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By David Vance On February 27th, 2013

Not even Texas is safe from academic induced dhimmitude;

Parents of students at a Texas high school are outraged after discovering their children have been encouraged to dress in Islamic clothing and taught to refer to the 9/11 hijackers not as terrorists but as ‘freedom fighters.’ Students in a Lumberton High School geography class were also told to stop referring to the Holocaust as Genocide and were instead told to use the term ‘ethnic cleansing.’ A photograph of five female students wearing burqas surfaced on Facebook, sparking an angry outburst from the mother of one of the girls.

A Texas high school has come in for criticism from parents and a state governor after this photograph of students dressed in burqas appeared on Facebook

Has the teacher been arrested? Look at the above – this is a Texan school in 2013.

85 Responses to “TEXAN VALUES…..?”

  1. It’s printed in the Daily Mail so it can’t be true. It can’t have meaning.
    They made it up.

    Surely if this happened, it would be reported in the London or NY Times.

  2. “and taught to refer to the 9/11 hijackers not as terrorists but as ‘freedom fighters.”

    As has already been said,
    “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”
    It just depends which side of the argument you’re on.
    This could just be a dressing up class experiment in ‘how does it feel?’
    or an attempt to subtly humiliate.
    Or perhaps a misguided Muslim Liberal trying to put another point of view.
    What they get up to in Lumberton, Saudi Arabia is up to them.

  3. Simplistic nonsense. I bet there was more to this than meets the headline making journalists eye.

  4. http://setxhomepage.com/fulltext?nxd_id=214992

    “The Superintendent gave us permission to make a surprise visit to the high school. We spoke with students who are in the class. They said they support their teacher and refute what they call mis-information.

    Bayleigh Smith and Noelle Davis are freshmen at Lumberton high school.
    And when it comes to a favorite teacher, they agree on one.
    “She really loves what she teaches, she’s really out going, she’s great with the students and she always teaches us what we need to know…you can tell she likes what she does,” said Noelle Davis.
    They enjoy the hands on learning they receive in the AP World Geography class.
    “It’s definitely a lot more fun than some of the other classes I have taken…it’s not drab, “said Davis
    Smith and Davis are learning about different cultures, religions, and customs from across the world.

    Last week, the class spent two days learning about the Middle East.
    “We recently tried on the different types of barbs in middle east; we were all very excited to do that,” said Davis.
    The students say the teacher gave them the option of whether to put on burqas.
    Many who did took pictures. Now, the picture and the lesson are in the national spotlight.

    “It’s disappointing to me to see people up in arms to something that are inconsequential,” said Davis.

    “Heartbreaking to see a good teacher attacked like this,” said Bayleigh Smith.

    Islam isn’t the only religion the students have studied. They’ve also studied Judaism, Christianity, and right now they’re studying the culture of South Africa.

    We can’t teach everything as black and white, right and wrong. We have to let the students learn what is going on in the world,” said John Valastro.
    John Valastro is the Lumberton school Superintendent. He says the teacher has taught the same lesson for a long time in her decades-long career, long before C-SCOPE was in the classrooms.

    He says the lesson and students allowed to try on burqas are nothing new.
    “Our teachers do a good job, unfortunately they are caught in between a struggle of what one group thinks is inappropriate and what the state is trying to teach,” said Valastro.

    Valastro says if the state wants to change the curriculum, the district will do what’s necessary. In the meantime…the two students we spoke with support the lesson, the teacher, and deny she tried to influence their opinion about the Middle East or any region they study in world geography.

    “I love my teacher and I love her class and I enjoy it,” said Davis.”

  5. There are some for whom the enemy of their enemy ( ” the system, man ” ) is their friend.

    So, in some sense, Muhammad Atta is their friend.

    There are some seriously messed up people in this world.

    Most Texans I know wouldn’t react very well to this.

  6. Not convinced if this is real so I tend to agree with Phantom – but if it is it is yet more of that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” shite, parroted by the witless. If one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter then at least one if the men is evil or thick.

