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By ATWadmin On March 29th, 2008

Like a latter day Dr Dolittle, and he does indeed do very little, the British Defence Secretary Des Browne declares that we should talk to the Taliban. Browne says that Britain and other democratic states should negotiate with organisations linked to violence – including elements of the Taliban and Hizbollah – in an attempt to prevent the long-term spread of terrorism. How PATHETIC is this? The only talking that needs to be done to these terrorist and Jihad scum should be from the business end of a daisy-cutter. You deal with terrorism by killing terrorists, but Britain’s Dr Dolittle knows otherwise. Even as British troops put their lives on the line fighting the Taliban, gutless leftwing cowards like Browne want to cut deals with these killers.


  1. David,

    I’m surprised you didn’t quote this part of the story.

    Mr Browne admits that his comments will be controversial. But he says the Government faced the same criticism in Northern Ireland.

    "Now we see the two extremes sitting in government together and that is celebrated. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t think that’s a better position to be in than hundreds of people losing their lives."How is it that Mr. Browne never met you, then?

  2. It is a dilemma. Talk to a terrorist organisation, or worse, acquiesce to any of their demands and your actions will be noted and somewhere, sometime, another terrorist organisation will pursue the same line expecting the same result. Thus your reasonable/humanitarian actions may well result in death and destruction elsewhere because you have, unwittingly, bestowed a degree of legitimacy on a terrorist organisation and terrorist actions in general.

    The trouble is that one mans Terrorist is another mans Freedom Fighter.

  3. Each case has to be judged on it’s own merits. If a political organisation albeit linked to a terrorist movement can be persuaded to enter a framework of genuine compromise and moderation which can produce a political settlement tolerable to both or all sides in a conflict which appears to be what happened in N.I. then it can be useful to talk. However I do not see that as the case with the Taliban. They are an inviolable fanatical fundamentalist movement with no desire at all to accomodate dissenting views. I cannot see what talking to them will achieve.

  4. Colm,

    They are an inviolable fanatical fundamentalist movement with no desire at all to accommodate dissenting views.

    Until quite recently, I would have said the same thing about the DUP, but I have been proved wrong.

  5. I find it apalling that a senior government minister is prepared to envisage a return to Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Because that is what "giving them a political option" means.

    Let’s not forget that these barbarians have murdered teachers for educating women, as well as providing a safe haven for Bin Laden to plot the 9-11 atrocities.

  6. and just like with the IRA when you givin to terror you lose.

    Question how do you negotiate with people who only want two things from you? Your conversion or your death.

  7. As a mild-mannered Englishman, all I would ever ask for is a quiet life; but also accept the fact that David is dead right; you never talk with terror, you squash it under your foot! Regulation protective footwear of course, with an armoured soleplate and steel toecap! Dead handy for kicking them fair and square in the slats!