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By David Vance On February 27th, 2013


As you know, millions of Romanians will be coming our way next year and we can be assured they will add much needed multiculturalist gaiety to British national life. They are already are..


Shock figures show that the ­Metropolitan Police made 27,725 ­arrests of Romanians over the past five years for offences including rape and ­murder. This is despite just 68,000 ­Romanians living here at present – a figure set to soar when Britain has to open its borders next January under an EU directive. The crime statistics undermine reassurances from Romanian officials that the UK has nothing to fear from the lowering of border controls. Tory MP Priti Patel said: “These figures show why, with 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians gaining unrestricted access to the UK, more needs to be done to control immig­ration and to safeguard the British public from foreign criminals.

Well, Priti, you are right in one sense and simultaneously deluded in another. Of course we should control immigration and of course we should stop ALL Romanians and Bulgarians coming here but we can’t. They are fellow EU nations and their citizens have a perfect legal right to come here … and the only way to stop this is to LEAVE the EU. I remind you that the Conservatives, Lib-Dems and Labour are COMMITTED to keeping us in Europe so I guess the Met are going to very busy in time to come !

36 Responses to “THE GANGS OF ROMANIA”

  1. “These figures show why, with 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians gaining unrestricted access to the UK, more needs to be done to control immig­ration and to safeguard the British public from foreign criminals.”


  2. So what can we look forward to, with the Tories dutifully obeying EU orders?

    Currently, there are an estimated 209,000 Romanians and 121,000 Bulgarians living in Germany, although how many are Roma is not known. Thousands more from southeastern Europe arrive every month and some cities have reported a six-fold increase since the two countries became EU members.

    Officials in Duisburg, in an internal report of September 2012, offer a troubling assessment. “As long as there is unrestricted immigration and unregulated settlement, the problems are not controllable by the police”, they say.

    The police in Duisburg have suffered particular pressures. Last year, they recorded some 13,000 staff hours on immigration-related issues, trying to prevent tension escalating. And they have nearly 350 live investigations, mainly for fraud and simple theft.

    Officials warn of an additional area of conflict. It is not only the Germans who feel threatened, but Turkish and Lebanese immigrants. Several times the police have had to intervene to break up armed fights.

    There was a major confrontation in September 2012, when the police recorded a targeted attack by young men of Turkish origin against young Romanian Roma. The police consider that the ever-increasing and uncontrolled growth of the Roma was the catalyst of this type of attack.

    Well don’t worry, a Ugandan/Asian Tory MP’s on the case. She knows what’s to be done. We couldn’t be in safer hands.

  3. Sovereignty unexercised is sovereignty lost, boys.

  4. I saw the programme last night on Channel 4 “Secrets of the Pickpockets.”
    In my ignorance (as displayed elsewhere), I thought it was a historical thing on Edwardian and Victorian England; but no, it was bang up to date.

    I never realised that London had been designated a euniversity city for pickpocketing and atm theft. Places on these courses are evidently highly prized, with “students” jostling each other from all over the world to improve their practical skills. Mainly from Eastern Europe but even as far afield as Chile!
    Thank you Brussels for giving us another reason to rejoice in the wonders of “multiculturalism Eurostyle.”

    Thanks too, to all you liberal folk who see that the needs of the thieving few tring to make a dishonest buck are just as important as the needs of the law abiding many trying to keep body and soul together.
    Now there’s one area where Shari’a might have its uses…


  5. This is a bit OT but related, if you know what I mean. The situation in Greece is becoming so bad that not even the Romanians (it’s not real Romanians – it’s the gypos who are the problem) will go there:


    Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos was a career diplomat with the Greek foreign ministry. As a junior officer with the service in the 1970s, he helped assure the then freshly democratic nation’s accession to the European Union (at the time the EEC). He was at different times Athens’ ambassador to Poland, Albania and Canada, and finally the director general of EU Affairs in the ministry.

    Last year, he finally resigned as secretary general of the Black Sea Cooperation organisation, and entered the private sector, and now feels free to speak openly about his fury at what he says Europe and international lenders are doing to his country

    Chrysanthopoulos says that the government has hired Blackwater, the American private military firm infamous for its activities in Iraq, which now goes by the name “Academi”, along with five other international for-profit security outfits. Explaining why this has happened, he says bluntly: “The Greek government does not trust the police whose salaries have also been cut.”

    Academi have rejected Mr Chrysanthopoulos’s claim. According to a spokesperson for Academi, the firm “does not now, nor have we ever, provided security services to any entity of the Greek government.”

    Now it is interesting that a corporate security firm will (tbc) be wielding the gun over the Greek people as the police can’t be trusted by the politicos who handed Greece to the bankers.

  6. Allan,
    you actually managed to avoid the J word!
    Are my prayers having an effect
    – or is it the McEwans?
    Or would you really prefer a group hug from Colm and the boys??

