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They’ve got them, so we need them!

By ATWadmin On December 9th, 2006

Watched and listened to the discussions about Trident, and whether we needed an Independent nuclear Deterrent, and ‘look at how much it costs’ and  the ‘schoolsandhospitalscomefirst’ mindset!


Just before you vote for someone who is determined to relieve the British Taxpayer of this financial burden, just visit this site, and then decide if you trust the guys in the big palace behind that very long wall! 

4 Responses to “They’ve got them, so we need them!”

  1. Missil Subs are THE key element in nuclear war they are the dead man switch….

    In other words after Imamadjihad fires his nukes at you and all are dead in england and ireland at least your subs can rise up and return the favor….

    It use to scare the crap out of the Russians especially since they could never track our boomers…

  2. You right wing nut jobs never cease to amaze me with your stupidity,firstly Iran does not have any Nukes,secondly if it did have and decided to use them against Britian then it would no longer exist as massive retaliation would ensue. Even if the British gave up its Nukes as a member of Nato it would come under the protection of the US nuclear umbrella and all Nato countries regard an attack on any member country as an attack on them all.The most likeley use of a Nuke would probably come from a small terrorist group using a small device. In that case who does Britian retaliate against?

  3. First of all goofball that is the whole PURPOSE of a missil sub to be a retalitory weapon…

    You Leftwing wackjobs never cease to amaze me First of all you’ll know Iran has the bomb when you see the mushroom cloud, and all those long range missils they have been testing and displaying are just really big duck hunting guns Right. As for a terrorist group you mean like Hezbooha who Iran admits is a part of its Military

    I like the way once again "oh why should we spend the money the US will protect US" yeah well don’t count on it with the Democrats in charge….

    Oh and since we are a member of NATO and we were attacked on 9/11 where are all the NATO countries by our side ???????? or do they only aid week euroweeny countries and the only with american money and guns…

  4. You Leftwing wackjobs never cease to amaze me First of all you’ll know Iran has the bomb when you see the mushroom cloud,

    I dont need a right wing armchair general lectureing me on the Capabilities of Nuclear weapons i spent three years of my life in total stuck inside a steel tube with sixteen of them for company.

    By the way you are aptly named Sir.