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By ATWadmin On May 31st, 2008

State schools are struggling with unteachable children, ignorant parents, staff who don’t want to be there and a shortage of leadership, according to the chief executive of the Independent Schools Council.

Chris Parry, whose organisation represents half of the 2,600 private schools in the UK, says 

"There are too many leaders but not enough leadership, there are a lot of managers and not enough management. There aren’t enough teachers, and aren’t enough teachers in subjects we need. It’s lacking human, material [and] financial resources." He said there were a lot of "wonderful" teachers, but they were hamstrung by over-regulation and a lack on independence.

He’s right – but the State will deny this. It will ignore reality and pursue its ludicrous radical egalitarianism that demands equality of outcome, rather than equality of opportunity.

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