  7. Oh, I’m convinced its real alright, Aileen!

    I’m being sarcastic.

    There is often more to be learned in the tabloids than there is in the fancy pants broadsheets.

  8. Phantom
    Indeed there are those who automatically consider the enemy of their enemy as a friend and don’t care what Evelyn they’ve done. How does a brain get that twisted?

  9. Agit – in your post at 9.24pm, you failed to mention jews even though the holoco$t is in the text of the article. Are you feeling OK?

  10. Most will miss the point of course, which is that the state has no business talking to children about 9/11, dressing like bats or foreign, inferior ways. This is not about a teacher but a curriculum.

    As a wise man advises: do everything you possibly can to protect your children from government.

  11. Phantom

    Why just swallow this? Not saying these things couldn’t happen but they are too easy to fabricate not to be sceptical.

  12. We have a Texas native in the office and I showed this to him. He’s pissed!

  13. Aileen –

    There’s enough information in the post to check if the Daily Mail made it up or not.

  14. Phantom

    I have first hand experience of tabloids printing what they want regardless of the truth and in my case they were sympathetic. Not saying the broadsheets are gospel. Some journalists can be lazy or sloppy.

  15. http://www.lumberton.k12.tx.us/education/components/scrapbook/default.php?sectionid=4


    There you go guys. Have at it!

  16. //Students in a Lumberton High School geography class were also told to stop referring to the Holocaust as Genocide//

    Aparently it was only one teacher, but I can understand how upset David is at someone somewhere as close as Texas denying the Holocaust.

  17. And this..
    And I don’t want to hear any witless shite about Fox News either..

  18. Nice swipe Noel 🙂

  19. I read highbrow and lowbrow and I have often seen better journalism in the NY Post and Daily Mail than I do in the fancy papers.

    For example, the NY Post broke the Father Bruce Ritter abuse of teenage boys story in 1990, when the other papers would not touch it. At the time, Ritter was a very prominent and beloved figure, leading a home for runaways, some of whom he molested.

  20. Pete

    They don’t have to have totally made it up for it to be misleading and full of inaccuracies. Additional details and misquoting can happen depending on the agenda. Then things get repeated and are taken as true, including Tebbit telling the unemployed to get on their bikes. It doesn’t seem to matter to many tha he actually didn’t.

  21. “the two students we spoke with support the lesson, the teacher, and deny she tried to influence their opinion about the Middle East or any region they study in world geography.”

  22. Phantom

    When you say Texas native do you mean someone who was born in Texas are are we going on the ATW dictionary definition of “native”, that is at odds with the Oxford 😉

  23. “Valastro said it’s important for students to understand context.

    “We might see it as terrorism, but from the Islamic side they might call it jihadist or freedom fighter,” he said.


    Scroll down to READ: STUDENTS DIRECTED TO DRESS IN BURQAS for more..

  24. From the Islamic side, they may well call someone who flies planes into office blocks as freedom fighters.

    That’s one true thing that they said

  25. This is a faux outrage story about nothing. It is quiet clear that this was just a roll playing exercise and not a jihadist infiltartion in the classroom. You can call it naive and pretentious or a waste of chsoo time but it’s not treacherous or malicious.

  26. One silly story about one silly teacher half a world away, and the usual crowd flies into a tizzy.

  27. What’s truly strange about this story (which appears to be factual from my research) is the fact that it took place in a tiny East Texas bible thumping town.

    Someone will be fired shortly. The teacher for sure, but I bet the principal’s neck will go on the chopping block along with the superintendent’s.

    It’s interesting that the school indicates this Islam aspect of a history class is part of a curriculum program they lease annually from Cscope. A number of very small and relatively impoverished school districts use this model, none of the best rated or wealthiest school districts would touch it with a ten foot pole.

    Colm, it doesn’t matter if it was naive – this just isn’t done in small town Texas. Or big city Texas.

