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Channel Four(k) Off!!

By ATWadmin On December 16th, 2006

As I look out of the window I see blue skies and positivity all around me.  I wonder if it’s because I’ve just read that the Islamic grim reaper, who was to grace our Christmas Day TV screens at the same time as HM Queen, had decided to withdraw.  If only thousands of other Muslims had decided to ‘withdraw’ then Bradford would not be saddled with one of the highest birth and infant mortality rates in the UK…..but that’s another story.

At the last census 71% of the population designated themselves ‘Christian’.  This is a Christian country, not a secular one!  It is only right that our Head of State should have the sole privileged position of delivering a grateful and Christian message to the nation.  That position should not be sullied by the abomination that is Left-wing ideology – an ideology determined to undermine the cultural and ethnic predominance of this body politic.

If there is one thing I hate more than those Muslims who want to hurl their obsessive theologies into the fabric of our nation, it’s the Lefties who wait ever-ready to facilitate them.  Channel 4 is ‘committed to having’ a Muzza deliver the alternative Christmas (not ‘Xmas’) .  Why?  They are still a tiny minority of the population here notwithstanding their bonk-a-thon designs on demographic advancement.  Would Nigeria, with its Christian minority, allow a minister to give an alternative message on NTA during Ramadan?  Would Tunisia (for all its relative enlightenment and interest in western culture) permit a Rabbi to broadcast a Jewish message to the country’s Jewish minority on ERTT2 in the middle of Eid?  No!

Channel 4 is the Left wing facilitator of uncompromising Islam.  What other purpose does it serve?  Admittedly it brings us Countdown, but that’s about it.  When it is not in news competition with Auntie Beeb to see which one can progress further to the Left, it bring us ‘comedies’ such as Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond which, like most US sit-coms, is about as funny as the last stages of bladder cancer.   I hope the Muzza has zero ratings for Christmas Day.

34 Responses to “Channel Four(k) Off!!”

  1. Andrew,

    Agree with what you say but I will defend "Everybody loves Raymond" till the death, and may have to issue a Raymie Fatwa against those who diss this excellent comedy – with the lovely Patricia Heaton. Peace be upon you. Channel 4, on the other hand can…..

  2. David

    just how much of you defence of ELR is to do with Patricia? ;o)

  3. Islamic grim reaper, lol. Thanks for the update on that ‘woman’.

    "We remain committed to having a Muslim woman deliver the alternative Christmas message. Part of Channel 4’s remit is to provide space for voices *that would otherwise not receive airtime*"

    She was never a muslim she was a Khomeini fundamentalist. Re space for other voices – how about the rest of us sick to death with the media fawning over extremists and assorted islamic nutters, the ordinary Brits who are sick to death with the burqa, the MCB, MPAC et al?

  4. I hope Channel 4 persuade this woman to change her mind as she is as entitled to be heard as anyone else. Failing that I hope they get someone who shares her beliefs and style of dress.

  5. I doubt it Colm. Looks like an imam got to her first and reminded her how unpious it is for her.

  6. So you and Andrew and others here have got what you wanted – the silencing of a woman you dissaprove of. I suppose you will be congratulating that Iman for putting that inferior female in her place.

  7. No but im glad its been shown up for the crap that it is. Perhaps a muslim woman can come on and condemn that sort of practise instead of make out is A OK colm…? Besides they are finding another sheet-lover to replace her so youll get your extremist spouting nonsense no dount. Not sure why you want that anymore than some woman who votes BNP really but there you go.

  8. I mean moderate muslim as opposed to khomeinist fundis

  9. I don’t want it at all Alison , I disagree with women choosing to shroud themselves as much as you do and I certainly would love to see other Muslim women who disagree with it being given exposure on Channel 4 (or any channel), but I don’t want censorship either of the left or the right and when Andrew points out those other countries that wouldn’t allow minority voices to be aired can’t he (and you) see that it is precisely because we don’t behave like them that makes us better.

  10. I hadn’t actually picked up on the fact that she had been with drawn.

    Although I was not exactly thrilled at the original plan. I am uneasy and would gope that there is nothing sinister behind the change

  11. Yes but at the same time Colm this debate is a sensitive one and legitimising the veil as C4 are intending wont help that debate at all. They are free to exercise common sense in this issue and they are not. They are simply goading and stoking. It is that im challenging. As for censorship – well given C4 havent yet published the cartoons i think that argument is somewhat muted now.

