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LOL… What a Maroon

By Patrick Van Roy On August 28th, 2013

obama1-compressedThe insanity of Obama and his supporters. OK so this man gets elected you can list a multitude of reasons why. The first Nice Clean Black Man to run as Joe Biden put it, The Man would end the wars in the Middle East, etc etc etc. We elected him, we get the government we deserve. We have 3 more years of this buffoon so we live with it.

Lets look at his latest in a long string of bad decisions. President Barry is about to send a storm of Americas high priced toys into Syria. He will do so with the support and blessing of David Cameron and the British Parliament, who at least Cameron had the decency to consult. I guess he feels he has more like minded incompetents on that side of the pond than Barry feels he has over here. Oh and then of course there are the French, but they’re French, so who cares.

When the toys fly and do what they are designed to do what will they achieve? My belief is quite a great deal, nothing that is very good. First and foremost we are aiding and abetting Al-Qaeda. The good Rebels were pushed aside 3 years ago. The group we have been funneling weapons to for two years that cost us the life of our Ambassador in Libya and countless others, are the same ones that have attacked both our countries. The same ones that will attack us again.

Now don’t get me wrong there is a time for the use of force. Used properly it can achieve the means to an end. This is not the time. We are going to strike assets in Syria, I ask to what end? Will we destroy the Chemical Weapons ? NO.  We know despite what the naysayers say that Saddam had Chemical Weapons, just as now plenty of warning was given and the majority of those weapons were moved. These may even be some of those weapons.

We will probably destroy Assad’s Air Force, Radar and other heavy battle equipment. What will this achieve ? If it is a “success” Assad falls, and President Barry delivers another nation into the hands of terrorists, which in Syria’s case is no real change. What also happens and is more important is all that weaponry winds up in the hands of freelance terrorists.

After Libya fell 10,000 SAMs just disappeared, we had recovered some, but they were at the CIA Annex in Libya when it was over run.

President Barry has placed himself where all Democrats do, at the head of one Foreign Policy and Military Disaster after another.

Let the Syrians kill each other, this attack won’t stop any of it, it will escalate it. Besides there are no Chemical Weapons, those people lying in the streets grasping at their throats as they foam at the mouth are just Western Propaganda, the Planes that attacked our nation were flown by Jews, the Bombs planted in your Subways, Pubs, and buses all the way back to the 60s were the work of MI5.

The Islamist is a suppressed victim that just wants peace and love with his fellow man.

By Friday the Toys will be delivered, and it will be Christmas for everyone. God help us, and God save us from men who believe they can FIX things.


34 Responses to “LOL… What a Maroon”

  1. ROFL…and I only read the title! Thanks Troll for cheering me up!

  2. Kate once again displays why she is such a formidable mind to debate with.

  3. The monkey bashes the keyboard again.

    “We know despite what the naysayers say that Saddam had Chemical Weapons, just as now plenty of warning was given and the majority of those weapons were moved. These may even be some of those weapons.”

    For the umpteenth time, this is a lie.

    What you’re referring to was old, useless, pre-1991 yellowcake which had been useless to Saddam Hussein because his infrastructure wasn’t up to doing anything with it.

    Chemical weapons degrade within a few years. Even if Iraq shipped them to Syria pror to 2003, they would now be inactive. But chemical weapons weren’t shipped to Syria. That was a lie put out to be lapped up by the unthinking drones.

  4. No one’s saying that now.

    They sure said it then.

    “Iraq’s search for weapons of mass destruction has proven impossible to deter and we should assume that it will continue for as long as Saddam is in power.” — Al Gore, Sept. 23, 2002
    “When I vote to give the President of the United States the authority to use force, if necessary, to disarm Saddam Hussein, it is because I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a threat, and a grave threat, to our security and that of our allies in the Persian Gulf region. I will vote yes because I believe it is the best way to hold Saddam Hussein accountable.” — Sen. John F. Kerry (D, MA), Oct. 9,2002
    “It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capability to wage biological and chemical warfare and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons. Should he succeed in that endeavor, he could alter the political and security landscape of the Middle East which, as we know all too well, affects American security.” — Sen. Hillary Clinton (D, NY), Oct 10, 2002

  5. yes monkey keep pounding.