  28. Colm,
    I don’t think it’s said to be a Jihadist infiltration. I think that the shock is that the other side was explored.
    So in the land of 9/11 it would be seen as shocking.
    For impressionable youngsters who have been taught to believe that America is still the Land of the Free, it could be disturbing.
    You could scroll down through the student’s own comments on the lesson and see it wasn’t just about this.
    The point is, how far do you go in being open minded? Like the discussion on John Francois http://www.atangledweb.org/?p=40016 ,
    once you run out of spaces where you feel safe to express your opinion, what happens?

    Is that what we want; a world where every country is made up of different cultures where members of the various cultures just intimidate others or independently jet off to another conflict half way around the world and take up arms?

    How do you settle back into a 9-5 routine after an adrenalin rush like that? IF you come back?

    Should the host culture who wasn’t even aware of what you were up to, ask for the body back and demand an inquiry?
    Where will it all end?!!

  29. One silly story about one silly teacher half a world away, and the usual crowd flies into a tizzy.
    And the usual wally crowd flies into denial…

  30. Agit8ed

    Who is denying what ?

  31. The teacher will most likely be harassed and threatened once the good ol’ boy’s network discovers her address and phone number.

    She’ll probably get shunned at church, too.

  32. How will they recognise her with her Burqa on ? 😉

  33. Noel is doing his usual sneer. God knows what’ll happen when he finds his poetry reading circle has been infiltrated by Libertarians – from just around the corner…

  34. How will they recognise her with her Burqa on ? 😉


  35. “Hi y’all, guess who?

  36. Agit8ed

    Noel wasn’t sneering he was making a good point about David being outraged by an alleged ‘holocaust denier’ in Texas while being blase about one closer to home, say in Aberdeen !

  37. Colm.
    I don’t care.
    He’s a schnorrer sneerer.

  38. On the broader topic of Islam and Middle Eastern culture being taught to high school teenagers…it’s an absolutely appropriate line of study for students. I also don’t have an issue with instructors exploring the reasoning behind terrorist acts of violence.

    It’s too simplistic to lay the entire blame on Islamic fundamentalism and it does these young people no favor when the subject is dumbed down to the point of “they hate our freedoms” when they’re fully capable at this age of more intellectual rigor.

    Letting the girls play dress up in burkas was just asking for an unnecessary shit storm. The teacher should have displayed better discretion.

  39. Colm – you can’t believe the holoco$t: you weren’t there!

    If each of you had a blogsite, Swould I be allowed to link to this? If not, why not? Btw, I’m not addressing this to the custodian of the site as some sort of challenge. I’m addressing it to the dead-brains who believe whatever they’re told and just don’t want to change their minds about anything:


    For my money, a child of six can see that something’s not right about the Holocaust narrative, and the science simply confirms what I already suspect. But I differ from the Holocaust Revisionists. They are scholars – historians and scientists who apply ‘truth and exactitude’ to determine the truth or otherwise of the Holocaust narrative. I’m no scholar. I care nothing for the chemical traces in brickwork or the topological evidence for mass graves. But I’ve read the literature, and it just doesn’t add up.

    That Jews suffered greatly from 1933-1945 is not in question, but the notion of a premeditated, planned and industrial extermination of Europe’s Jews with its iconic gas-chambers and magical six million are all used to make the Holocaust not only special but also sacred. We are faced with a new, secular religion, a false god with astonishing power to command worship. And, like the Crucifixion with its Cross, Resurrection etc, the Holocaust has key and sacred elements – the exterminationist imperative, the gas chambers and the sacred six million. It is these that comprise the holy Holocaust which Jews, Zionists and others worship and which the revisionists refuse.

  40. No Agit8ed he is a seer. He sees the truth that we are yet to behold. He is the Irish Messiah. Ever wondered why he is called Noel ? 🙂

  41. Colm,

    Burka on, she would have been stoned at the church steps.

  42. Allan. I never met Cleopatra either, but I know she had a fine asp….

  43. Daphne

    I bet you’ve been stoned a few times at the church steps in your wild and wonderful past 😉

  44. The teacher may be a dummy, but she’s not necessarily the one I’d be going after.

    I’d want to take a good look at the company that produced these ” teaching materials “, and who worked on it.

