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By ATWadmin On December 9th, 2006

So, off to the jungles of Colombia trot two convicted "Loyalist" terrorists and the IRA’s most trusted Roman Catholic Priest – their mission to talk about how to bring peace! The Belfast Telegraph reports that human wind bag and PUP leader David Ervine along with Tom Roberts (Who He?)- together with Father Alex Reid, were off to South America to provide insight into how "conflict resolution" can work everywhere!!

Guys – APPEASEMENT works everywhere. Terrorists are always willing to trade murders for political and financial concessions. Nice to see both loyalism and republicanism working together – exporting their own political depravity. Also interesting to see how Ervine represents those who foolishly vote for him.


  1. Brids of a feather David


  2. Maybe they’ll stay.

  3. My first thought was – is this a move by SF using Reid and Ervine to start some sort of rehabilitation for the Colombia 3 ?

    We couldn’t be that lucky Aileen.

  4. The Irish ecotourists aren’t going with them?

    Colombia tried the "conflict resolution" approach back in the 1990s, and the FARC simply used it as a chance to consolidate their territory and create more violence. Under the more uncomprimising Alvaro Uribe Colombia’s murder rate has fallen drastically by around 15000 killings per year.

  5. Has anyone found out who is paying for this foolish, insulting and unnecessary jamboree by these apologists for murder?

    Read the final paragraph of the telegraph piece "Do we really know what it is we have to offer, or do we still need others to tell us, to remind us, to convince us that having changed this place we can help do the same elsewhere?" before reaching for the vomit bag!

  6. Time for some good news – Justice inches a little closer for IRA terrorist Bik McFarlane … another attempt by Adam’s friend to wriggle out of trial in the Tidey Kidnapping ( during which 2 people were murdered) has been rejected by a Court in the ROI.

  7. Was a piece about Naples and the Camorra on Channel 4 news tonight – they sound just like the IRA and UDA. How long before we have Adams and Ervine visiting ?