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By David Vance On February 24th, 2013

Heard of McDonalds? Yes? Are you loving it? Well take a bite of McUnionism, my latest published article on Open Unionism.

4 Responses to “MCUNIONISM”

  1. So, are all these leaders all wrong and the McUnionists right?

    Yes, and you write of it your self when you say that it is unrealistic to think they can unseat SF in that constituency. Firstly it would have been better to have stood on their own two feet and flag up to the unionist electorate that they are indeed a seperate party, what would they have lost by that? Nothing. they, that is the DUP and UUP are casting a unity candidate to please these fleg protesters and that is a bad way to so politics. These fleg protesters won’t last.

    As for the mcunionists, forming a different party is the best show in town for them. Or they could stand independently, they’re well enough known to be elected on their merits thus far, and could gain seats.

    Unity for unionists would be a bad move, the only winner would be the DUP and maybe SF.
    However you write stating the obvious state of affairs, whats your view? You lean toward a unity candidate in that piece… would they go into opposition with your former party leader? Don’t make me laugh. Fact is GFA is still the only show in town.

  2. Well said David, interesting comment.

    It’s been obvious for years that the UUP is doomed. Its liberal wing belongs in Alliance, and what’s left of its traditional wing will desert to the DUP, or join the growing band of non-voters.

  3. Peter

    Thanks! The UUP is doomed, it is a slow arc of political death.

  4. Peter

    I think that there are a significant no of UUP bods that have no time for Alliance, even less since there role in the flags issue, but also put off by what they see as the Free P strain in the DUP, (weaker but still there) or Robinson’s best buddy act with the butcher.

    That these Mc unionists chose the moment when the unity candidate was someone active in victim support and indeed where the SF opponent has been named as being involved in his murder, is to my mind beyond contempt. They should consider joining the parties that currently exist, which also don’t give a damn about victims.

    Apart from this special circumstance, I disagree with “unity” candidates as the electorate should be given the widest possible choice but then I am totally opposed to the undemocratic FPTP system that gives rise to the problem that such a candidate seeks to solve.

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