    There is no moral equivalence between good and evil. Not in any country that wants to be around for awhile anyway.

  45. Daphne

    It s a shame though. I think dress up in burqas would have made for an interesting class and discussion – what good teaching should be allowed to be about. There are a whole host of meaty issues that could come from it.

  46. The teacher is beside the point. She’s just passing on a curriculum which she doesn’t think about.

    Daphne –

    I mentioned the curriculum further above for a reason. The CSCOPE curriculum appears to be based on the ideas of John Dewey, a radical socialist, a catastrophe for children in the US and UK (given his influence on education) and someone who should have been drowned at birth.

  47. //the ideas of John Dewey, a radical socialist, a catastrophe for children in the US and UK (given his influence on education) and someone who should have been drowned at birth.//

    Aaah, Dewey, now there’s a name I haven’t heard since college days.

    Dewey was of course anything but a “radical socialist”. However, your mentioning him does put this episode – if we can believe anything of it – into a certain perspective. The teacher may have been preparing her pupils for certain ideas or events they could encounter in their lives, and helping them develop ways of interpreting and reacting to these.

  48. Colm, never at church, it would have made swallowing the body of christ impossible.

    Aileen, it is a shame that she couldn’t use the burka as an educational tool to open a full discussion on the widespread cultural aspect of oppression and ingrained misogyny of women in Islamic countries.

    Pete, I’m pretty sure CSCOPE is a bargain basement program, which is why one only sees it implemented in poor, rural school districts. The richer school districts craft their own curriculums from a wide pool of excellent resources. Part of the problem in Texas is that schools are not funded equally and there is no statewide mandatory curriculum – school districts can do what they like as long as they meet state test standards.

  49. …If they don’t meet state test standards, the state puts them on probation and threatens closure. I’m not sure how that actually works out in a town where there is only one high school and the nearest alternative is an hour’s drive down the road.

    I expect they wag their fingers a lot and ultimately shrug off the uneducated students.

  50. This is nothing to do with CSCOPE. It is about a teacher allowing her pupils to play dress-up for a few minutes and a bunch of whiners getting in a tizzy.

  51. Fews,

    It’s more complicated than a round of dress-up and I suspect you’re intelligent enough to realize the serious implications for this teacher and the school administration now that her lesson plan has gone viral in the rightwing blogosphere.

    Stormfront, FreeRepublic, WND and batshit crazy Pam Geller have the story center page.

    This school is located in an area of my state that doesn’t take kindly to muslims. The next county over is known as the state’s Klan central. I sincerely wish this story had stayed local.

  52. It’s more complicated than a round of dress-up and I suspect you’re intelligent enough to realize the serious implications for this teacher and the school administration now that her lesson plan has gone viral in the rightwing blogosphere.

    You are correct. When it happened it was dress up. Now that that bunch of child haters have their teeth in the issue it is a lot more serious.

  53. Daphne is correct about one aspect but as usual she does not share the whole truth.

    CSCOPE is the Predominant curriculum in Texas

    As of September 25, 2012, there are 875 active CSCOPE districts. This equates to approximately 70% of the *districts in Texas.

    It has been under attack from day one and defended by the states Teachers Union.

  54. Putting aside Troll’s ugly innuendo, comical considering his veteran status as Mister Pants On Fire, he’s right that more Texas schools use this curriculum than I thought. I admit that didn’t look into it fully. I’m still correct that it’s predominately used by small, poor districts which unfortunately make up the majority of my state.

    None of my children have ever been taught by CSCOPE methods, so I took a look at who owns the company and how it made it’s way onto the approved list of educational vendors.

    It’s an extremely convoluted story but it looks like the Governor’s appointed board (Perry was at the helm) allowed an educational under-agency to form a non-profit partnership with a private concern to develop and “lease” a curriculum package to Texas schools without any board or legislative oversight.

