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By ATWadmin On December 9th, 2006

795151-584270-thumbnail.jpgDid you read that binmen have been banned from wearing Santa hats — on health grounds? The refuse collectors in Kingston upon Hull have worn the traditional red hats for years. Now city council scrooges say “it does not create a professional impression of the council. Further, there can be health and safety implications should hats get in the way of dangerous machinery operation.” 

I attach an image of the Council spokesman, in official approved Council attire, for your edification.

4 Responses to “SANTA’S HAT BANNED!!!”

  1. The impression of the council stuff is pathetic. I have some sympathy re H&S not because it actually is a risk but rather someone somewhere will sue. surely it would be more dangerous if it was their own hair

  2. ah course. the ‘elf n safety fascists. whats the worst that could happen the hat comes off and gets shredded. its not like they strap it the heads!

  3. Alas, at every company I’ve been with, H&S regulations have been enforced strictly, not because the boss thought that all the rules were great, but for fear of being sued. So you can’t really blame the council entirely for this, they’re merely trying to insure themselves.

  4. Don’t blame the Health & Safety rules. Blame the increasingly litigious society that made them (sadly) essential.