    Chemical weapons are not yellowcake, I am talking about the the stripped Airplanes and truck convoys that were loaded with these agents and documented to have been sent out of the country in the weeks before we attacked.

    Saddam’s own Generals confirmed this.

    I know those dead Kurds all just had simultaneous heart attacks in those villages in your mind just like those in Syria last week.

    Pete I know you think the US is the only country that has weapons, but your a bigger Maroon than Obama.

    I’m not for this strike, the people running it are proven fuckups, but to deny that these countries poses these weapons are the words of an idiot.

  6. oh by the way as for the yellowcake that was inert and no good

    Canadian firm Cameco had the yellowcake enriched for energy use, and it was sold to power plant operators. It totaled 550 metric tons—all from Hussein’s nuclear program.

    So I guess inert uranium can power nuclear reactors… who knew.

  7. Troll –

    “I know those dead Kurds all just had simultaneous heart attacks in those villages in your mind just like those in Syria last week.”

    We know that Saddam Hussein used poison gas in Halabja. It was documented and proven. Why did you think I’d say otherwise? Come on, we’re not children, we’re not in the playground. Act like a grown up, stop with these silly comments.

    There is no evidence that WMD were moved to Syria, not even a single photo. These Iraqi generals were said WMD had been moved to Syria were all enemies of the Baathist regime, and most of them popped up on pro-war Fox shows to testify. I’m not exactly convinced that this wasn’t just another exercise in pro-war propaganda.

    I say again, even if true, those weapons are now useless.

    Yes I know it was yellowcake that was moved to Canada. I told you so. What you’ve just written implies that Iraq’s infrastructure was too basic and rubbish to do anything with it, which is the case, though Colin Powell lied about it.

  8. act like a grown up? do you clank when you walk? (If you need that explained ask someone)

    First you call me a monkey, you try to take credit for information that I have put on here before you ever even showed up, your an anarchist, and a conspiracy loon.

    Pete go get back in your canoe maybe you’ll find a missing Pharaoh

  9. So you are against a military strike Troll?

  10. On Syria the way it’s going to happen? YES

  11. On the other hand Troll, this may all be a calculated bluff by your military, to make one side or the other “show their hand”, so to speak.
    It’s possible.

    Also, I notice that Putin hasn’t had all that much to say about it, which suggests that he may be tacitally complicit in this bluff.
    I’ll stick my neck out and say that there will be no attack from the US, and this “stand-off” will continue until one side or the other blinks.

  12. I am 100% against this military strike but sadly, it seems to be inevitable.

    and I mean sadly. why should innocent people in the ME die in a senseless military strike? don’t they have enough senseless violent nonsense without our adding to the mix?

    and why should American military men/women risk their lives and limbs for random crap like this?

    our foreign policy is incoherent. it makes no sense at all. Obama tells the world that the strike will not be for “regime change” – then what is the point?

  13. and why should American military men/women risk their lives and limbs for random crap like this?

    Don’t worry, they’ll hide high up in the sky.

    our foreign policy is incoherent. it makes no sense at all. Obama tells the world that the strike will not be for “regime change” – then what is the point?

    The point is to manipulate the situation such that it better suits the interests of the ruling class in the US.

  14. Bernard – what am I missing? what is the point of bluffing about a military strike?

    I’ll tell you what I think that this is really about – in a speech, Obama said that were Syria to use chemical weapons, he would use military force – he drew a line in the sand, metaphorically.

    Syria called his bluff and now Obama’s stuck…he’s got to do something….

    ALthough now that I think about it, I don’t know why he doesn’t just say that there is no proof that it was Assad’s regime…that would let him off the hook.

  15. Anyone know or understand the logic behind killing people with a military strike as punishment for killing people with chemical weapons?

  16. //and I mean sadly. why should innocent people in the ME die in a senseless military strike? //

    Patty, do you regret that you supported the US attack on Iraq?

