    defy gravity. When something can never possibly succeed, a right to do it anyway is meaningless.

  7. Aah the voice of pampered privileged idiocy.Those Americans who think their President is a new Stalin. They would soon chage their tune if they could be lifted and put into a suffering starving ‘collectivised’ and genuinely terrorised rural Russian village of the 1930s.

  8. The right,to defend against an awfully terrible tyranny is of course being talked up now by the dregs of right wing talk radio and those who get their opinions from it.

  9. The actual State of the Union was just given by a Dr Carson, during the course of which he eloquently upbraided the Caudillo.

    Quite deliciously, Obama had to sit there and take it (as a mere president should whenever any citizen speaks to him).

  10. Noel Cunningham –

    Tell the Vietnamese and Pashtuns that the US government cannot be denied.

  11. ^
    //Tell the Vietnamese and Pashtuns that the US government cannot be denied.//

    The US Govt wasn’t fighting for its survival in either of those places, Pete, nor for its own sovereignty. It would – and in fact have no other option but – get much tougher if there any significant armed insurgency at home.

    Besides, something tells me that people like Troll or Patty don’t quite have the mettle of the VietCong.

  12. Noel Cunningham –

    Neither could the VC or Pashtuns march on Washington, nor remind the US military that it’s the right of the people to alter or abolish government (not that Washington obeys laws anymore), nor could they remind the military that they are Americans attacking their own homes and families.

    There certainly would be a perfectly lawful outcome in the event of insurrection – secession.

    It will happen one day, and let the record show I said so first. 300+ millions cannot be centrally governed by one set of smothering laws for all according to a tiny clique. Either Washington must be put back in its constitutional box or (more likely) states will break away.

  13. Pete

    No US State will not break away from the Union , certainly not while either you or I are still alive – let the record show !

  14. Colm –

    The record does show that many things have seemed unlikely or impossible right up until they happened.

  15. From the lovely site that Patty links to


  16. Colm: the guy who writes The People Cube comes from the Soviet Union.

    from Wiki: “Before moving to the U.S. in 1994, Atbashian lived in Ukraine where he sometimes worked as a propaganda artist for the old Soviet Union, creating agitprop posters for the local Party Committee in a small town.”

    He sees many parallels between the new USA and the old USSR.

  17. many eastern bloc immigrants say the same as of late

  18. Patty

    There is no comparison. Not at all. You, Troll and he insult the real victims of Stalinism, millions of whom starved to death through the terror and savagery of forced collectivisation and real totalitarianism if you believe there is.

  19. Colm: Talk about strawmen! As far as I know, you are the only saying President Obama = “the new Stalin.”

    But if you’re saying that the old USSR and the Obama’s USA share no parallels, the guy who is actually from the Soviet Union begs to differ with you.

  20. no we are not diminishing the suffering and anguish of those that endured the hell that was brought to the nations under the heel of socialism. We are acknowledging and warning that the same root and seeds that Stalin sprung from are not only planted here but have been bearing fruit.

    If those that had to endure almost a century of communism spoke as we do now they may have stopped it before it choked millions to death.

    You may not see similarities, but there is much you refuse to see. Why should you see it now?

  21. Patty

    You link to a site that directly compares Obama to Hitler and then you say ” I didn’t say nuttin ”

    Anyone who in any way compares Obama with Hitler or with Communism at any time is an imbecile, and comes from hundred generations of imbeciles.

    In its own way this talk is a strain of Trutherism.

    Wasting time on Birtherism and stuff like this is one reason why the GOP was not even considered by many in urban and suburban America.

    I’m not talking to the nobody who put that site together. I’m talking to you.

    This is all you got?

  22. I invite all to look at thts Peoples Cube site linked to by Patty

    There are actually at least two images linking Obama to Hitler and another indicating that he wants school kids shot

    This is whats out there in the sewers of right wing blogs

  23. Oh Phantom, please dismount from your high horse.

    Recently, Obama sat down with children to pitch gun control. Way back when, Hitler sat down with children to pitch Hitlerism. I believe the exact comparison was made on this site, as well.

    and as for your contention that : “any one who in anyway compares Obama to Communism is an imbecile,”
    I strongly disagree and so does “Red Square,” the guy who lived in the soviet union.

    here are some study questions for you: what does Progressivism and Socialism have in common? What is the difference between Socialism and Communism? what is statism? is communism “statism?” is socialism “statism?”

  24. Obama and Hitler both championed new types of cars


  25. Obama and Hitler both championed gun control….they have that much in common, at least.

    that and a penchant for using children for propaganda purposes….but then most politicians do do that.

  26. Extra extra

    This is next- that Brennan is a secret muslim


  27. strawman stupid alert!

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