  12. Also – a moderate muslim voice migt draw attention to the likely sinister issues behind her withdrawal?? Isnt that more constructive than having a sheet lover sit there and talk about Iraq?

  13. Who the hell wants to listen to a robed replicator on Christmas for God’s sake???!! Who decided this would be a good idea? It’s ridiculous. They can have a robed replicator on anytime they want – – why Christmas?

  14. Why not! Channel 4 isn’t a religous channel and doesn’t have a remit to promote Christianity only. Presumably the people who may be interested in seeing the ‘robed replicator’ will tune into it and everyone else can watch The Queen on the other channels or do whatever else they want.

  15. Precisely Monica – we get to hear their point of view all year round – every time one of them gets wheeled out to protest their right to wear a darth vader suit to school or teaching kids or in court for example. But hey! any mod voices out there – and there ARE some to promote now – nah! we dont wanna hear them. That might actually HELP!

    Robed replicator. Brilliant.

  16. Channel 4 is provoking me! There is no telling what I might do!

  17. Monica

    It would be great if you gave the alternative Queens speech on Channel 4 this year.

  18. Colm


    How do we get a head of steam up under this campaign.


  19. Aileen

    Just send Monica into Channel 4’s HQ – I think she would have a way of persuading them very gently that she is a lady it isn’t wise to say No to 😉

  20. They wouldn’t want me.


  21. Monica,

    Since WE all want you, how about you videotape a message and put it up on YouTube? (I recommend that you include the girls but not the Troll.) Then David can link to it from ATW, and our Brit friends can tell Channel 4 where to go.

  22. I want a Monica Christmas message!

    I want! I want!

    and if I don’t get it, I’ll squeam and squeam until I make myself sick!

  23. opps "tshich" ;o)

  24. Aileen,

    OT, but what was that "Life of Brian" quip about on the other thread? It was directed at MR.

  25. Alan

    I think that it was when Mad said something like "I could use the morning after pill", meaning that he could use it as an example.

    He thought that this was discriminating against him as a man. It reminded me of the LoB bit where one of the revolutionaries were taking saving the world of less than orthdox sexual identity/orientation was talking about his right to have a baby and that it was symtomatic of his struggle agaisnt oppression the retort beign that it was symtomatic of his struggle against reality and where was the baby going to gestate "In a box?"

  26. Aileen,

    Ah yes, very good then. I was afraid it was this bit you were on about:

    Brian: Have I got a big nose, Mum?
    Brian’s mother: Stop thinking about sex!
    Brian: I wasn’t!
    Brian’s mother: You’re always on about it. "Will the girls like this? Will the girls like that? Is it too big? Is it too small? "

  27. Alan

    I think that Brian’s mother aught to have a wee word with you, It has probably something to do with you being a serial lapser ;o)

  28. I have to admot though I LOVE MP and LoB. There are also some gems in the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail computer Game is also a hoot.

  29. "He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!"

    Sort of fits on any number of threads.

  30. Good Lord, look what I just found on Wikipedia:


    The film also pokes fun at revolutionary groups opposing the Roman occupation of Judea, who are in fact more at odds with one another, trying to out-do each other in charisma and infamy, and calling each other "splitters" – examples include "The Judean People’s Front", "The People’s Front of Judea", and (with only one member) "The Popular Front".

    # In parts of Northern Ireland graffiti can sometimes be seen supporting the "PFJ" (and sometimes denouncing the "JPF") this is a parody of the widespread graffiti in support of real life Loyalist paramilitary organisations.

  31. Alan I have to say that I loved the bit where they were following Brian and looking for insights ….. ;o)

    Oh and I had a soft spot for the Boring Profit and his raffia.

  32. Alan

    I have trouble keeping up with various terror groups that are supposedly on my side of the constitutional arguement, UVF, UDA, UFF . One has to be careful not to show your disgust too early when they tell you proudly that they are a member of the UFU as its the Ulster Farmers Union

    Splitters! ;o)

  33. oops "it’s"

  34. Ah yes, splitters! Must hunt out the VHS copy for viewing tonight.