  7. Incidentally I’ve been to Romania.
    It’s a beautiful country. The Carpathian mountains where Dracula was supposed to have lived (NOT Mourne, Petrkin) is both spectacular and spooky!
    Yep, a very lovely country.
    By the time I left I had no money and hardly any clothes left, but….

  8. Agit – if I had linked to who the bankers are, I wouldn’t have been able to avoid the ‘J’ word. Shall I do so for clarity or shall we just settle on ‘bankers’? In any case, the central point is that the government no longer trusts the police and that corporate security will be wielding the gun over a civilian population. This will beome the pattern for other countries as the public finanes are destroyed to where the police cannot be paid.

  9. McTatters,

    How long is it now since your sense of humour bypass?

    Why should it surprise anyone that a people who despite all the concerted efforts to destroy them, not only survived, but,

    Gave the West its moral code as a basis for a lasting civilisation.
    Gave a Son of Judah as the Saviour of mankind.
    Contributed scientists, sociologists, philosophers, musicians, artists, actors, writers, politicians, doctors and ordinary people to the undeserving world?

    I leave your screwed up little soul with this clip from Youtube…

    Listen and weep Scotsman.
    When that day comes I know Whose side I want to be on..

  10. Agit8ed

    1 out of 3 ain’t bad.

  11. Colm,
    Which one?
    I actually mean it re Allan.
    I want to see the good in him.
    I want to find the likeable.
    I can cope with people who have differing opinions or strongly held convictions, but I would caution any Goy who would apportion blame or scorn on God’s Chosen people to consider what the consequences might be.
    They’re chosen not because they are better than us, but because they are typical of us.
    So if God would allow the people’s to treat His Chosen so, what will He do with those who did it?

  12. Well number one is amute point – the implication being that non-jews had no moral code of their own.

    Number 2 is of course impossible to verify and is purely based on faith

    Number 3 is undoubtedly correct and a measurable fact.

  13. Agit8ed –

    Have you ever stuck to the topic? Most things go biblical and talmudic as soon as you appear. Everything else is upbraiding Allan@Aberdeen for being non-compliant with state-approved opinion, and I’m fed up with reading the same old stuff from people who disagree with him.

  14. Pete

    You’ve got to be joking. Allan is the one who turns everything towards ‘those nefarious Jews’ and agit8ed is perfectly right to counter that with a more positive view of Judaism.

    If however you are fed up with reading agit8ed’s Theistic and Judaistic comments here’s a simple answer… don’t read them !

  15. Colm,
    Number one is not saying that that non Jews had no moral code, that would be nonsense. But the Ten Commandments are inextricably linked with Christianity and the Jewishness of Christ, and formed the foundation of Western Christianity/culture.
    As I have said previously it was the emergence of the (Catholic) Church as the official religion of the Roman Empire which led to the Church becoming (wrongly) the source of power and influence.
    Much more importantly is what man shows himself to be capable of doing to his fellow man.
    The most civilised nation in Europe gave rise to this kind of thing..

    This is documented film by the American forces in Europe.

  16. Colm –

    You’ll see above that Allan@Aberdeen didn’t mention any yids. (Before Agit8ed pulls me up on that term, he can stick it up his goy).

    Come on, at least Allan’s interesting and he references his points, but these pushbacks against are unbelievably dull.

  17. “If however you are fed up with reading agit8ed’s Theistic and Judaistic comments here’s a simple answer… don’t read them !”

    Excellent Colm.
    I second that. No one need read what doesn’t interest them, but if they choose to respond, that’s their choice.
    I am quite happy to talk about other stuff, such as rubbishing the West coast of Mourne, the joys of Shinty and the athletic ability of Michael Flatulence.
    Or even sexy little mountain bikes Moore..

  18. Colm – that’s not true. I will post something as on this thread for example and Agit immediately goes all-Jew for reasons best known to himself. The same thing happened here, and he was badly caught out.


    Some day, he’ll cease to prostrate himself before them but it won’t be soon. His post at 6.48pm is an affront to decency but I won’t deal with it here.

  19. Pete

    To each his own. I find agit8ed a lot more interesting engaging and entertaining than one trick pony Allan – although Allan does have one saving grace, he can always be relied up on to regale us with the ‘truth’ about whatever big incident has happened in the world on any given day… and as true as eggs are eggs it will almost always involve those damnable Jews 😉

  20. “The same thing happened here, and he was badly caught out.”

    the really important part of my comment was the attempt to reach out and invest you with some sort of endearing humanity..
    That was a waste of time wasn’t it?
    Colm and even I, would have tried to breathe some warmth and humour into you through a (large i.e. more than two of us – no offence Colm) group hug.
    Face it Allan.
    You are screwed up.
    Consumed even with loathing and hatred.
    Be off with you!
    Into the outer darknesss where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth.
    And believe me, that ain’t bagpipes you can hear..

