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By Pete Moore On April 13th, 2013

I can’t deny that this week has sparked a little nostalgia in me for the glorious 80s (its rubbish chart music aside), the age when Britain bloomed again after the dark, socialist winter that came before. Besides, Spitting Image did make me laugh –


I remember some pompous talking head at the time say that Spitting Image was dangerous because it made fun of the politicial process. Utter nonsense. Politics and all politicians should be mocked mercilessly, always.

4 Responses to “ATW COMEDY CORNER”

  1. all politicians should be mocked mercilessly, always.

    Oh, they richly deserve it

    Mocked and held in utter and total contempt .. the exact same way they treat the serfs.

  2. I can remember some immortal words from an English colleague being interviewed for a science mag, he had a set of questions to answer .. it still makes me laugh to this day

    The questions went something like this .. what is your favourite food, drink, hobby, what is your greatest achievment ( it’s always working for that particular company that pays your salary .. and so on, then the young lady asked him this …

    Q: What makes you laugh and happy

    A: Little Britain

    Q: And what makes you sad and unhappy

    A: Great Britain

    And they printed it 🙂

  3. Spitting Image was good (although it went on too long). Most TV “satire” now isn’t worthy of the name.

  4. This is my absolute favourite from Spitting Image, (remember context of the time)

    I wonder if Mike Cunningham will like it?