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By ATWadmin On March 11th, 2008

worldagainst%20realityHere’s a poster that is appearing around Belfast heralding a rally on the 15th March for the "anti-war" coalition. Just check out the priorities – it’s pro-Jihadist, anti-American and anti-Israeli. It’s wants to see troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, even as both of democratically elected governments want to see troops remaining! It wants to ensure the Mad Mullahs are protected whilst they plan the second holocaust and last but not least, it wants to see Gaza protected – so Hamas can kill more of  those pesky Jews! This extreme left rally is organised by the National Union of Students and  backed by the Trade Unions. I suppose one can cut students some slack since it is in their uneducated nature to protest against something, but the malevolent agenda of the Trade Unions becomes very apparent. For example, if you visit the NIPSA website, you can read about their generous donations to Palestinian Relief – no mention of even one penny going to Israel.  This "anti-war" movement is just the old US-hating pro-communist rabble donned up in pro-Islam clothing.

3 Responses to “ANTI-REALITY RALLY!”

  1. David,

    I’m betting you didn’t participate in anti-war protests in your student days. Did you wear a shirt and tie to lectures as well? :0)

  2. I hated students when I was a student. I wore a top hat and tails to lecture hall, as you can imagine.

  3. LOL :0)