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Under Fire

By ATWadmin On November 3rd, 2006

Due to the supposed exigencies of having health and safety red-tape strangulation in every sphere of our legislatively-saturated society, Ilfracombe Rugby Club in Devon has decided to have the first ‘virtual bonfire night’  this very evening.  After trying in vain to find suitably qualified fire marshals, and rejecting the necessary 300 tons of paperwork which would require completion before the event could take place, the rugby club will instead show a film of a giant bonfire on a mobile screen, with a PA system in place to add a soupcon of stereo sound to the proceedings.  An estimated 2,000 people are expected to attend this lunacy.

Britain has the highest standard of health and safety regulations anywhere in the world.  That is a fact.  However, what is the benefit of a Pyrrhic accolade when the people of this country are increasingly constrained in everything they do for fear of transgressing ever-more intrusive laws designed for their ‘own benefit’?  Everything in life carries risk.  You cannot wrap society in a comfort blanket of nanny-state cotton-wool; it does not work.  I would rather stop at home than step out on a cold night to watch a bonfire on a piece of canvass.  I only hope the folks of Ilfracombe will think likewise.


4 Responses to “Under Fire”

  1. I think that the pendulum has swung too far. In the past I think we were too cavalier about the dangers of fire workd but the idea of a film is rather a damp squib ;o)

    We have started at work to have food competitions. the first challange was a victoria sandwich (not baked during working hours). The next is for mince pies. We were just saying that we’d better hope that the H&S folks don’t get to hear about it or it would be banned incase anyone ate something that they were alergic to.

  2. Personally I sense that there’s something very primitive about bonfires and the enjoyment thereof. Together with fireworks, especially those that go bang, bonfires seem to be the preserve of the underclass.

    We could safely do without them.

  3. There is a piece in the paper today (the Daily Mail) regarding a request made to the Fire Brigade by members of the Royal British Legion who wished to run up flag on their 35ft flag pole for their Rememberance Day Parade. Apparently a knot in the rope had jammed at the top of the pole and they neded help in freeing this knot to allow the flag to be hoisted. The Station Officer refused to allow his very willing firemen to help as he said that he could not send his men up a ladder in a ‘non emergency’ due to Health and Safety Regulations. He was supported in this decision by a spokesman for the London Fire Brigade.

    Health and Safety is all very well but are we in danger of accepting stupidity as a consequence?

  4. The people who enforce this latest notion of Health and Safety are interested in neither health nor safety. What they are interested in is controlling and monitoring everything that we do.