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By ATWadmin On November 4th, 2006

I had to smile at the news that the US has just recorded its lowest unemployment rate for almost 5 1/2 years. Given that the Defeaticrats and their handmaidens in the MSM have been predicting tales of US economic meltdown – a few days ahead of the Mid-term elections – AHEM – I suppose any economic facts like this are most unwelcome to the unreality based community?


  1. meanwhile wages remain stagnant or in real terms decrease. the gap between the rich and everyone else continues to widen.

  2. Ah, but DT, the article states:

    "Over the year, average hourly earnings have risen by 3.9 percent, the department said."

    So, America has an unemployment rate of 4.4%. un-feckin-believable! So cutting tax rates and spurring business must work.

    However, if you want a system where you send a check to an able-bodied bloak with a tatooed face and a bolt through his nose,don’t let me stop you. 😉

    (gloating over)

  3. Terrible news, isn’t it? And the class warfare that’s happening is a disaster. The black and the brown people are being targeted by the capitalist machine. And the ‘brain drain’ due to women staying home to raise children is a humongous loss for our economy. And the Republicans with their terrible policies are causing people to have to work at a job to support themselves. The wages are meager just as Tripper says and millions of children are going to bed hungry. (nevermind that you would be hardpressed to find a job paying as low as minimum wage…) Not only that, seafood will no longer exist in a few years and the earth will be a parched wasteland soon. WalMart emissions of CO2 is causing those janjaweed to slaughter non-moslems in Africa.

    It’s just all terrible news. Disaster. Mayhem. Deficit. WalMart. Just everything is terrible.

  4. That’s how I feel Monica. I thought about moving to Sudan until I found out they haven’t passed campaign finance reform.

  5. that 3.9 is over the last year and doesnt mention any gains in real terms. the census bureau has reported a 5 year drop in the value of income. while any drop in une,ployment should be celebrated, the reality is that income to many households is losing value. while those in the upper brackets reap the benefit of tax reform.




  6. Hey Dateraper whats the unemployment in Ireland?…. How much economic assistance does your whole country get as it leaches off the rest of the EU… Ah but thats whats so good about a communist/socialist society the dregs of society can live off everyone else and never have to face the fact of their inferiority …LOL

  7. at least youre honest about the fact you consider everyone else inferior. it once again explains why your country has made such a mess of things in places like iraq and afghanistan. nothing more fatal for real peace than an arrogant occupier.

  8. "……made such a mess of things in places like iraq and afghanistan."

    Indeed. Two wonderful countries, brought to ruin by the US.

  9. Troll, I think the Irish unemployment rate is about 4.2 % at the moment. Although you must be the first person I’ve heard in a long time calling the R.O.I. a communist state.

  10. TSoP,

    All states (other than America, of course) are communist until they can prove otherwise. And we will determine what is proof. And we won’t tell you what we decided.

    So there!

    (PS – I’ve got to find something else to do with my Saturdays!)

  11. Bless you Alan….

  12. "the dregs of society can live off everyone else and never have to face the fact of their inferiority"

    And that sums up Trolls depiction of the Irish people.
    Well Troll, they say ignorance is bliss, so you must be supremely happy!
    I’m just glad there’s an ocean between me and you, you idiotic muppet!!

  13. I’m sorry if the truth hurts… I see that you have no problem casting stones and condemnations on the USA but when your Terrorist supporting little country is called what it is, you get a little upset. ahhhh lets have a pity party.

    The truth is Ireland the land of my ancesters has had nothing good to contribute to the world for centuries. And in the last century the only thing it has contributed to the world is a subculture of christians that would make any Ayeatollah proud. Not only blowing up there fellow irishmens children but willingly exporting there death culture to any part of the world that desires the tools of terror. Only to welcome them back to the land of blarney as heroes. Your worse than the islamists at least they beleave they support terror in the name of god. Your lot lost any cause it ever had and are just lowlife criminals that you either put in office or throw parades for.

  14. >>Hey Dateraper whats the unemployment in Ireland?<<

    The unemployment rate in Ireland (Republic) is lower than the rate in the US.

  15. Does anyone here find the last post by Troll extremely generalising or is it just me??

    Also, I don’t think Troll seems to be able to distinguish beweteen ROI and Northern Ireland.

    Although I guess hes just trying to get a reaction, given the name he posts under 🙂

  16. Irish people helped to make the US as great as it is today – troll may not want to come out into the daylight of realization in case he turns to stone.

    The current US debt at the end of Oct of this year is – $8,584,329,355,565.37 (http://www.publicdebt.treas.gov/opd/opdpenny.htm)

    On Jan 21 2001 the national debt was $5,727,776,738,304.64 (http://www.publicdebt.treas.gov/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/~www/opdpen.cgi)

    Overall this is an increase of $2,856,552,617,260.73 or an increase on the 2001 by 49.9%. Bush’s own Office of Management and Budget, in their 200 budget, report that the growth of debt, in relation to GDP, will be the highest in over 47 years.

    What does this all mean? Bush’s administration has spent and spent exploiting the federal credit card to the where the US owes over a trillion dollars to China and other competitors to the US. The current administration doesn’t really care as they will be long gone when this mess needs to be cleaned up.

    I have always believed that no foreign power, no terrorist org and no disaster (natural or otherwise) can destory the US. The only thing that could would be from within – in this case BUsh’s spending is crippling the US economy for decades to come. Any short term boosts need to be measured by the longterm disaster pending. What a mess.

  17. Troll – what is your reponse?

  18. would be better if I could spell correctly – response not reponse

  19. Watcher, on reviewing all your postings up to now, I’ve decided that any further corrsepondence with a liberal twat like you is futile!

  20. Seriously Troll what is your opinion about the growth of the debt? It has to be paid sometime and to some countries as this will influence the US interntional foreign policy. You’re not going to get tough with someone who you owe a lot of money to.

    Here is a senate transcript of where the money is owed from this year. It makes interesting reading. China, the US’s growing biggest competitor, is owed the most –