    Texas taxpayers have been funding this quasi-private venture without their knowledge while state appointed board members and employees have been double-dipping on the taxpayer’s dime. School superintendents have been strong-armed into purchasing the product or given under the table remuneration to sign on.

    This whole CSCOPE mess is completely corrupt.

  55. Why is Pam Geller considered “batshit crazy?”

    The characterization sounds like something Charles wrote on that weird Little Green Football lizard site.

  56. “This school is located in an area of my state that doesn’t take kindly to muslims.”

    Hands up anybody, who might have a clue as to why that is?

  57. Agit8ed – Certain places there don’t like Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Mormons or Catholics either. They multi-task in hatred.

  58. So?
    All the time it is still their land, they are entitled to their prejudices. I have worked with a few Texans. They found it difficult to be led by an Englishman whose way of thinking and humour was quite different to theirs.
    In some American communities the people are even more parochial than they are here!

    However, transfer the same situation to a school in New York attended by the children of firemen, policemen, office workers and Texans on holiday, who got caught up in the events of 9/11.
    Whaddaya reckon might be the response to the same classroom lesson?

    As I said elsewhere, how far do you stretch tolerance of those who might mean you harm if not now, then later?
    So many of those advocating dialogue and tolerance and accommodation have never experienced the horrors of violence and bloodshed.
    They are so wrapped up in how kind and wise THEY are, that they forget what it cost other people to give them that freedom and security.
    School is NOT the place to confront kids with stuff like this. It should have been put out to the parents, and perhaps parents should have been there to observe.

  59. Ignore “Ho”

  60. he’s right that more Texas schools use this curriculum than I thought. I admit that didn’t look into it fully.

    so you lied REPEATEDLY until the truth was posted.

    Texas is one of the richest States in the Union, it is one of the only states that companies are moving to, and is experiencing growth. Yet their school districts are just so poor.

    The average Texas teacher earned $46,361, national average wage of the US worker 41,673. So they must be doing just horrible.

    Daphne my comment was NOT “ugly innuendo” It was calling you out with TRUTH and FACT. Something you are not capable of doing regarding the things I say.

    At least you admit you lied, even if you can’t do it with grace and honor.

  61. Why the hell do people find that they need to misrepresent what people have written here. Also what the hell is the point considering it can be read and checked!

    If someone says that something happened more than he (correct pronoun) thought and that that related to him commenting on it, including the error, how can that be an admission of lying!

    It is another example of that curse of people quoting something and then going “so …… which should be followed by some logical conclusion from what was quoted but which is light years from any logical deduction.

  62. Lots of schoolteachers in Texas earn less than that.

    A schoolteacher has to have a college or postgrad degree these days, often with student loans to pay off, and lots of other workers in the US labor pool don’t have any college education.

    You don’t compare a schoolteacher’s salary with that of ” everyone “.

    Lots of schoolteachers in Texas and other states are leaving for better paid jobs other states or in other fields because the salaries are low in Texas.


  63. –Lots of schoolteachers in Texas and other states are leaving for better paid jobs in other states–

  64. no Aileen it’s a point. One which may or may not elude you. Which I don’t care.

    She said more than once that it was just a few schools I didn’t misrepresent anything. She didn’t correct that until after I pointed it out to her. That is what is called a lie here on ATW.

    Those are the standards that she and several others hold me to. I have never intentionally put up something false. I have gotten things wrong. Therefore I am called a Liar by her and others.

    I merely apply the same protocol to them.

  65. Troll — Daphne conceded that she’d made a mistake once you pointed it out. What’s the big deal?

  66. I’ll skip the irony of Troll attacking anyone else’s credibility.

    This incident looks like a fairly isolated moronic mistake that is easily cured. it is hardly a class activity that I imagine is sweeping across the Lone Star State.

  67. //Daphne conceded that she’d made a mistake once you pointed it out. What’s the big deal?//

    Look, Troll was right on one point for once and you are too mean to let him get as much mileage out of it as he can.

  68. If anyone else makes false accusations of lying on here that makes them a liar and doesn’t excuse anyone else being a liar!

