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By David Vance On March 11th, 2013

It’s interesting to see that the people who feel MOST disenfranchised in the UK are…  white Britons!

Analysis of Government data shows that immigrants have a far greater belief that they can sway political decisions affecting their local areas and the country as a whole.  But experts warn that the trend could lead to minority groups gaining “disproportionate power” in some neighbourhoods. The findings from left wing think-tank Demos were based on analysis of last month’s official Community Life Survey.

Anyone surprised at this? Not me. It’s perfectly obvious that the white British majority are the least consulted people of all! Politicians are much happier to pander to ethnic minorities and the media also are most concerned about them!

10 Responses to “THE PEOPLE WITH NO VOICE”

  1. I love these surveys. They are always a shock to the Lefties.

    There was one carried out recently which discovered that many young British people are not keen of continuous massive immigration.

  2. Off subject I know, but it shows all there is to about BBC bias…a left wing organisation.


  3. Analysis of Government data shows that immigrants have a far greater belief that they can sway political decisions affecting their local areas and the country as a whole

    I wonder if that has anything to do with ‘Postal voting’ in large immigrant areas.

  4. “Experts” – from a left-wing think-tank called Demos?

  5. How many times have I written that on talking to ‘seniors’ the overwhelming feeling is one of betrayal by our political elite, it doesn’t make much difference from which side they argue, – ‘left or right’, betrayal is the feeling.

    And how many times have I been accused of saying that ‘the good ‘ole days!’, were ‘better, but not easier’, than today.

    At least we were so much more of a homogenous community, ‘back then’, and parliament was at least a little more aware of voters feelings than today, where indigenes are ignored and immigrants are treated with kid gloves.

    Slight change of topic, – Huhne’s ex-wife charged with perverting the course of justice, and will likely serve time.

    Meanwhile half of the BBC and the Establishment and many others are suspected of perverting children, and as yet no-one has served time.

    Is perverting the course of justice – a thing politicians do all the time, really so much worse than perverting children?

  6. MOPE

  7. hear hear ernest on the comparison to huhne and the former bbc employees, but to be fair that issue hasn’t gone before the courts yet so we need to wait u ntil it does. Interesting story breaking about an islamic school in lancaster where imprisonment and sexual interference of young girls is being investigated… looks like children of all walks of life are game to prey upon by pervs. Britain is really in a sad and sorry state.

    The let down of working class whites in large cities like london is a political issue, as we can see with the rise of ukip, both the right and left are looking over their shoulder at those guys…

  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2291508/Three-men-arrested-suspicion-sex-assault-false-imprisonment-teenage-girls-grounds-Islamic-girls-school.html

    Must be a ‘Cultural thing’

  9. It is of course utter nonsense that the white majority has no voice, even if there is an emphasis in some areas on minority issues. It is extremely unhelpful to a society and to a debate to pretend otherwise.

  10. The county is run by mainly white males and the mainly white population do most of the voting. I wouldn’t say they didn’t have a voice.