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By ATWadmin On May 30th, 2008

It makes you weep,tears of laughter, that is.

I refer to the ever so touching letter written by an interned "British" alleged Jihadist at Gitmo to UK PM Gordon Brown pleading for his release from those awful Americans and their "gulag of our times". 

British citizen Binyam Mohamed (Yip, a good traditional British name) has been banged up in Guantanamo since being detained in April 2002 as he tried to return to the UK from Pakistan. He says he was taken from there to Afghanistan and Morocco for questioning before being transferred to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.  Mohamed is expected to be charged with terrorism offences in the next few days and to face a US military tribunal.  Earlier this month, his legal team launched a legal bid to force the British government to release evidence for his defence. Mohamed came to Britain as an asylum seeker in 1994, aged 16. His asylum claim was never finally determined but he was given leave to remain and went on to work as a cleaner in west London. You know how it is here  – all are welcome.

His lawyers say that the reason he travelled to Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2001 was in a bid to resolve personal issues after developing a drug problem. Ahem, quite. What could be more plausible than that? 

If he doesn’t get out of Gitmo, he says he has considered killing himself. Fair enough, say I. 

I am sick to the back teeth of the squealing from these captured Jihadists and in particular the sympathetic hearing they  get from the MSM suggesting somehow that they are all poor innocent little fawns, caught in the glaring lights of the US military juggernaut. It’s time the trials were held and if guilty, I believe execution is the required  punishment. If you are not for us, you are against us. Too many innocents have lost their lives to Jihadi scum and it’s time we despatched them to eternity.


  1. David,

    Handsome chap, could have a future in movies.

    When did you jettison the notion that one is innocent until proven guilty, and that everyone is entitled to a fair trial, when you applied for a green card?*

    *I’ll sell you mine :0)

  2. Execution for what crime? Traveling? You are putting the horse before the cart. What crime did he commit? He may very well have committed some crime, but we don’t know what.

  3. Let the trials begin!

  4. Daphne, do you think that evidence gained from waterboarding should be admissible in a trial in the US?

  5. Seriously?

    I would tend to distrust information elicited from torture – I think a person might say anything to make it stop. The truth may come from their mouth, but so could a pack of lies.

  6. can I send him a rope and a stool?

    The myth that people lie when "tortured" is just a myth. Now before I get attacked I am not advocating torture.

    It is however a tool that when used to extract information works. Everyone breaks and thats the key once a person breaks they don’t lie.

    now should that tool be employed? My opinion is only in extream circumstances.

    I do find it curious that this man would kill himself rather than face trial. All the prisoners at gitmo have seen 100s of their colleagues released. Quite a few that we new would go right back to the battle field and they did.

    So why?

  7. Troll,

    Did it ever occur to you that some of those chaps who "returned" to the battlefield were actually going there for the first time? That they weren’t actually terroists but innocent men tortured and imprisoned unjustly? And that their taking up of arms was their way of taking revenge on their captors and torturers?

    I’m not saying it is the case, mind, but simply musing on the possibility. Wouldn’t be the first time in history such a thing happened.

  8. So he is contemplating killing himself , as I remember a certain member of the IRA did that ( God rest his soul )
    , but ultimately to what end . By the way what is Allah’s stance on His followers committing suicide , the none explosive type ?

  9. The Doctor,

    Why don’t you ask Allah?

  10. –Did it ever occur to you that some of those chaps who "returned" to the battlefield were actually going there for the first time?–

    Yeah. Sure.

    Can I interest you in the purchase of a bridge in Brooklyn? Fine investment opportunity!

  11. Phantom,

    Hah! Nice try, sunshine, but you don’t fool me for a moment. If it’s this one, you’re too late. Mahons sold it to me last week. I have the deeds right here. I’m going to convert it into a landing strip for my intergalactic pals.

  12. Dawkins , You would not happen to have Allah’s phone number handy would you .

  13. Doctor

    You’ll find it in the useful numbers page in most Danish newspapers.. right next to the cartoons .