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By ATWadmin On December 9th, 2006

Here’s a classic song – bittersweet, majestic and what an ascending finale it has. It’s got an anthemic quality to it , so memorable with those trademark piano flourishes. And didn’t Agnetha look so cool? Rarely has misery sounded SO good!  


  1. Suits my mood.

    Ben has been knocked out of XFactor. I haven’t bough any Christmas presnts or cards, stamos etc and have to make mince pies. I promised myself I would make the pastry tonight bit I am using any excuse not to get started.

    That is the trouble with Christmas starting in September. You don’t get a real sign that means that you have to start doing something about it, until it’s on top of you.

  2. Aileen,

    How did RAY get through??????

  3. I wish Leona would go out; why is someone who screeches so much and totally destroys any semblance of tune so popular?

  4. Ben that’s very unsporting of you!

    I’ve been supporting you since The Unconventionals got knocked out but you need to show a bit of the humility of the McDs ;o) [I have youtubed 500 miles laods of times on the last weeks.

    Leona has a beautiful voice but she doesn’t connect with a song at all.

    Ray has suprised me. I’m not a fan of swing, which is his thing but he has put in a couple of star performances. His diction is pretty bad though. Shayne Ward, last year’s winner was brilliant. I LOVED If you’re not the one and his Over the Rainbow was better than Judy


  5. Shayne’s two singles were some of the worst tripe I have ever heard.

  6. Listeb,

    It’s all DROSS through this wretched show, but I like to see the judges argue!

  7. Amen, David!

  8. A very beautiful song, David. Abba were masters of their art.

  9. Agnetha looks a bit like Camilla, Parker Bowles as was, there

  10. True Tom. Where has all the song-writing talent gone?

  11. Still there Henry – just lost in the media hype for garbage such as the modern versions of "Opportunity Knocks" and that Rap nonsense. Richard Thompson through to Juliet Turner – still writing fine songs.