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No More Hurting People – Peace

By Mahons On April 17th, 2013

The words were written by Martin Richard, forever 8 years old, who died in Boston on Monday. We should have put him in charge of the World. Rest In Peace Little Man.

21 Responses to “No More Hurting People – Peace”

  1. “No more hurting people”

    Too late: Obama won and Ron Paul didn’t.

  2. Ron Paul would have ultimately killed a hundred times more people than Obama did if he got his way – abrogating treaties, withdrawing all US troops, shutting down all the safety nets.

    He would speak pretty words while being the angel of death.

  3. Sigh.

  4. “Once Upon a Time” is a phrase I associate with fairytales and Ron Paul supporters.

  5. Sigh all you like, but no Obama voter is in any position to now opine for peace.

  6. An Ode to Ron Paul from a Supporter

    In a world ridden with greed and corruption.
    Where mankind suffers without interruption.
    A planet that is desolate and bare,
    Wrought with evil that never cares.
    Where the poisonous few hold power,
    Over the many who cannot speak, who can only cower.
    But Alas! There is one who has emerged,
    And will stop at nothing until this evil is purged.
    There are many that support his grand cause,
    That would follow behind him with great applause.
    He is ready to step up to the plate,
    To prevent the rise of the police state.
    His message is that of peace and prosperity,
    Which will be achieved with utmost dexterity.
    He maintains a clear and strong conviction,
    Which will guide him without restriction.
    But there are those who stand to lose,
    If such a man could come drive through.
    A man that would revamp the old guard,
    This would most definitely strike hard.
    So they must combine their determination,
    To ensure that others shun him without examination.
    Their power is absolutely frightening,
    It can strike down at you like a bolt of lightning.
    They may end your petty existence,
    A task which they do not require much assistance.
    But rejoice! Should his journey bear fruit,
    We shall all come and follow suit.
    This man’s outstanding support of the Constitution,
    Will bring about a glorious revolution.

  7. Pete – Continue in absurdity.

  8. Pete makes a fair point. Obama has essentially continued with the neo-con wars. It`s true that he has refrained from attacking Iran, but thousands of innocents have perished in drone attacks, as well as thousands of enemy combatants.

  9. Afghanistan is no neo con anything.

  10. Maybe not, but since the Taliban was toppled in the first few weeks it has become a growing military and political shambles. Everyone knows that the Taliban will have to part of any settlement, so why not get on with it and put an end to the bloodshed?

  11. Unfortunately, there is much truth to what you say.

  12. Afghanistan is a neo-con drug business deal, and it’s guys like this who pay the price:


    Just two months into his service in Kandahar province, Vogt would be considered “clinically dead,” having stepped onto a improvised explosive device (IED) that was buried in the soil beneath his feet, according to the report. The bomb exploded, taking his left leg and mutilating the right.

    This is what happens when a victim survives an explosion so severe that it removes one leg and half of the other

    As the Military Times notes, Vogt’s physical condition had deteriorated so rapidly that physicians were forced to open Vogt’s chest to perform manual heart massage. This maneuver, while keeping the young man alive, also meant that Vogt was losing blood at a hazardous rate. Even worse, the hospital where he was being treated had used up its entire supply of platelets, whole blood and plasma. The young man needed more to even have a chance at survival.

    The above is the amount of medical work that has to be done to save a man who has lost one-and-a-half legs in an explosion. The shock and the massive loss of blood render the victim unconscious and in need of immediate, specialised, life-saving treatment. Does anybody disagree with that?

  13. Allan@Aberdeen –

    If you’re going where I think you are, blasts can cauterise wounds and his father’s come forward.

  14. Mahons –

    Was it you vowing to expose BS the other day?

    Right back atcha.

  15. Peter – I suppose technically it is correct in that neither I or the President are advocating disarming the armed forces and turning the other cheek as a matter of policy to terrorist activity or military threats and thus no one will confuse us with Ghandi (or at least confuse me with Ghandi, they gave Obama the Nobel).

    I do oppose the drone policy as flawed as I’ve written here before. One does not have to march lockstep with a politician merely because one voted for him or her (the choice so often being between two otherwise undeserving politicians, the one who will do the least amount of harm sometimes is the only choice).

    In order to move toward the ideal so sweetly expressed by the child we have to certainly look at our own actions.

  16. It is the easiest thing in the world for Pete to claim what Ron Paul would or would not have done – because of course the veracity of the claims can never be tested.

  17. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2013/04/16/gop_rep_peter_king_on_boston_bombing_i_do_think_we_need_more_cameras_.html

    REP. PETER KING (R-NY): I think we do because I think privacy involves being in a private location. Being out in the street is not an expectation of privacy. Anyone can look at you, can see you, can watch what you’re doing. A camera just makes it more sophisticated, but it’s no different from your neighbor looking out the window at you or a police officer looking at you walking down the street.

    So, I do think we need more cameras. We have to stay ahead of the terrorists and I do know in New York, the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative, which is based on cameras, the outstanding work that results from that. So yes, I do favor more cameras. They’re a great law enforcement method and device. And again, it keeps us ahead of the terrorists, who are constantly trying to kill us.

    But….. what about the cameras already there? It is established that Boston is well covered in cameras.

  18. Ron Paul is a Christ figure

    And he always picks winning lottery numbers

  19. But….. what about the cameras already there?

    The cops are already examining footage from those cameras.

  20. I think that was the point.

    We can already see the consequence of the attacks anyway – more government surveillance.

  21. Fews – that’s good. Are more cameras needed?

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