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By ATWadmin On December 12th, 2006

Interesting to read that the UK Sports Minister Richard reckons that sports people should not be banned for using "social" drugs. Mr Caborn told MPs that the key anti-doping issue in sport was whether drugs enhanced performance or not.

Isn’t it fascinating to glimpse the sheer moral vacuum that lies at the heart of the Government? Poor Caborn evidently believes that "Recreational Drug Taking" can be looked upon as something very different from "performance enhancement drug taking." I don’t. Athletes who are found to take illegal drugs of ANY sort  should be banned. I suspect that professional sports in general is awash with illegal drugs, but that is not a reason for the Sports Minister to give it an unofficial thumbs up.  

7 Responses to “COKE IS THE WORD…”

  1. Poor Rio Ferdinand! To think that the Man United star served a six month ban last year just for forgetting to turn up for a drug test! The injustice of it all!

  2. I’m afraid I respectfully disagree with you…

    Presumably in Iran or Saudi you don’t think athletes should be banned for having an alcolic drink? Which would be an illegal drug in their cultures…

    I understand the rationale for anti-doping was to create a level playing field – to make sure people weren’t actually cheating.

    When athletes take "recreational drugs" they aren’t tilting the playing field in their favour – if anything I would have thought they disadvantadge themselves, so their use should not fall under anti-doping legislation.

    I respect your views on drug legislation (but disagree with them) – however I think these are a totally separate issue. Performance enhancing drugs are different chemicals, supplied through different channels, and taken for different reasons than the usual cocaine, cannabis etc.

  3. I agree with the Sports minister. It is performance enhancing drugs that should get you banned any other drugs taking should be dealt with in the normal way. A singer getting busted for drug taking isn’t banned from recording.

    Basically I agree with andy

  4. Another point – drug testing is incredibly sensitive these days – there are innocent reasons that trace residues of cannabis and Cocaine could be found in an athlete that are far more credible than traces of performance enhancing drugs.

  5. I say let everyone take whatever drugs they want; it’s more fun that way!

  6. OK – mandatory drug cocktails for all is the only way you will change my mind on this, should make the High Jump more interesting..

  7. Are coke and whizz actually banned as performance enhancing?

    I would love to see a doper at the rhythmic dancing!