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Bah.h.h.h. Humbug!!!!

By ATWadmin On November 4th, 2006

As my wife has injured both her wrist and her knee, she was unable to accompany me to do the weekly shopping; so, alone, I ventured into the maw of capitalistic endeavour; our local supermarket! This is where the end-product of thousands of highly-paid people resides; on the shelves and bins full of tempting produce and manufactured goods. I am not commenting upon the nature of what is displayed, but what we are told, and sometimes ‘not told’ about the produce and products on display; yes, it’s the Advertising! I recently commenced purchasing an extra item off a shelf, but not, I must insist, because of what I was told about it’s efficacy by means of advertisements! No, I researched that particular item on the internet, and only after I was able to satisfy myself about it’s possible benefits to both myself and my wife would I buy it!

Ever checked when the ‘Santa’ symbols commence to peek out from the shelves? Earlier and earlier every year, in efforts to get the ‘Consumer’, (because that is what our designation is) to buy, and buy early off the displays of expensive booze, ‘choccies’, ever-larger ‘discounts’ on huge piles of gut-rotting beer, expensive electronic rubbish manufactured at slave-labour wages in the sweat-shops of China, the ‘exclusive’ tags on the super-expensive knick-knacks designed to whet the jaded appetites of clowns bored with success, the ‘must-have’ clothing designed by a bunch of queers, and slapped together by, again, a series of poorly-paid workers in any one of a clutch of third-world countries with little or no regard for their ‘human rights’; accompanied by the endless jingles about ‘holly’ and ‘good-will’ exiting from the mouths of a collection of illiterate morons who can just about check their bulging bank-balances: and all for what?

To allegedly celebrate the 2006th birthday of an asylum-seeker’s son!

Pavlov must be turning in his grave at the debauched use of his research into ‘Conditioned Reflexes’!

12 Responses to “Bah.h.h.h. Humbug!!!!”

  1. Can I be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas ;o)

    When you were out there shopping did you see any deals on hand held TVs?

  2. In many countries it is forbidden to advertise christmas offers or put up decorations until december 1st. i think it should be introduced in britian, or even right across europe. theyve been selling xmas puds and other such guff, in our tescos since september. we even noticed that some items went out of date before xmas.


  3. Strange thing, advertising. I often wonder, does anyone actually look at the TV ads for new cars, or, eg, that Sony TV (the paint-ad) and say "Oooh, I’ve got to get THAT car/TV/etc now?" Its a mystery to me, but I guess some people must really be influenced by them.

  4. It makes me sick. The Christmas decorations were up at the department stores several days before Halloween this year. And Christmas music. I love it but only after Thanksgiving.

  5. I’d got for Dec 1st.

    the trouble with Christmas stuff appearing early is that there isn’t an effectve trigger anymore and you find yourself with a week to go and you have done zilsh preparation.

  6. "I love it but only after Thanksgiving"

    im disappointed im going to miss thanksgiving in the states. i had an invite to stay with a collegue for thanksgiving, and wont be there to take up such a wonderful offer 🙁

  7. My local garden centre is awash with Christmas stuff..couldn’t find half what I need for the allotment.
    Who buys Christmas trimmings from a garden centre?

  8. Can we stop with the ‘slave labour wages’ schtick please.
    The wages paid are usually at least the going rate for that country’s (eg China) economy.
    That they are lower than in the west is the whole point they have those jobs
    What do you want? For them not have the jobs at all?
    That’s how an economy develop.

  9. Yoy – those slave wages have enabled Chinese workers to a vastly better standard of living than starving in the wilderness like they had been before. In short – I think that I agree with you.

    Tripper – so smoke up a Turkey and all the trimmings whether you’re here or not. I only want Turkey once a year but I start craving it about now. The leftovers are yummy, too.

  10. Hey Mike, you really don’t know how the world works do you? Oh, and stuff Pavlov, the seminal animal abuser; just read the history of his experiments with dogs "surgically extracting portions of the digestive system," studying the body’s natural response of shutting down

  11. Yes, well, hit the wrong button, bloody Lowenbrau, but I’m sure you get the gist of it – Pavlov was a dog torturer.

  12. Stu,

    One of the many things I dislike is the army of people who insist on animals having human traits and sensibilities! The deadly fools who terrorise those who work in the fields of research which uses animals as subjects are typical of the clowns who use emotive words such as ‘torturer’ when talking about legitimate medical research; such as those who attempted to close down an entire Oxford college for daring to set up a new department which dealt in research the fools felt was wrong!

    I presume you empathise with the criminals who exhumed a grandmother’s body as a means of closing down an animal-breeding establishment? The culprits were caught, and are now serving jail sentences, which were far too short for the pain and suffering which they caused!