    To answer your question: The purpose of any military strike on Syria would be – I hope – not to punish anyone for anything, but to reduce Assad’s capacity to wage war against his own people.
    Effectively it means assisting the rebels by removing the main advantage their enemy has – tanks and planes and stuff – from the equation.

  17. Patty –

    Same reason why Western governments have been arming and equipping Assad’s foes (and therefore are already complicit in killing people); it’s to do away with the Assad regime. It’s Libya again, just in a different country.

    It all sits withn the expansionist, progressive urge to order the world just so.

    That military contractors will make money is a bonus, if you’re a military contractor.

    That Hezbollah will take a hit will please the Likudniks, who have been itching to get at Hezbollah since it gave the IDF and bloody nose a few years ago.

    If you’re a a Saudi prince it’s a blow against Tehran, which in your view is the enemy of your religion.

    Why do Americans spill blood and treasure for it time after time? Because you don’t say no.

  18. Because its got feck all to do with chemical weapons. Personally i see it as a continuation of the ideological reshaping of the middle east and n africa, plus the completion of irans isolation.

    The concensus against this action seems almost absolute, yet our governments are again going to ignore everyone and act against the majorities wishes.

  19. ” It’s Libya again, just in a different country.”

    Agree. I think we’re screwing around in the ME in an incoherent fashion. I don’t think it’s any more complicated than that.

    Our actions in Syria are as incoherent and stupid as they were in Benghazi and the net result will be the same – people will die and the White House will cover-up and the MSM will look the other way.

  20. Pete is largely right. US foreign policy isn’t incoherent at all. It is perfectly rational, coherent, and predictable.

  21. That is one of the dumbest comments I have heard over the course of a lifetime.

    US foreign policy hasn’t been very predictable at all over time. It could be entirely rational and right ( the containment policy towards the USSR and China, the support of the East European captive nations, followed by openings to the communist giants ) and it has been insane and against every core US interest ( Vietnam )

    It’s hard to say that US policy is geared towards mineral wealth when it is the Chinese who will digging for ore in Afghanistan or drilling for oil in Iraq.

    The Chompskys and Ron Pauls are as clueless as the Tea Party on such matters.

    US foreign policy is a mixture of the right and the wrong. The correct should be praised, the wrong should be criticized.

  22. Phantom you insult with to broad of a stroke.

    Patty is right this is all about Obama, and nothing else. We have no real interests here.

    As for the russians they have several very powerful warships sitting in the bay in Syria, and several more within 2 days run, probably a half dozen subs already on the scene.

    American foreign policy changes with each President to call it consistent is the comment of someone who doesn’t know our history.

  23. As for a conspiracy I’ll give you one to ponder, one I would like to see, and something to think about.

    As the US, GB, and the French hit Syria, the Israelis use the opportunity to take out Irans nuclear program. They can’t even be accused of launching a preemptive strike since Iran repeated again yesterday that if Syria is attacked 10,000 missiles will rain down on Israel.

    Sounds like a gift of an opportunity to me.

  24. Troll 415


    That would also lead to major rocket attacks on Israel from Hezbollah and its buddies from south Lebanon, but that is all part of the mix.

  25. where do you think Iran is going to strike them from?

    All those locations you list are already preparing to fire. Obama is lighting the fuse on a powder keg.

    Iran controls Hezbooha, Hamass, the PLO, and the FUJEW, the whole alphabet soup. When they strike Israel it will be hit from all sides.

    He is providing them their rallying cry.

    The shit is going to hit the fan like we haven’t seen in our lifetime. This attack on Syria by outsiders is the unifying piece that Iran has been hoping for.

    Everything that happens after the first cruise missile hits is going to depend on from that point if Iran follows through on their threats. I believe they will. This President has been shown time after time to be weak and vacillating. If the Iranians are emboldened not deterred, if they believe Obama will hesitate they will hit the Jews.

    Bibi has 2 choices hit them while we are hitting Syria or wait till after the missiles stop coming and then strike back.

