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By ATWadmin On December 8th, 2006

Here’s an ’80’s classic which I always have enjoyed….great driving lyric!

9 Responses to “LATE NIGHT ATW JUKEBOX!”

  1. –> ’80’s classic <–

    A true oxymoron.

  2. Now Alan,

    I will prove otherwise in but a few short weeks. Just remember what you allege and wait for the proof…

  3. David, I thought you’d look the other way for once and put on something by John Lennon. Today is the 20th anniversary of his murder.

  4. The Jam were utterly brilliant! I remember when "Absolute Beginners" came out, we were all going "ooo-er, where are they taking their sound?" and then this one came out – a double ‘A’ side with "Precious" and their second single to enter the charts at No.1 (That was a real rare event back then in the singles charts – when The Jam went straight to No.1 previously with "Going Underground" (May 1980) it was the first record to do so since 1973).

  5. 26th anniversary, Cunningham

  6. Cunningham,

    Well remembered, Believt it or not, I’m working on my script for the BBC Hearts and Minds next week..and I paraphrase Lennon in the first two lines….

  7. Malice by, The Jam. Best appreciated at 130 MPH on the M1.

  8. But that would be illegal Parnell!

  9. Right, Alan.

    Paraphrasing Lennon …hmmm:

    "(Imagine) there’s no Islam
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing more to kill or die for
    But plenty of religion too" ?

    "And so this is Christmas for the white and the right,
    for the right and the white one, let’s stop all the fight"?


    "Lucy in the Sky with Hijab! ?