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By ATWadmin On May 30th, 2008

rev_paisley_372.jpgToday marked the end of the political career of Ian Paisley and it concluded by him giving another interminable speech in the grounds of the King’s Hall in Belfast. He will hand the leadership of the DUP over to Peter Robinson on Saturday. Before the £100 a plate dinner (Yeah, exactly -still money mad) Paisley spoke of his hope that the IRA’s army council would stand down and that policing powers would be devolved. "There has been an amazing turnabout and please God we will see it come to full fruition," he said.

Right – let me spell out what I think about this old fool. He has betrayed every principle that he claimed he stood for. He has sat in power with an alleged multiple murderer in the shape of IRA Godfather Martin McGuinness, he has sold out Unionism for a mess of pottage, in truth he has been the Judas in the Unionist garden. His prize for all of this will be exaltation by the establishment – those who play the government game here prosper, those who don’t are marginalised.

As Paisley exits, I am reminded of the words of Oliver Cromwell when he told the rump parliament….

"You have sat here too long for any good you have been doing lately … Depart, I say; and let us be done with you. In the name of God, go"

8 Responses to “A FAREWELL TO HARM….”

  1. David

    I agree that Paisley and the DUP have basically sold out in return for the gravy-train of power.

    But the Cromwell quote is slightly dodgy, because it preceded the Model Army usurping the rump of the Long Parliament. A better quote to Paisley (dare I say) might have been:

    i beseech you in the bowels of christ think it possible you may be mistaken.

  2. Peter,

    I’m a big Cromwell fan!!! Did you see the sycophantic coverage on the media this evening – all playing the game. DUP uber alles.

  3. David

    Yes, I caught a bit of it. Yeuch!

    Paisley has become part of the establishment, as has his Shinner side-kick.

    To be fair, the Belfast Telegraph pointed out tonight how the Doc refused to give an interview to David Gordon.

    I wonder why?

  4. David is a good and intrepid journalist – known to frequent a certain tangled web!

  5. >>A better quote to Paisley (dare I say) might have<<

    Maybe an even more suitable quote, especially remembering the time when Paisley was still the chief of men for staunch uninists, could be:,

    "I meddle not with any man’s conscience. But if by liberty of conscience you mean a liberty to exercise the MASS, I judge it best to use plain dealing, and to let you know …that will not be allowed of."

    (Cromwell in response to the Mayor of Ross’ offer to surrender the town if freedom of conscience would also be permitted for Catholics)

  6. Paisley is a politician; it comes naturally to them all to sell out their principles in exchange for power and a good beefy slice of "the good life".
    Yet I guess it must be saddening to see a man you once thought of as principled, cash his principles in for free luncheon vouchers.

  7. good bye and good riddance

  8. Don’t be so nasty to the sweet harmless old man 😉