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By ATWadmin On April 25th, 2008

OK – we all know that we need to circumspect about what the CIA tells us but we cannot just dismiss the news that US intelligence agencies have produced evidence which the White House says proves that North Korea helped Syria build a secret nuclear reactor before it was bombed by Israeli warplanes last year"!  After seven months of secrecy, the Bush administration has gone public with what it claims is video evidence of North Koreans at the suspected nuclear reactor in Syria, just before it was destroyed on 6 September last. What were the doing – on holiday?  

I tend to believe that North Korea and Syria would co-operate on this since both are vipers, nations with corrupt leadership interested in the retention of absolute power at all costs. I can understand why the US State has immediately gone on the attack here challenging what has been released and implying Dick Cheney is behind it all – Condi and her pals are big on appeasement of both these terror regimes these days and it is obviously a bit awkward  for them if the true degree of this nuclear co-operation is exposed. The biggest laugh I got however was the news that the UN is "concerned" about the fact the US did not come running to them with all the evidence it has now produced. I can give them the  answer – it’s because Israel and the US actually wanted a RESULT here –  not years of pathetic un-equivocation. Well done to Israel for taking out Boy Bashar’s nuke facility – next stop Iran! 


  1. No doubt this was an illegal nuclear reactor in the making. And no doubt sponsored by North Korea.

    Iran’s nuclear facilities will be much harder to take out from the air, but the attempt will have to be made soon. It may not succeed, but it will certainly precipitate a wave of Iran-sponsored terrorism in Israel and the west, and an oil crisis.

  2. At least we’re already "in rehearsals" for an oil crisis! (I Googled the news before I left the office this evening, and so I promptly proceeded to a garage, in full panic-mode, to fill up the tank!)

  3. David –

    A few more details here:

    To carry out the attack undetected, the fighter-bombers had to be fitted with equipment that extended their bombing range, while the pilots also had to contend with the challenge of penetrating Syria’s state-of-the-art, Russian-built air defence systems. The mission was so successful that the first that the Syrians knew of the attack was when their Turkish neighbours reported that the bombers had returned safely to their base in northern Israel ….. The US satellite photographs presented to Congress yesterday demonstrated that the Syrian facility had been entirely reduced to rubble by the accuracy of the Israeli air strikes.