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By ATWadmin On December 11th, 2006

Hearts_and_minds.jpgJust to say that I will be appearing on BBC NI’s political flagship "Hearts and Minds" this thursday, shown on BBC2 @ 7.30pm and then on BBC1 @ AROUND 11.30pm. I have the "If You Ask Me" spot – and I’m in seasonal mood. Sort of.  As ever, there is a Costello quote buried in the script!

4 Responses to “DV ON THE BBC..”

  1. I hope you’ll be calling for a boycott of the Assembly elections. Any chance?

  2. All the best, David. I will be watching. Make sure you give the DUP a good kicking for stealing my vote.

  3. David

    Remind us on the day. I can get BBC NI on cable.

    Good luck

  4. Will this program be posted on the BBC website?