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It don’t make sense

By Patrick Van Roy On September 4th, 2013

obama1-compressedWell it looks like the Washington insider crowd has decided, they’re going to back Obama.

No good will come of this. We are not helping anyone except Al-Qaeda. Just as Obama handed Libya and Egypt over to them, he is doing his best to Strengthen their hand in Syria. The next domino to tumble will be Jordan.

If we are going to Bomb anyone it should be Iran. That’s the head of the snake. The rest is just kabuki theater.

OK so we bomb Syria what does it achieve? I see nothing except pouring gas on a fire, and just as it happens when you pour gas on a fire this too will spread and heat up. What happens when they all follow through and Bomb Israel and our Troops in the area?

Don’t worry we’re only lobbing a couple hundred missiles, no one will react. The Russians have four Destroyers in the area and I’m sure a half dozen Subs. Not to mention 2 Aircraft carriers in flight range. They’ll just sit by and eat popcorn.

Without the Brits we lose a strategic base to Launch fighters from, that leaves just our Navel assets. Now mind you when this flares, and it will. We have enough firepower there to really get things rolling as do others.

The resulting next full scale war has been brought to you by President Barack Husein Obama. We thank you for your participation in the admiration of the man who will get the world to love and respect us again.

Ah the party of Peace, Democrats never have a problem expanding wars shame they lack the balls and brains to fight them properly. Are you prepared for three years of Hell?

9% of Americans support this. An unofficial Drudge Poll has the vote 600,000 to 60,000 against.

“May you Live in Interesting Times”

An Appropriate song below the fold enjoy.

20 Responses to “It don’t make sense”

  1. Its funny, Obama could cure cancer, pay off the national debt and bring world peace and you would still bitch.

    Even if you didn’t find some thing else to bitch about you would complain he didn’t do it last week

  2. oh bull EP. I have said over and over I support Obama on his drone program. If he did anything else right I would give him credit for it.

    I also bashed Bush on his domestic policy. No pedal your venom somewhere else.

  3. I don’t know what’s happened to your country Troll.
    Once it was the bastion of controlled restraint, now it’s a loose cannon, firing off in all directions.

    They’ve ‘internationalised’ what should be purely an Arab problem in a minor State. Now look what’s happened.
    The Russians have moved a sizeable fleet into the Medi, and all because Obama can’t make a decision about whether to start another war or not.

    Your country elected a bad’un.

  4. It’s simple we elected an idiot Bernard.

  5. Twice…

  6. Nope you only elected bush once, the first time the puppet masters stole it

  7. No that is a liberal dem algore lie

    Bush won fair and square

  8. Al Gore was unable to steal an election in 2000. In 2004, Bush won by a landslide. I guess too much of a good thing can go to one’s head and twice since then the electorate has voted ‘present’.

    As it stands, Obama has done nothing to ‘earn’ his Nobel Peace Prize while quadrupling our national debt. I don’t belive curing cancer is in the cards…

  9. // while quadrupling our national debt//

    Tania, do you tell yourself lies because it makes you feel good or because you hope others might believe them too?

  10. Let me make a prediction. If The US does launch military strikes on Syria, it will not result in a regional explosion. The strikes may have some effect or they may not but there will be no WW3 or even a mini version.

  11. Very good, Colm – a man and his word.

    I reckon a lot of people here deep down know that you are right. But there is no denying the strength of wishful thinking.

  12. Colm I hope your right, as I said in a previous post everything depends on Iran.

    If the US strikes Syria does Iran then unleash attacks on Israel from Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran?

    If they do the Jews will strike back. Then things will escalate. It is a very dangerous game of chicken.

  13. The Iranians are not stupid. There’s your answer.

  14. Colm, Noel,

    WWIII is the worst scenario from a global pov, however, an atttack on Syria will achieve what exactly? – I would suggest that a country in total ruin is a very likely option, after all, every country that has recently been ‘assisted’ by America in the past few decades, has been left to deal with devastation that has done no-one any good and resulted in an even worse government than before.

    Is ‘autocracy’, as practised in the ME really that that much worse than the current version of ‘democracy’ as practised in ‘the West’?

    Surely it is just as bad that a country has to be destroyed before being rebuilt to the US’s specification? – or is the excuse that it is merely ‘constructive destruction’ as per the American fashion.

    Do I hear the cry ‘they have their freedom’, – but isn’t that what is supposed to be the result of a nation naturally maturing in stature over a period of time, rather than having it literally forced on them before they are ready for it?.

    Are the inhabitants, ‘after the event’ really any better off than previously? Some may well be, but many will have paid a price for their ‘shot of freedom’.

    So many ‘liberated countries’ seem to regress after being ‘freed’. reversing any natural progress they may have made in the past. That they had matured over the past cenury or so cannot be denied, the ME is a very different place today from even fifty years ago. Such a pity that their progress just isn’t fast enough for the Obama’s of today’s world.

    It would seem that a dose of ‘American Dream’, administered to a patient unready to adjust to radically different ideas really does more harm than good. Perhaps ‘The Pusher’ is just trying to make addicts of them!

    The past has several examples where the end result was a drastic division of a country, as in Korea and Viet Nam, both divided and still a source of aggravation and with a potential for a future disaster for all parties concerned…

  15. The division of Korea is sad, but do you seem here to oppose the UN intervention that beat back a Communist military takeover of all that country

    The free part of that nation is ine of the advanced countries of the world, by dint of brains and very hard work. Had we not intervened, they’d share the extreme poverty and complete lack of human rights of the communist N Koreans.

    The Korean war war actually did stop communist expansion, and it set the stage for the freedom of many.

  16. Phantom,

    You said – “it set the stage for the freedom of many.”

    I said – ” Some may well be, but many will have paid a price for their ‘shot of freedom’.”

    Think what might have been achieved if the country had remained united! Given the natural progress of things, the country may well have been better for far more folk than the US cobbled commercial compromise achieved.

    Yes, it was a UN effort – I remember it well, – I also remember that it was very much an American inspired excercise, and that the UK was dragged into that one very much against its will.

  17. A united Korea under the boot of a merciless communist monarchy which tolerates no opposition would be one big N Korean starvation regime.

    You helped make the world a better place by serving there.

  18. We’ll note that Washington and Moscow divided Korea.

    Neither could just leave it to Koreans in 1945. They had to meddle and set up their own puppet regimes, hence their agreement to partition it.

  19. Phantom,

    I certainly thought so – at the time, – but that was assuming that the communist regime would gradually succumb to what the West had to offer by way of democratic freedoms, but as usual, compromise ruled the day, and we still have the same problem of threat and counter threat, as we had ‘back then’.

    Now we all know how easy it is to be correct – in hindsight, but when we come to Syria, I think it is a very different case, – no communism here, the nearest thing to it being the gang who are fighting Assad, radical Islamists, and, if it was at all possible, far more brutal than any form of communism we have seen so far.

    Does America really want to regard ‘them’ as friends? Friends that are even worse than the ones Obama once also regarded as ‘friends’, and is now trying to depose.

    If I had known then what I know now, perhaps I would not have been quite so enthusiastic in my support of the idea of virtually being a mercenary for the UN.

    If anyone thought that Korea or Nam were in any way victories over communism, perhaps they might think differently now that the EU comes ever closer to swallowing the UK, ‘hook, line and stinker!’.

  20. Phantom,

    These are the ones Obama wishes to instal in place of Assad…