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By ATWadmin On May 30th, 2008

As you know, I have little fondness for John McCain since I consider him a RINO and one that needs put out to pasture. However, I now see a good reason to support him. Susan Sarandon says that if John McCain gets elected, she will move to Italy or Canada. She adds, "It’s a critical time, but I have faith in the American people."  I agree and I hope they vote McCain in so that the US loss can be Canada or Italy’s gain. Bye Susan – missing ya already.


  1. wasnt she going to move away if Bush was re-elected as well?

  2. Yeah

    So Susan stays stateside for eight years while Bush and the neo-cons are in power, and then emigrates when a mainstream Republican (in the tradition of Eisenhower) is elected to the White House.

    Maybe Susan should just go to Canada now? Or maybe she should stick to acting?

  3. Italy? Interesting choice. Perhaps she’s a fan of the new government there!

  4. Who cares what she does? Move, don’t move…..whatever, Susan.

  5. poor Italy, Canada might deserve her

  6. David,

    Why are you bothered?

  7. She’ll finally leave New York God willing. If I thought she meant it I’d be out in the street every day handing out McCain flyers.

  8. Not a fan of Susan, Mahons?

  9. Daphne – I am repulsed by her constant attacks on anything American, white, conservative, the NYC Police Department, and anyone who fights the entrenched ultraliberal power brokers who nearly drove New York into the ground. I’ve no problem with a genuine liberal who is advocating for their position, but she is a showboating fool, oh well lets just say I can’t stand her and leave it at that.

  10. there is hope for you mahons

  11. Keep lighting candles for me (and cigars) If she will the the country there is hope for us all.

  12. Mahons

    Did you once bump into her in a bar and she rebuffed your advances ? 😉