    I would use our strike as the distraction, I doubt if Bibi will, I don’t doubt that if Iran carries out it’s threat this escalates out of control.

    It will be interesting to see how both our and the British press cover the deaths of thousands of Jews as a direct result of Obama and Cameron’s actions.

  26. // Iran repeated again yesterday that if Syria is attacked 10,000 missiles will rain down on Israel.//

    Where did Iran say that, Troll?

    //It will be interesting to see how both our and the British press cover the deaths of thousands of Jews as a direct result of Obama and Cameron’s//

    Well, certainly neither of them, in fact nobody, wishes for that scenario as much as you clearly do.

  27. Of he course wishes it. All rapturite millenial fundementalists do. Their love of israel is to hope for its anihilation.

    PS the intelligence the us and uk are acting upon came from israeli sources and the IDF is not expecting any syrian counter strikes.

  28. “The day of reckoning is near,” according to Hossein Shariatmadari, the chief editor of Keyhan newspaper, an outlet controlled by Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    “Muslims should welcome the news of an attack on Syria as it will provide the long-awaited opportunity for revenge, which should destroy the enemies of Islam,” Shariatmadari concluded.

    Shariatmadari said that Israel is the “Achilles’ heel of America and its European allies and without a doubt with the start of an attack on Syria, thousands of missiles will rain down all over the occupied lands (Israel), which will destroy its critical facilities as it was obvious that its missile defense system (the Iron Dome) could not prevent missiles reaching Tel Aviv.”

    He also warned Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and others who support attacking Syria that they themselves will come under attack from Syria.

    Seyed Reza Taghavai, the head of Iran’s Policy Council of Friday Prayers, hinted that Khamenei is guiding the events in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza despite Iran publicly saying that it has nothing to do with them, Fars News Agency reported Monday. “People stand tall because of (Khamenei’s) guidance and in Syria where it has resisted against the unbelievers,” he said.

    How about reading more than comic book Noel, if your to stupid to not read whats being said in anything more than the funny papers or a smut magazine no one but you can help that.

    here read it in Arabic http://www.kayhan.ir/920606/2.htm

    Yeah tripper that’s why the Israelis are issuing gas masks to all it’s citizens and it called up ALL IDF reserves your another rocket scientist.

  29. you know if you two want to disagree, go ahead who cares.

    Just don’t try to act like you do it from a position of knowledge, because you both lack the ability.

  30. //How about reading more than comic book Noel,//

    How about reading more than loony right-wing sites, Troll?
    Show one credible news source that reports that comment. All the main sources report in detail on the reactions from the region over the past few days, not one of them mentions that “threat”.


    The story seems to have been stared by “WND”, which claimed the quote under a heading “Proof that the End of Days is Near”

    BTW, even your quote does not say Iran would fire missiles at Israel.

  31. oh OK the Iranian Press Link that is provided may not be your cup of tea, but it is what they are telling their people. Just because it’s not the lead on the BBC or the NYT doesn’t delegitimize the proof of the oped.

    Look Noel, your not to bright, easily emotionally upset, and not very good at making a valid argument.

    Try a little harder, you’ll find it will make you happier anywhere in life.

  32. you see that’s the difference between the right and the left, we want the source material, the left even when given the source material is only interested in attacking the credibility of the messenger rather than the source.

  33. //because it’s not the lead on the BBC or the NYT //

    As I said, it is not even mentioned in ANY credible news source, but is announced as an “Exclusive” by “WND”, the site that gives its readers “STARTLING EVIDENCE: THE ENDTIMES HAVE BEGUN”.


    Does anyone keep record of the number of times you’ve been fooled, I wonder?

    //here read it in Arabic http://www.kayhan.ir/920606/2.htm//

    They don’t speak Arabic in Iran, you ignoramus.

  34. give it up Noel.

    Yes I’m a fool the Iranians are really sweet pacifists, that want nuclear fuel to provide electricity, and show nothing but respect for Jews, homosexuals and women.

    the title of the post fits you well also