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By ATWadmin On December 11th, 2006

nhs23bt.gifI have to say that I share the bewilderment many people feel at the bizarre behaviour of the National Health Service. This statist dinosaur stumbles along in permament budgetary crisis. And yet, and yet,  it has time to offer free trampolining and tango lessons for the unfit. NHS South-West managers have spent nearly £400,000 on sculpture for their mental health units and then lavished a further £100,000 on research into whether anybody liked it.  Birmingham Health Authority spent £40,000 producing a book of short stories and poetry to boost staff morale.  In 2003, it was revealed that the NHS Health Innovations Fund in Bradford had spent nearly £500,000 making a soap opera to promote health awareness in the Asian community – but had not bothered to check if any of the TV networks were interested in broadcasting it. In April, NHS Tayside produced a four-page guide catchily entitled Good Defecation Dynamics. "Potty Training for Grown-ups" might have been a more precise title. It contained the vital advice that one should sit up straight and keep the mouth open – and "don’t forget to breathe".

I really think that the NHS needs taken apart in one form or another and the horrendous top-down bureaucracy that is killing it removed. Government should have no involvement with the running of our Hospitals as it strangles every sensible initiative imaginable.

3 Responses to “THE NHS FOLLY……”

  1. David, I am in complete agreement. Bigger does not mean better but bigger does mean bureaucracy and bureaucracy is not the way to run a Health Service. Health care delivery is dynamic and complex and needs a management system that encourages flexiblility and innovation. Bureaucracy encourages scelorosis. Government should concentrate on finding the funding but should not be involved in the running. The trouble is that if Government is involved in the funding it then wants to interfere in the running (got to make sure that the money is well spent what!).

  2. I agree bureaucracy is bad.

    The US shows us all why private health care is nonsense.

    They spend twice as much as the UK. (in terms of GDP)

  3. There are so many students that would be willing to undertake survy work for free as part of course work. The publuc sector should be taking advantage in the nicest possible way, of this.