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By ATWadmin On December 10th, 2006

mars2.jpg"Is there life on Mars?", David Bowie once asked.

Well, IF there is, taxation is coming it’s way. Why? Well, have you read that there are further signs of global climate change…on the Red Planet? My thanks to my friends over at Maggie’s Farm for sending me the details here.  (Thanks Bird-Dog)

How long before the political class advise us that the only way to stop increased C02 emissions on Mars is……..for us to pay more taxes? And if you think that lacks a certain credibility, it makes as much sense to me as the current pathetic attempts by our political elite to crank up the taxation they steal from us in the name of Earthly "global warming"! And who is causing rising C02 levels in the Martian atmosphere? Little Green men?????

UPDATE FOR GLOBAL WARMING CULTISTS; – No less a source than Nasa states that…"If both Mars and Earth are experiencing global warming, then perhaps there is a larger phenomenon going on in the Solar System that is causing their global climates to change."  Whoops – don’t tell that nice Mr Stern..

14 Responses to “A MARS TAX?”

  1. As soon as they figure it out, along will come the ‘tax burden’ to help either pay for it, or review it, or defeat it!

    Much the same as the BILLIONS so far laid out by all the European Union’s taxpayers (you and me, bub!) to help fund CERN http://eu-datagrid.web.cern.ch/eu-datagrid/ the totally silly but extremely large circular hole in the ground near Switzerland, which studies things like ‘quarks’ and ‘quasars’ and ‘doodlebugs’ (the last being a term for the devices used to painlessly extract more money from the EU!)

  2. I placed the wrong link for CERN, it should have read http://bulletin.cern.ch/eng/articles.php?bullno=33/2005&base=off

  3. Ahh but the study of ‘quarks’ and ‘quasars’ and ‘doodlebugs’ could lead to the discovery of time travel and then we could go to the future get a spaceship and go back in time on mars and find out what caused the globall warming on mars and therefore save the earth…..

  4. but on the serious side it is nice to see the main stream nasa scientists finaly releasing pictures that prove there whole geological model for mars is wrong..

    the fact that water exists and is still flowing means that there is almost a 100% chance that at least bacterial life on Mars still exists. It also means that we are likely to see an excellerated push for a manned mission…

    So what do you say we cut a few social welfare programs and pay for it…

  5. How about we send John Kerry on the next available Mars Rover,……?

  6. Actually the article referred to says nothing about warming on Mars. It is about the possibility of liquid water on Mars, not about the Martian temperature.

    But why let facts get in the way of a polemic?

  7. Peter…where is this water coming from?????

  8. Ben

    There is no global warming on Mars. The shrinking of the Martian south polar ice cap is a temporary phenomenon, but it has been falsely used by the global warming deniers on earth as an argument against the greenhouse gas hypothesis.

    Try some real science guys, even if it hurts:


  9. "Global warming deniers"….the vocab of the cultists.

  10. David

    Did you read the link?

  11. Peter,

    Did you read mine?

  12. Peter…

    Hmmm, you mean the melting of ice on Mars is a natural phenomenon that runs cyclically and will soon reverse itself?

    Now let’s see, where have I heard that before…?

  13. David

    I read the NYT article that Maggies Farm linked to. It doesn’t say anything about the climate on Mars. And there is no sound evidence for warming on Mars, as my link points out.

  14. Bowie also noted, in the same song, that Mickey Mouse grew up to be a cow. Is that at a result of CO2 emissions also?