    Daphne did not admit to being a liar. That was untrue. Troll admitted that he stating this untruth knowing it was untrue. He intentionally put something up on here that was untrue.


  69. Haha Noel. Yeah, that’s about the size of it I suppose.

  70. Aileen take a pill….

    If you want to jump in the middle of my feuds go right ahead.

    Mahons is another perfect example of posting hypocrisy, he has never once proven me a liar, yet that is what he calls me, he has found a misquote that is all. Made just as Daphne’s information was with all sincerity no ill intent et all. Yet I am a liar.

    So I hold them to the standards they set. No more no less.

    If it gives you the vapors dear either take a pill, stay out of it, or hold all to the same standards.

  71. Mahons FYI CSCOPE is not an isolated program that occasionally goes a stray. It would be nice if you did some research once in awhile.

    I know you lack the spine to ever state a position, but you could once in a blue moon do some research of your own.

  72. C SCOPE is not isolated, but the particular activity these kids engaged in appears to be isolated.

  73. ahh a clarification, so have you looked into whether or not this is isolated, or just assuming?

    Why is the curriculum under attack statewide? Any clue, or just shooting from the hip?

  74. I didn’t find anything indicating that students are engaged in the same activity throughout the State (the activity that took place at this school).

  75. did you know that this curriculum teaches history in a view that the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism yet Islamic Jihadists are freedom fighters.

    There has been a fight regarding this program since it’s implementation. This is an isolated act, but it is not an isolated incident of the bizarre direction of this curriculum.

    It’s writers are implementing an agenda on a huge scale. This battle has been going on for quite awhile and is made up of the stuff that would give Allan and Pete drooling fits of joy.

    This post just pointed out one in many of incidents that have caused outrage and lawsuits. This fight has been going on for almost 2 years in school boards all over the state.

  76. ^


  77. ^

    Notice no links, not even to a paranoid nut job site.

  78. ^

    Phantom –

    I know you so admire Michael Savage. Did you know he was on for a long chat with Alex Jones yesterday?

    Radio talk show host and author Michael Savage is the guest today on the Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones Show. Savage and Alex analyze China’s economic takeover of America, the federal attack on the Second Amendment and the ongoing effort to destroy the Constitution, and the ever-encroaching surveillance and police state as the global elite tighten their grip on humanity and the Supreme Court throws out a challenge to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Mr. Savage’s latest book is A Time for War.

    I know you’ll want to give it a listen, being such a huge admirer of his. Remember when you used to talk about Ron Paul appearing on Alex Jones’ show?


  79. I’ve said that Savage has a robust crazy, conspiracy believing side.

    He’s an intellectual, but no one would want him to be president, just as few took Paul seriously as a candidate.

    This bears looking into. If these two right wing guys too radioactive for Fox – form an alliance, it will be interesting.
    An Axis of Crazy, much wilder and woolier than Limbaugh and the Fox clique.

  80. What does Fox channel have to do with Limbaugh?

  81. nothing

  82. Limbaugh and the Fox top guys are allies and friends.

    The Fox management does not like Savage, who mocks Hannity ( ” the wallbanger ” ) and O ‘ Reilly ( ” the Leprechaun ” ) constantly.

  83. Savage is on the air now, and has opened the show by mocking Fox’s Mike Wallace, and making referenced to Hannity’s recent large drop in ratings. Its a blood feud on the right.

  84. It’s a bit disturbing how the most high profile right-wing radio nuts in the US all have names from the north of Ireland – O’Reilly (Cavan), Hannity (Derry, I think) and Savage (Down).

    Or does it make complete sense?!

  85. //Or does it make complete sense?!//

    LOL, MourneReg. “I carry from my mother’s womb a fanatic heart”

    Whereas from the mild Co Clare we have Conan O’Brien.

    Much more embarrassing of course is the preponderance of Gaelic names among paedophile priests everywhere from Australia to the states.

    I see it accordingly as our mission to compensate by providing light and guidance here.

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