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“what’s in a name?”

By ATWadmin On December 11th, 2006

An acquaintance asked me, as he knew I was into things technical, to give his home a quick scan and state whether I agreed with his diagnosis that his electric supply was ‘a bit funny’ ( I quote verbatim). I went across, gave a very quick test to the system to prove out safety, without the large task of a complete test, and then asked him what his problem seemed to be, as there was, on the surface, nowt’ much wrong!  He told me that there had to be something wrong with his electricity, as his light bulbs kept burning out very rapidly!

I asked where he bought his light bulbs from, and he told me they came from the local supermarket, and were all made in Europe; but was more than a little surprised when I told him that that was the source of his problems. I explained that the vast majority of ‘value’ or ‘economy’ products came from Third World countries, such as Indonesia, China, Eastern Europe or North Africa, with the accompanying lack of quality controls and checks. To his statement that his home lighting was made in ‘Europe’, I explained that, due to clever lobbying of the various Brussels-based E.U. authorities, anything made in a country outside the Union has only to be ‘Packaged’ within the Union to gain the status of ‘Made in the European Union, or Community.’

If he bought bulbs, whether ordinary incandescent or ‘energy-saving’, which came with a known Brand-name, or a proud statement saying ‘Made in Britain’ or ‘Made in Holland’, he would then know that a Company with a reputation to protect had made that product, and was prepared to stand behind it! If a foreign company supplying goods on to the British domestic market had to comply with the stringent manufacturing and worker standards as did the local companies, you might see a drop in the differential between the ‘local’ and ‘imported’ prices. Not perhaps a totally-skewed market as one sees today, but at least a partial levelling of the playing field!

As I have maybe stated before, and will probably say again, “Buy something which is priced as rubbish; and more often than not, you will be receiving exactly what you pay for!”


One Response to ““what’s in a name?””

  1. I’m a big NL-ophile and go there a lot, so allow me a bit of pedancy: Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland are but two of 12 provinces. There’s also Limburg, Frisia, Utrecht and a whole lot of stuff whose names you couldn’t cough. Anyway, it’s a bit like calling Britain England or like calling Ulster by it’s real name: Fermanagh 😉