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By ATWadmin On November 4th, 2006

Yeah, I know it all went wrong last night – but I’m BACK-K-K-K and making up for lost time…

4 Responses to “AND HERE’S ANOTHER…!!!”

  1. Just did a quick Wikipedia search on the Kinks… "In September 2006 Ray Davies said that he was confident the two would work together again. Ray Davies said that he is currently working on a new solo album. He told BBC 6 Music: "I’m trying to track down my brother, see how he’s doing. Maybe he could guest on a few tracks. But we’ll see.", said Davies. "I spoke to him before I went on my last tour in America, and he’s really on the mend. He’s playing again, so it’s a good sign." Dave is still recovering from his stroke, however as of October 2006 Dave Davies’ website is promoting a new studio album Fractured Minds, to be released soon".

  2. Thanks for that Parnell – great talents the Davies boys.

    Thanks also for the SDLP web site link to ATW – the url doesn’t work though – should be

  3. Yes DV I know. Maybe there are a few things the SDLP should know but appear not too. Thank goodness there is an alternative coming soon?.

  4. The Kinks are one of the all time greatist bands the song above and many many others stroll me down memory lane… one of the alblums I actually wore out was misfits….