  21. Colm – Agit is at your level and I’m sure that you each keep the other amused and entertained. As for me, my level is dealing with facts, arguments, making points and providing evidence in support of those points for those who have the wit to understand them. You guys just do your thing but anybody who visits a thread on which I am debating will find that I do exactly as I wrote. The thread linked on my post of 8.25pm is an example.

    As I pointed out earlier in this thread, the Greek government no longer entrusts the police with security though it is probably their own personal security which concerns them. As a reward for turning the national assets of Greece over to the corpoarates which are ultimately owned by the banks which bankrupted Greece, corporate security is being made available to the politicos – and where Greek politicians go today, those of the other bankrupt countries will go tomorrow. That is the point which I am making on this thread, and is slightly OT as I stated.

  22. Agit enjoys a good debate Allan.
    I n fact if you follow my posts on “other” issues you will see that I often go back to pick up a point and follow it through. Others just want to get on to the next new item.
    That’s their choice, but I do learn from others on ATW.
    I try now to check out facts or sources.
    I have been challenged on my faith and taken it on board.
    On gay issues.
    On being too personal and hurting people’s feelings.
    That Irish people don’t understand English humour.
    That American people can be just as pompous and self important as the worst of English folk..
    That Libertarians can fall in love with mountain bikes and out of love with tv licences.
    That some people respond well if you ASK them their opinion, but not so well if you QUESTION it…

    What have you learnt Allan?

  23. Allan

    I don’t take life too seriously – Call me irresponsible, but I am a small cog in a very very big wheel and as long as this cog do’;t get crushed I’m happy to roll round and around and not get too worried how the wheel turns. I am not big enough to stop it or change it so why worry. 🙂

  24. ” I find agit8ed a lot more interesting engaging and entertaining than one trick pony Allan – ”
    Thanks for that Colm.
    Although I suspect out of compassion for the elderly you left off the rider..
    “even though he doesn’t mean to be!” 😉

  25. Agit8ed

    What makes you think I have compassion for you crusty old coffin dodgers 😉

  26. Agit: I reckon that you would have fitted perfectly into The Waltons – same homespun homilies fuelled entirely by emotion.

  27. As to what I’ve learned, I’ve learned that what I thought that I knew in 2007 was just lies:


    Allan@Aberdeen, on January 25th, 2007 at 10:48 PM Said:
    There is no doubt that, of the millions of Jews murdered, many of them were handed in and ‘packaged’ by Europeans other than Germans. A prime example is Ann Frank who, lest it be forgotten, was denounced to the Gestapo by a fellow Hollander. What happened to that collaborator or the millions of Europeans (except Danes) who assisted the Nazis? Can they deny the reality of the Holocaust?

    Now that comment above is total ignorance. In fact, the other comments left by that same guy on that same thread are no better.

  28. Now that comment above is total ignorance.

    As are pretty much all your comments.

  29. I’m not quite sure what you are saying there Allan

  30. McTatters,
    “: I reckon that you would have fitted perfectly into The Waltons ..”

    Nicest thing you’ve ever said to me! They were a great bunch of people.
    Izaak Walton -The Compleat Angler.
    William Walton the Composer
    Sam Walton -founded Wal-Mart,
    Then of course there was me: Agit8ed Walton!!

    Incidentally it wasn’t homespun homilies based on emotion.
    (What would YOU know about emotion?)
    It was homespun wisdom built on good Christian ethics. Nothing wrong with that.
    I have never claimed to be the brightest bulb on ATW’s Christmas tree, but it doesn’t mean I can’t ask pertinent questions.
    You are just so biased and boring Allan, that teasing you is the only pleasure to be gained from communicating.

  31. Agit – emotion is what you keep for family and is not suitable for spreading over the pages of a blogsite. And if you ask reasonable questions, then they will be answered reasonably. The problem is that people who are unable to cope with the specifics of the answers will find it “boring” just as they would find the day-work of engineering and science boring.

    Colm – open the thread linked and the context becomes clearer.

  32. Allan,
    “It was homespun wisdom built on good Christian ethics.”

    Not emotion.
    You can’t trust emotions.
    They change with the weather.
    If you had the complete set you’d know that.
    I don’t like what you seem to stand for.
    I don’t like your lack of compassion or humanity.
    I don’t want to be like you.

  33. Allan

    I have just read through that thread but still cannot work out what you are now claiming. Are you saying you were wrong to believe back in 2007 that the holocaust happened ?

  34. I didn’t understand that either.

    Glad it wasn’t just me.

  35. Colm – correct

  36. Well I think the Allan of 2007 was a more enlightened man.

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