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By David Vance On May 26th, 2013


Just a few years ago, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (The BBC of Canada) produced a sitcom called “Little Mosque on the Prairie.” It featured the ups and downs of the muslim community in the town of..and no, you couldn’t make this up ….Mercy.

Now then, I am sure that the liberal CBC had the best of intentions with this sitcom, perhaps seeking to let people see how “normal” Muslim people really are and that we have nothing to fear from them. The problem is that the guys behind the Jihad plot to detonate truck bombs, to open fire in a crowded area, and to storm ..YES…the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, the Canadian Parliament building, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) headquarters, and the parliamentary Peace Tower to take hostages and to behead the Prime Minister and other leaders didn’t get the memo. Presumably they missed putting the series in for record on their digital players?

Here’s the point. Islam seems to be at perpetual war with itself – as well as the west. More Muslims are killed by Muslims than anyone else and whilst I fully accept that Muslim people have the right to practise their faith, they have no right to destroy our society, to replace our judicial systems with Sharia, and to force us to submit to their values.

And that raises the point that perhaps the little Mosque on the Prairie is not really the full story, it is what is TAUGHT within that Mosque and every other one which needs examination. There have been far too instances of “hate preachers” radicalising young minds and converting them to a very militant and lethal variant of Islam. These guys need rounded up and put somewhere that they can do no damage. I would like to say prison but as we know in the UK, prison is ALSO a rich recruiting ground for Islamic radicalisation.

So, and this is where it gets controversial, those who teach hatred and Jihad need to be interned, in isolation, in a vacuum where they can do no harm. It is an invasion of liberty, for sure, but the alternative is always worse.

We need a British Gitmo.




  1. Ha!
    Stand by for incoming, DV…

  2. To take someone’s freedom long term you need to establish law breaking (leaving aside Mental Health sectioning).

  3. When they inculcate hatred, I think they give up the right to freedom. It’s a war…

  4. David – who brought the muslims into our countries? Anybody with intelligence could see that islam is incompatible with the west so clearly those who organised this mass importation of muslims (and blacks) did so with evil intent. The imported primitives are the cancer but who are the carcinogen?

  5. Allan,

    A traitorous political caste.

  6. You and we need to completely rethink the concept of prison.

  7. Preaching jihad in a mosque is illegal, so prosecution and deportation should follow. Also the the jihadist websites should be blocked (Putin knows how to do this) and youtube should be forced to remove jihadist videos as soon as they appear.

    Existing law is sufficient, but there needs to be the political will to enforce it. Until now that has been lacking.

  8. I saw his son for the first time on Question Time Thursday? night. The show was televised from Belfast.
    The number of rocks and stones that came flying through my tv screen!
    But I couldn’t turn it off ‘cos the producer threatened to kneecap me…..


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