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By ATWadmin On May 21st, 2008

You have to accept that the terror group Hezbollah has secured veto power over Lebanon’s government leaving the terrort group virtually free to build up its weapons, including rockets aimed at Israel. But as the winner, Hezbollah also faces pressure to seek compromise rather than confront opponents, as it had done violently in recent weeks.

The deal to end Lebanon’s long stalemate allows a triumphant Hezbollah and its allies back into the government after street fighting reminiscent of the 1975-1990 civil war. Hezbollah patrons Iran and Syria – the axis of evil –praised the agreement, which seems certain to strengthen Iran’s hand as it vies for influence in Iraq and across the Middle East.

Unbelievably Washington has tried to put on a positive spin, "It’s a necessary and positive step," said David Welch, the top U.S. diplomat for the Middle East.

Sorry Mr Welch, but in supporting terrorists in government in Lebanon, just like supporting terrorists in government in Northern Ireland, you betray your own stated principles. Hezbollah will attack Israel again and it can now plan to do so with the full blessing of an increasingly morally bankrupt US administration which seems to have forgotten the Bush doctrine.

15 Responses to “HEZBOLLAH ADVANCE…”

  1. my countries position is a disgrace! Now there is no stop point at all for Iran to shuffle their weopons of mass destruction right to Israels border

  2. I am not sure what you would have the Administration do. We certainly aren’t about to go into Lebanon.

  3. The Bush State Department is craven. As we’ve seen time and again, it is full of pernicious mendacity and appeasing hypocrisy.

    Global War On Terror my ass.

  4. You’re right, Daphne. It’s sad to say but it’s true.

  5. Mahons – no we’re not going into Lebanon. But why not?

    Aren’t we pledged to go after all terrorist groups, aide democratic societies fighting terrorism, overthrow terrorist sponsoring/abetting states? GWOT, right?

    I’m being sarcastic, but the list of bad characters is long in the Middle East, why are we being so choosy about who to bite?

    The only reasons we’re growling (and talking to) Iran is because of Iraq and Israel. Israel can stand on it’s own two feet if we unleash her, and we need to decide what we hope to gain/accomplish with our war in Iraq. I can’t see Iraq being able to fend off Iran, internally or militarily, anytime in the next twenty years.

    I’m beginning to wonder if the Saudis aren’t pulling most of our foreign policy strings.

  6. I also agree with Daphne, the Bush State Department cravenly appeases Bush.

  7. Daphne: My father almost got sent to Lebanon in the 1950’s by Eisenhower with the rest of his third army unit (instead he sat around Fort Benning). It has been a bees nest for decades. I don’t think the answer is us going in.

  8. Mahons – I agree. I don’t think we should go into Lebanon either. But there is no good reason for that pap statement by a US diplomat.

    The problem is the Bush White House has issued strident, all encompassing statements on terrorism/terrorist groups, particularly ME/Islamic terrorism, and doesn’t maintain a coherent policy on its official rhetoric.

    As you well know, I am in a state of extreme pissed-offness at Bush, the GOP, Congress, and State for about a dozen different reasons.

    Their actions speak louder than their words. They lie.

  9. Daphne: Look at it this way, we got a three day Memorial weekend coming up and even Bush can’t screw up the beauty of a three day weekend at the end of May.

  10. Got that right! We’re going to the Dell Diamond on Monday to watch an afternoon minor league baseball game – good fun.

    I’m bone tired of the Middle East.
    Bush too.

  11. Daphne – Enjoy. Sounds like fun. Had the twins baptism party last weekend and "accidently" bought too much booze for the party afterwards. Have been engaged in a wonderful task of finishing it all off this week, and should continue right through the old weekend.

    I will say, after a few years of not being the best at attending, that I also try to get to one of the local Memorial Day Parades over the weekend as well. In my area, attendance has picked up and rightly so.

  12. Sounds like a happy accident Lawyerman.

    I love parades, fireworks, picnics, all that traditional stuff – makes me feel GOOD!

  13. My town’s got the good old fashioned one.

  14. We don’t.

    We drive to Johnson City, about an hour west, to feel the good, old fashioned community fun. My ranching friend kindly includes us in the local festivities.

  15. The deal was also backed by US allies Egypt and Saudi…. not that that is a particularly good thing.

    I think all parties are just sick of the potential trouble of Lebanon. The Saudi’s side had been defeated milatrily in the last couple of weeks, and the Syrians were getting too much grief in the Arab world about their stance.

    Statements about no-terrorists in government are a bit redundant in relation to Lebanon. All political parties there have a militia, and the majority are guilty of worse things than Hezbollah (certainly within Lebanon’s borders).

    As for Hezbollah attacking Israel again, that may happen, but doubtful given the damage inflicted on Lebanon in 2006.

    Anyway, the last action in the Hezb vs Israel conflict was the former’s assassination of a senior Hezbollah commander in Damascus in February. It wasnt an attack on Israel by Hezbollah.