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Keep Dope Alive

By Mahons On February 16th, 2013

Jesse Jackson Jr, a Congressman, Obama Campaign co-chair and the son of race charlatan Jesse Jackson Senior, will be going to jail for the greedy and sordid taking of campaign money for personal use.  Going to jail for a politician in Illinois is generally known as Homecoming, but Jackson will stand out.  He had every advantage in life and wanted more.   His father had the sense  at least to skim off of his nonprofit racial syndicates for years, instead of dipping his wick in campaign funds.  Adios Congressman, enjoy your stay.  At least are taxes will go to incarcerating him instead of paying his salary.

2 Responses to “Keep Dope Alive”

  1. The whole family should go to jail. Their racketeering has long been known


  2. here is jackson at his best


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